Sabres have an Owner (probably)

Both and a local radio station (WNSA 107.7 FM) are reporting that the NHL has decided on a new owner for the Buffalo Sabres. Apparently the decision will be announced sometime in the next week.

And the winner is……Local businessman and ower of the Buffalo Destroyers Mark Hamister.

Jim Kelly of writes “there are a few hoops left to jump through.

For one, Hamister’s bid must withstand some last minute scrutiny from the Adelphia Communications Corp. over money owned to Adelphia from the management and ownership scandals that plagued the franchise when it was owned by the Rigas family. They were the former controlling family of Adelphia, a company that is now in bankruptcy.

Adelphia is expected to sign off on the agreement, a provision that is of the utmost importance to Hamister’s group in that it does not want to be responsible for debts and bad business deals brought forth by the Rigas family.”

According to radio reports it will be a while before the sale actually happens, but at least it is a start. Maybe this is the boost the Sabres need to get out of the NHL cellar.