Sabres Offseason Checklist

As the trend appears to be to play GM of your favorite Hockey club, Allow me to state my opinon on the NHL’s Sabres and what moves and issues I would address…

#1 Goaltending. A problematic area for some time since the trade at gunpoint and “retirement” of the Dominator. Martin Biron has carried the load for the majority, but last year Mikka Noronen has seen Time, and Youngster Ryan Miller started the season, but a poor showing left him in Rochester, where he will develop and season to become a great player.

I would trade Biron. His inconsistancy has grown common, he can put togeher stretches of 3 or 4 games of beauty, but the next 3 seen to be lost and give up the softest goals. Chicago, Edmonton or Atlanta could want this guy, in exchange for a top 4 D man. Give Noronen the nod for 60 games and bring in a journyman backup, Potvin and Snow are fair examples.

McKee, Cambell, B.Brown, Kalinin, Fitzpatrick, Tallinder, Patrick(retirement?), Jillson.

Alex Zhitnik in all probablity will not be back, so the Sabres would be smart to get a minute-cruncher, a trade for Aucoin or other top four D man will add strength to the blue line. Cambell- send him to the minors or trade him, if anybody wants him: Terrible defensively. Patrick is doubtful to come back, if he does he is a great 7th d-man.


Center: Briere, Drury, Connelly, Mair, Roy.

RW: Afinogenov, Satan, Kotalik, Grier, Dumont

LW: Hecht, Pyatt, Boulton, Peters, Vanek.

A good young core of budding goalscores, but lacking some veteran leadership and size.

Who should go:






As I said, Trade Biron and bring in (not all of these guy, they are just a few thoughts of mine):

Brewer, Aucoin, Hamrlik to help the D, we dont need 3 goaltenders, and a top defenseman is necessary.

Trade Satan while he still has value for a gritty veteran forward.

Boulton has little to no trade value, Peters is the better fighter of the two, keep one of these guys.

Pyatt has not developped into the player he was destined to be, but he may turn around.

Pavol Demitra would fit great if we ever think of dipping into free agency, but that hasn’t happen in a while. The Sabres appear ready to make a serious playoff push, missing the postseason by only 5 points last year. They will develop and grow as a team, a few tweaking in this off season and some smart trading could put Buffalo back into the postseason.


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  1. simplyhabby says:

    Brewer, Aucoin and Hamrlik? Great upgrade with any of these players but you will have to give up a lot for Brewer meaning top prospects!

    Satan does really need to go. What a whiner! I can’t stand whineass players.

  2. SabresAreCool says:

    Good Post….I agree with all of your points.

    The Sabres are mostly all small and speedy types. So they still need a gritty, or power forward. Satan and/or Biron will be great trade bait for a top d-man, but no one wants Taylor Quiet or Campbell.

    I would’ve liked to have seen the Sabres not qualify Campbell (which he signed yesterday). Yes Campbell can skate, but he blows past guys and then just skates the puck around until he looses it. I’m sure Patrick will come back to play D if he doesn’t retire before the season eventually starts. I agree on Peters, he is definately a heavyweight. They should send Boulton to Ottawa for future considerations just like Ray the past year.

    It kinda sux to be a Sabres fan this summer because we all know they won’t be players in the free agent market. I would love to see the Sabres get MAtthew Schneider to replace Zhitnik, but he’ll ask for more than 4 mil a season which is more than zhitnik wants, so i doubt it. Demitra would be a great addition but he’d probably look alot better playing with his buddy Satan. But if we were to get Demitra we’d have to trade Satan to afford him.

    Let’s go Sabres

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    Your goaltending is better than most. The sabres have limited offensice weapons, and the ones they do have are too small.

    Add some size on the wings, and some size up the middle.

    Your D are above average, with above average speed.

    You can address both your teams needs by trading Miro Satan, one of the 4 goaltending prospects you have, and sign and trade Zhitnik.

    Other than that the sabres have a bright future.

    Any word on Tim Connelly? Is he done, or is he back this year?

