Sabres now show interest in Burke?

The Brian Burke saga continues to heat up as he is sure playing hard to get for the Leafs. It now appears that the Buffalo Sabres may be jumping on board by trying to hire Burke in some sort of scouting position.

HTR believes that all that is happening here is that Burke is trying to show the Leafs that he has many, many options. We here at HTR also believe that it is time for the Leafs to just get on with it and show Burke the money so that this saga can come to an end.

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4 Responses to Sabres now show interest in Burke?

  1. Kramer says:

    They don't need Burke cuz they already got Miller, the way better goalie of the 2.

  2. Kyleton says:

    Burke I highly doubt wants to be a scout, and really it has nothing to do with Money.  What this is about is power, and guarantee's… Burke wants to run the team, not being a guy that does the work someone else tells him to do.

  3. the_word says:

    Scout for the Buffalo Sabres, sure and I hear Tim Hortons hiring, I'm think Burke could walk in as manager.

  4. burnz30 says:

    This story is bogus. There are 2 reasons.

    1. Why would he leave as the Ducks GM to become a scout. That makes absolutely zero sense. Not to mention GM's make a lot more than scouts, and the Sabres are notoriously cheap and are cutting back on scouting costs and letting scouts go. They recently let a bunch of scouts go and turned to video scouting"
    2. He left Anaheim because of family and travel. Scouts travel far more than GM's do, so he'd be leaving a spot due to lack of time to spend with family to take a role that is more time intensive. Makes no sense.
    That's just 2 reasons why this wont happen. There is also the fact that he said he wanted to go somewhere where hockey mattered. Not to mention his wife is Canadian and looking for work, but can only work in Canada. 
    This source has zero credibility.  

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