Sabres Accept Briere's Arbitration Award

The Buffalo Sabres have accepted Daniel Briere’s arbitration award.“Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) – The Buffalo Sabres have accepted Daniel Briere’s one-year/$5 million arbitration award.

The Sabres can negotiate a new contract with Briere, but not until January. “

8 Responses to Sabres Accept Briere's Arbitration Award

  1. mafew says:

    they could also trade him

  2. 93forever says:

    I feel sorry for any NHL player that has to wear that new logo on a jersey. Worst Jersey award goes to the BUfflo Sabers.

  3. Tweek says:

    tooooooo much for a guy who is always injured.

  4. almelo95 says:

    Always injured? In the three seasons before last year, he only missed FOUR games total.

    2001-02 – 78 games in Phoenix

    2002-03 – 82 games total between Phoenix and Buffalo

    2003-04 – 82 games in Buffalo

    The seasons before that, he was up and down between the minors a lot.

  5. papichulo71 says:

    I wonder if Phoenix could go back would they still trade Gratton for Briere.

    Briere needs just one great season to become a solid franchise player and that trade will be right up there with Neely for Pederson.

  6. tacitus says:

    i saw it coming, you could tell by the numbers back then that Briere had the talent. I think the biggest thing was that was the clutch grab era.

  7. almelo95 says:

    Regier has taken a fair amount of heat over the years, but he has pulled a couple of great deals, starting with Briere for Gratton. How about Rhett Warrener and a pick for Mike Wilson or Gilmour and Dumont for Michal Grosek, along with Chicago taking on half of Gilmour’s salary.

  8. JuicemaN says:

    Arbitration is garbage, how does Dumont get a touch under 3 million and Brier get 5 million. Dumont is garbage. If he was going to turn out as an elite player he would’ve done it by now. Sabres got raped!!

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