S.O.S. Leafs Need Defensive Help NOW!

The last 10 games for the Leafs have been somewhat of a joke, and an embarrasment. Even though, they beat Florida, thats not anything to boast about.

Lets examine there problems, and what needs to be addressed.The Leafs need to go out and get defensive help as sson as they can! The team can not win night in and night out when its allowing 30-40 shots a game. That is a proposterous number, how do these guys make it into the NHL? The Leafs problems continue, but the biggest problem is their lack of Defense! Lets examine, shall we…

First Off, McCabe was inserted back in the lineup for tonights game, what happened, oh yeah they lost, what else is new? I understand hes rusty but besides him wheres the rest of the team?

Lets Break down their current Dmen:

McCabe- Solid Contributer, but needs to improve his all around Defensive game. Overall, really no complaints.(Top pairing Dman)-Expendable

Kaberle- The guy is skilled, but not physical enough. He seldomly shoots, but is a great passer, and relatively young. He has above average Defensive ability.(Top pairing Dman)-Expendable

Coliacovo- The guy is coming along rather nicely, he still needs more time to fully develop, but from what hes showcased so far, he is a very sound defender.(3-4 Dman)-Expendable

Klee- The new NHL is making him look bad, I dont want to bash the guy because hes been decent throughout his tenure. More of a Defensive Defenseman, but could get caught up.(4-5 Dman)-Expendable

Harrison- Good Dman, really holds his own, really impresses, the kid is going to turn some heads.(4-5 Dman for now)-Keeper

Khavonov- This guy is rather a little bit of a dissapointment, He is too overpaid, and I’m not sure where he fits in to the lineup??? Hes an ok player but He just doesnt fit with the Leafs.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Kronwall- Has some upside, needs to develop more, a hard hitter, as of right now his role is limited due to his experience but he will mature.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Wozienewski- The guy is 26 so I’m not to convinced on him, he would be good trade bait but as of now he is doing an okay job.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Berg- He is a good #5 or #6 defender the only knock in his salary, which leaf fans shouldnt balme him, its stupid JFJ for qualifying him. He is pretty reliable in his role.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Belak- This guy serves absolutely no purpose and he isnt even a # Dman, He is an absolute waste!-Trash

As you can see the Leafs are alittle mixed up right now. Their is a long list of average Dmen and only about 2 above average ones

The Leafs need some serious help

JFJ needs to swallow his pride and swing a trade for an upper tier Dman NOW!

As you all know we have some trade bait, Well their are a few teams out their that need goalies, and we have Belfour, and oh yeah Pogge is expendable too.

Here are some ways to fix our Defense:

Ship Belfour to Edmonton for Bergeron and a prospect or a pick

Ship Allison to Nashville for Markov and a prospect or a pick

Ship Khavonov to Pittsburgh for Jackman

Ship Klee to Atlanta for a draft pick

Ship Berg to Anaheim for a conditional pick

Ship Pogge, Kronwall, Wozienewski to PHX for


Waive Belak

Here would be the lineup








Ex:Harrison, Wozienewski



This would be a solid lineup, not the best, but still solid!

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20 Responses to S.O.S. Leafs Need Defensive Help NOW!

  1. The-President says:

    My Bad, Wozienewski isnt an extra he would be traded to PHX.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Pogge for a goalie that’ll spend maybe 20 games with us???? Kronwall and Wozniewsky with him! Also, we can get more from Edmonton. They wanna dump Peca, he’s expensive, I’d wanna pick him up, as long as we keep him away from Darcy Tucker.

  3. The-President says:

    I disagree on Pogge, he isnt really all that good, he would have been outplayed if he were on the finnish team. Getting Cujo doesnt mean that he will be here for 20 games, why couldnt we sign him past this year? He wouldnt be to expensive. Kronwall is nothing special he is going to be a 5th, 6th defender in this league, and Wozienewski is an old rookie, who is also not that great. Give them Pogge hes good trade bait. Wayne would bite on him! Bergeron and a pick for Belfour is good enough, we need to save cap space for other moves, we dont need extra garbage on the team just because we want to add another player. The smartest thing to do would be to get a draft pick, and Bergeron. Bergeron is very underrated he is actually quite good, and a pick would be much better for the leafs, they need youth not a washed up 3rd liner whos knees are blown out.

    Lets think smart.

  4. koolcory77 says:

    arent u smart? lets trade one of our best prospects for a pending ufa (cujo)

    and the game is all about speed now, therefore someone like kaberle, colaiacovo, etc. is a lot more valuable then somone like hatcher, foote, etc.

    the leafs are gonna have to rebuild

    face it!

  5. The-President says:

    Pogge is overrated, it would be smart to trade him now while people are sold on his “skill” if we act to late we will get nothing for him. Cujo still has a couple more good years in him, by that time it will be completely Tellqvist and Rask’s team.

    I know our speedy Dmen are valuable thats why I wrote expendable because they are trade possibilities, and we would get a good return for them get it? For players that wouldnt get a return I simply wrote trash.

    I agree with you on the Rebuild situation, but not completely start over, we have some great players that just need to be complimented by other players.

