S.O.S. Leafs Need Defensive Help NOW!

The last 10 games for the Leafs have been somewhat of a joke, and an embarrasment. Even though, they beat Florida, thats not anything to boast about.

Lets examine there problems, and what needs to be addressed.The Leafs need to go out and get defensive help as sson as they can! The team can not win night in and night out when its allowing 30-40 shots a game. That is a proposterous number, how do these guys make it into the NHL? The Leafs problems continue, but the biggest problem is their lack of Defense! Lets examine, shall we…

First Off, McCabe was inserted back in the lineup for tonights game, what happened, oh yeah they lost, what else is new? I understand hes rusty but besides him wheres the rest of the team?

Lets Break down their current Dmen:

McCabe- Solid Contributer, but needs to improve his all around Defensive game. Overall, really no complaints.(Top pairing Dman)-Expendable

Kaberle- The guy is skilled, but not physical enough. He seldomly shoots, but is a great passer, and relatively young. He has above average Defensive ability.(Top pairing Dman)-Expendable

Coliacovo- The guy is coming along rather nicely, he still needs more time to fully develop, but from what hes showcased so far, he is a very sound defender.(3-4 Dman)-Expendable

Klee- The new NHL is making him look bad, I dont want to bash the guy because hes been decent throughout his tenure. More of a Defensive Defenseman, but could get caught up.(4-5 Dman)-Expendable

Harrison- Good Dman, really holds his own, really impresses, the kid is going to turn some heads.(4-5 Dman for now)-Keeper

Khavonov- This guy is rather a little bit of a dissapointment, He is too overpaid, and I’m not sure where he fits in to the lineup??? Hes an ok player but He just doesnt fit with the Leafs.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Kronwall- Has some upside, needs to develop more, a hard hitter, as of right now his role is limited due to his experience but he will mature.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Wozienewski- The guy is 26 so I’m not to convinced on him, he would be good trade bait but as of now he is doing an okay job.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Berg- He is a good #5 or #6 defender the only knock in his salary, which leaf fans shouldnt balme him, its stupid JFJ for qualifying him. He is pretty reliable in his role.(5-6 Dman)-Expendable

Belak- This guy serves absolutely no purpose and he isnt even a # Dman, He is an absolute waste!-Trash

As you can see the Leafs are alittle mixed up right now. Their is a long list of average Dmen and only about 2 above average ones

The Leafs need some serious help

JFJ needs to swallow his pride and swing a trade for an upper tier Dman NOW!

As you all know we have some trade bait, Well their are a few teams out their that need goalies, and we have Belfour, and oh yeah Pogge is expendable too.

Here are some ways to fix our Defense:

Ship Belfour to Edmonton for Bergeron and a prospect or a pick

Ship Allison to Nashville for Markov and a prospect or a pick

Ship Khavonov to Pittsburgh for Jackman

Ship Klee to Atlanta for a draft pick

Ship Berg to Anaheim for a conditional pick

Ship Pogge, Kronwall, Wozienewski to PHX for


Waive Belak

Here would be the lineup








Ex:Harrison, Wozienewski



This would be a solid lineup, not the best, but still solid!

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