  4. raine_kalisz says:

    demitra would be a bad move. For one you want veteran leadership, and this guy doesn’t exactly bring leadership to a team. He’s offensively minded, plain and simple. Satan has to go i agree. Give Biron another year, he’s a dedicated and hard-working goalie, he’ll get it down. Hold onto Pyatt, he’s gonna be amazing, have faith.

    Hecht is the guy to watch, he’s incredible and in a year or two i wouldn’t be surprised to see him among the league leaders in offensive stats, and he’s a leader too. Give him the ‘C’. All they need is for him, and the rest of the team, to remain healthy and they’re sure to see a playoff berth, and the rebirth of the Sabre legacy.

  5. raine_kalisz says:

    P.S. i think they should pick up a guy like Deadmarsh or Lindros. It’s a bit risky but it these guys remain healthy they can make this team. And they’ll probably come cheap too.

  6. raine_kalisz says:

    P.P.S. Noronen can’t cut it, did you watch him in the World Champ. He’s like plywood, breaks under pressure. That and technically he’s not too great of a goalie, relies too much on reflexes and dumb luck. He’s got bad rebound control too.

  7. TheAwaKe says:

    I think Buffalo would be better trade for Niinimaa… he’s on the trade bait.

  8. shauner24 says:

    Hey everyone…

    Ahh the Sabres…

    Yes, I will bet any of you, that they will return to the playoffs by next year if not earning at least a 7th seed this year… anyone who knows hockey and follows the Sabres should agree with me…

    1) The Sabres should pick up a top 3 deffenseman with the departure of Zhitnik, that is a big loss however in the long run they have Kalinin, Tallinder, and even Fitzpatrick who are all solid anchored by the consistantly solid play of Mckee…

    2) I personally dont like Satan, Ill admitt he is a good skill player, but does complain to much, he could be great if he developed a mean steak in him… trade him for a good veteran winger who can put the puck in the net (Demitra, Mark Parrish from NYI, or Cory Stillman from Tampa). Also I would absolutely love if they could pry Gagne away from Phili by dangling Biron and Kotalik possibly. I think those are the only moves that are possible before the season starts.

    3) I really believe the Sabres will be the next hockey dynasty, with the core of young players they have and proper management from year to year expect them to have a turn around similiar to Tampa Bay’s. They will be successfull for many years.

    **let me just throw this at you**

    Thomas Vanek Derek Roy Maxim Afinogenov

    Future Sabres 1st line- 2006 all the 3 make the all star game and finish in the top 20 in scoring at the end of the year…. that is scary, and its REALISTIC

  9. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    I don’t know.. This came up off the top of my head.. Buffalo should trade Biron and Satan to Colorodo for like Adam Foote and maybe Chris Gratton.. haha..

  10. BlackPuck says:

    Ouch! Dont mention His name, it grates in my ears. But I am sure he will be moved around again, about 26 years old and played for tampa, Philly, Tampa again, Buffalo, Phoenix and now colorado.

  11. BlackPuck says:

    Doctors have Connely to sign autographs. HAHA hust kidding, missed all last season, A dipsy doodle dandy – Regier wont give up with guy I guess we are st uck with him and his 10 goals per season.

  12. BlackPuck says:

    Dimetra is a UFA i beleive- Golisano MAY, just MAY splurge and grap someone off the market- I personally have always loved the guy.

  13. SabresAreCool says:

    Yeah apparently Connolly is going to attempt to return this year. Before he got hurt he was Buffalo’s whipping boy. For good reason most of the fans hated him cause he had so much talent, he’d make these awesom dekes and then someone would just take the puck off his stick for trying to do it all himself. Maybe now with the current sabres lineup he could actually fit in….he is nice on the pp but should play on the 4th line, but then the 4th line will be offensive and not tough. he’s probably look really good skating against the other teams fourth lines….

  14. SabresAreCool says:

    I hope the rebuilding process in the post-Hasek era is finally going to grow fruit….i think the Sabres could do some damage this season but they need a d-man

  15. PayUpSucka says:

    There is no doubt he has talent. With the talent emerging in that Sabres line-up you’ll see a different Connelly now that he has more talent to work with.

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