    Next Years Leaf Team WILL Look totally different..

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    no way man. ur trading our prospects for vets that will become ufa,

    Paul maurice has produced solid defencemen with kronwall, wozniewski, and harrison, trading them is not someting we would want. and trade pogge!!! man, the leafs have steen now because the leaf coaching staff has hung on to him for these years. where would we be if we’d traded kaberle, colaiacovo, wellwood, steen, and tellqvist in their early years. the leafs have been buying their team for years, and where’s that goten us.

  7. The-President says:

    Ok, well hate to say it but all of our young prospects which you just named are not going to bring us to the promised land! Admit it, we need to get what we can get to improve this team, Kronwall, Wozienewski(26), are never going to be more then #5 or #6 defenders, so lets trade them while they have value, If we traded for Cujo, we would most likely sign him at years end, along with Bergeron, Markov, and possibly Jackman depending on how he fairs. You guys need to step into reality and realize our prospects are not all their cracked up to be. Pogge will never be a starter, but lets trick some team into believing that, all the hype around him now will bring some good trade value. Everybody needs to wake up. What we are getting in return are playable players who are not old with the exception of Cujo, but they all of good years ahead of them, and dont forget i mentioned the return of prospects or picks in those trades, its not like were just getting broken down old players like in the past.

    JFJ is a Dumbass, and we would be wise to make these trades.

  8. The-President says:

    Its safe to say that we can compare Pogge to Lalime, well thats how i see it, an average goalie with a hell of a defense in front of him. Pogge will only be good if he is surrounded by the best Dmen which is not a compliment, and by the way in case you didnt know it the Leafs are known for showcasing lackluster talent on Defense

  9. sergioel says:

    I love your trade for Joseph, but I don’t think your giving up quite enough to get him. You have to remember that he’s a free agent at season’s end and therefore phoenix has the best chance to keep him. you see joseph has a dog that is tied to a special post in phoenix that controls the lighting for the whole city. if joseph leaves, and obviously takes his dog the whole city lives in darkness. with that said, that doesn’t mean the trade is impossible, it’s just not enough to convince.

    i would recomend this.

    to phx: pogge, kronwall, wozienewski, stajan, sundin, tucker, 1st round pick in 07, 2- 2nd round picks in 08

    to tor: joseph.

    in my trade phx was able to get some decent young talent, with some proven veteran help, and some picks. toronto gets joseph, but still ices a great team.

  10. bigE88 says:

    were not gonna trade eddie so why does everyone keep saying he’s going to edmonton?

    secondly why trade for cujo when he is not an upgrade from belfour and is a free agent next yr.

    cujo has never won anything is his career and will continue to keep losing.

    eddie has the cup, and when playoffs come he will be back to the old eddie.

    also wait another year or two and trade pogge for a real good young player and then bring up rask to be the starter.

  11. 92-93 says:

    good post.

    i totally disagree with the cujo trade – no way are we giving up pogge especially when Cujo is a free agent in the offseason.

    your edmonton trade is similar to the one i have proposing elsewhere. i don’t think they will part with Bergeron especially for just Belfour. nevermind the pick. i’ve suggested a Belfour/Antropov (or low round draft pick) for Staios/Conklin trade. the oilers are on the verge of waiving Conklin and this will tempt them to make the deal if they realize that they can use him in a package. depending on the play of spacek, the oilers may be willing to part with staios.

    the allison-markov deal sounds interesting but again, markov is a little too old for my liking. i still think Calgary would take Allison and Klee for Jordan Leopold.

    Heck, i am for any deal that can get rid of Khavanov. however i think that eventually Khavanov will be waived by JFJ by the end of next season (because it will take him that long to realize how crappy Khavanov is).

    Berg – contrary to what many people here think – is tradeable. and i agree with your suggestion.

    Waive Belak? YES!

    so, I like the idea of Bergeron coming to the Leafs but i don’t think it will happen. Staios and Leopold however are pretty good top-4 guys who will be in toronto for years to come along with Kaberle, McCabe, Harrison, and Coliacovo.




    Gone: Berg, Klee, Khavanov [total: 4.21 million ]

    Add: Coliacovo, Harrison, Staois, Leopold

    Resgin: McCabe, Kaberle

    2006-2007 Marlies:




  12. The-President says:

    You are joking about the trade with sundin in it correct?

  13. The-President says:

    Cujo, when with the leafs actually did show up more in the playoffs then belfour, Cujo is an upgrade do you see his numbers playing on a sub par team.. Right now in this stage of their NHL careers i would take Cujo hands down

  14. The-President says:

    Thanks, I really hope JFJ acts wise and leads this team in the right way, as of right now im not convinced and optimistic on him, but time will tell, and both of our opinions and proposals seem both realistic, and a step in the right direction.

    We’ll see what will happen, but on a side note, thanks for commenting

  15. The-President says:

    I’m not saying that in a mean way, just asking?

  16. NHLSlayer says:

    And, when I opened this, I thought the guy might have some reasonable thoughts….

    WOW, was I wrong…

    Let’s examine the trades proposed, shall we?

    – Ship Belfour to Edmonton for Bergeron and a prospect or a pick.

