Sacrifices, according to the NHLPA

We have heard over and over again about the “sacrifices” that players made during the last lockout. What exactly are these sacrifices?

If I remember, it was the owners who made most of the concessions(hence the current situation).

The players have continued to make millions upon millions of dollars. The owners have lost millions upon millions. Thats not a sacrifice.

Player salaries have skyrocketed since the last CBA was created. What exactly was sacrificed in order to get this? Not a whole lot. You may say “entry level changes were made.” You would be correct, but agents sure got around those “changes.”

The players should just stop with their constant to the general public.

We know that salaries have shot up since 1995 because we pay ridiculously high ticket prices because of it. We know that rookies have incentive-based salaries that get past the so called “rookie cap.” We also know that players don’t have to make $10million a season because Paul Kariya dumped a likely $10million for under $2million.

The players have lost the PR war. They cannot win us fans back unless they start to DO something about the situation or prove that the owners are lying to us.

Sacrifices? What sacrifices?

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  1. rojoke says:

    HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY!!!

    Some of these guys are still driving the 2003 model cars, you know. And that’s just the car that they themselves drive. The wife is still driving a 2003 as well. Hell, some of them may even have to, dare I even think it, buy a showroom model.

    So don’t you dare say that these guys aren’t sacrificing anything for this. There are principles involved here.

  2. nhand says:

    Sacrifice, apparently, is something the NHL players are only willing to do on the ice (and that’s only if it’s the playoffs for some of them!). What do these people know of sacrifice. What, they worked all their lives to play a game. Big deal. Most people work all their lives to just make ends meet. I’m tired of their stories. Speaking of stories, I love the latest out of the NHLPA meeting today. The union is as strong as ever. They won’t be making an offer any time soon. Those who have spoken against the union are now safely in the fold. Why? I’ll tell you why. The bottom line is money and it has been expertly explained to players like Pierre Dagenais and Jim McKenzie so that they now see the big money men in the NHL are looking out for them. Well if it’s more money they want, best of luck to them.

    Fans, stop enabling these pathetic athletes. I’m not talking about the top money guys either. I’m talking about every player who supports the NHLPA and their stance, whether they’re making $200,000 or $10,000,000. Any money any where in between these two figures is more than enough for people who’s only marketable talent is to play a game. If they can’t sacrifice some money in order to bring back a game that many real workers depend on for their income, then shame on all of them. How can we have any respect for these folks who obviously have no respect for those employed by the game of hockey or those who show up to support them? Don’t go to see these pathetic excuses for human beings if all they are going to be concerned about is their own economic situation. Make them realize how tied their existence is to the fans desire to see them play. Do not go to another NHL game. Period. End of story. Let them play in Europe. Let them head off to obscurity. Let them do something to save the NHL.

    The owners have truly done their best to mess up the game over the past few years, and they deserve their fair share of the blame. But, they have made tremendous strides in recent months trying to achieve an equitable solution to the financial disaster that they have created. I haven’t seen the NHLPA do the same. The fans of the game are waiting for the players (they used to appreciate) to do something worthy of their appreciation. Save the season, and the game, before it’s too late.

  3. Rushing says:

    Honestly now…… the word SACRIFICE even in their dictionaries?

  4. defenestrate says:

    The NHLPA is a proud sponsor of the Santerian religion (this is not the worship of Carlos Santana, Santayana, or Santa Claus, so don’t go there, okay?).

    So, the NHLPA regularly makes sacrifices – goats, chickens, even cows (you gotta tip ’em first, though).

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