Sacrifices, according to the NHLPA

We have heard over and over again about the “sacrifices” that players made during the last lockout. What exactly are these sacrifices?

If I remember, it was the owners who made most of the concessions(hence the current situation).

The players have continued to make millions upon millions of dollars. The owners have lost millions upon millions. Thats not a sacrifice.

Player salaries have skyrocketed since the last CBA was created. What exactly was sacrificed in order to get this? Not a whole lot. You may say “entry level changes were made.” You would be correct, but agents sure got around those “changes.”

The players should just stop with their constant to the general public.

We know that salaries have shot up since 1995 because we pay ridiculously high ticket prices because of it. We know that rookies have incentive-based salaries that get past the so called “rookie cap.” We also know that players don’t have to make $10million a season because Paul Kariya dumped a likely $10million for under $2million.

The players have lost the PR war. They cannot win us fans back unless they start to DO something about the situation or prove that the owners are lying to us.

Sacrifices? What sacrifices?