    Belfour may be expendable, but that doesn’t mean another team will be willing to pick him up. Edmonton seems to be a hotspot on this, AND ONLY THIS, site, but I don’t see it happening. If the Leafs can move him, great, if not, he’s playing his final NHL season anyways, he WILL retire at the end of the season.

    Ship Allison to Nashville for Markov and a prospect or a pick.

    Ummm…two things come to mind. Why would Nashville want to trade Markov, and why would Toronto want him? It makes no sense, he was another pilon on the Leaf defence when he was here, just another guy who takes penalties at the worng time. Toronto has plenty of those guys, no deal.

    Ship Khavonov to Pittsburgh for Jackman.

    – Again, doesn’t appear as though Ric Jackman would have any interest of playing in Toronto, same guy behind the bench who wouldn’t play him before. What makes anyone think Quinn would change his mind now?

    Ship Klee to Atlanta for a draft pick.

    – Probably the ONLY solid defenceman who has tried to do his job this year. The BEST defensive defenceman the Leafs have, and you want to move him for NOTHING? Please hold onto both ears real tight, and give your head a shake.

    Ship Berg to Anaheim for a conditional pick.

    – Why Anaheim? Was that just the first team it showed on your NHL06 trade offer? It could be any one of 29 teams that would be stupid enough to take him off our hands…

    – Ship Pogge, Kronwall, Wozienewski to PHX for


    WHOA! Three of the top ten prospects in the organization, for a goaltender who has already left Toronto once for a contender? How the HELL would we convince him to stay, when he is an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT at the end of the season, and will get more money than Toronto would be willing to pay him, and would get the opportunity with a contender. Perhaps the stupidest offer on THIS table.

    – Waive Belak.


  17. PTack says:

    Thank you. Youre the first person to actually say how bad this article was. I cant believe everyone was giving positive feedback. I agree with everything you said.

  18. PTack says:

    Ok McCabe, Kaberle, Coliaccovo are not expendable. But I do agree that Harrison shouldnt be dealt, hes a great prospect from what ive seen in the past couple of games and hes exactly the type of dman the leafs need.

    Now on to Klee. He is expendable but only because of his contract but weve already ate most of it up so we might as well keep him. Now Ive heard a lot of negative things about Klee lately and i dont know why, hes a solid 3-4 dman, a lot of teams would love to have him. (that doesnt mean he has high trade value tho)

    As for the rest of the dmen Khavanov, Berg, Woziniewski well they all could be traded for whatever you can get. Kronwall on the other hand has potential so unless hes part of a good trade the leafs should hold on to him for a little longer at least.

    The leafs do need to make a trade for a stay at home defensman. Im not going to make up trade possibilites because thats just dumb but i will say that from all of the leaf rumors ive heard in the past, i think that the Witt deal has the best chance to go down.

    So with all of the leafs new found youth this year their defense isnt as bad as you think, but for the rest of the year it will stink unless some benching is done. Once Berg and Khavanov are removed the lines would look like this

    Kaberle McCabe

    Coliaccovo Klee

    Harrison Kronwall

    I know these lines are pretty unexperienced but from what ive seen Coliaccovo, Kronwall and Harrison are just as good as Khavanov and Berg. So they might as well take over and gain some much needed NHL ice time. Plus if a trade is made, the defense will hopefully be even better.

  19. NHLSlayer says:

    I’m almost in complete agreement with you, and Witt, although I don’t like him, seems to be the most coveted. It also appears (reported on both the Toronto Sun and National Post) as though the Leafs are very close to dealing a 5th Round Pick to Columbus for the services of 97 year old Luke Richardson, but I don’t see that being of any help at all. Realistically, I think what you said is true, although I think Khavanov is much more valuable than anyone is giving him credit for. I still have him ranked ahead of Jay Harrison, who is in need of just a little bit more seasoning with the Marlies before he’s ready for fulltime action with the Leafs. Keep Khavanov in there, at least until the end of the season, then use Harrison to replace whichever one of Kaberle or McCabe that we lose in the offseason. TRUST ME, THEY WON’T BOTH BE BACK NEXT YEAR, just too much money to keep them. Once a lucrative offer is made for kaberle, I believe the Leaf’s are done. It might be in their best interests to move him, and he may be a name to keep in mind on trade deadline day, I could seriously see him being moved.

  20. Leafs2005 says:

    You are out to lunch! The Leafs have very limited prospects in thier system.

    So why on earth would you trade Pogge, Kronwall, Wozienewski for a guy like CUJO who can be had for nothing in the offseason.

    Why would Edmonton ever want to give us Bergeron and a prospect or a pick for old man Eddie who makes way too much money? when they can probably get a better, younger, cheaper goalie in Martin Barion.

    Rick Jackman, lol…you have to be kidding. This guy is worse then Berg.

    Why would you still have Sundin on the team? This guy has done nothing in the last 10 plus year for the Leafs other then get to the conference finals. Lindros has to be the captain of this team. It’s time we traded Sundin for some young assets. Why not try to trade him for a guy like Alex Tanguay? He’s young and gifted.

    Ps. By the way your article sucks

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