Safety Net's Part II

I have written about the Safety Net’s when word first came of them being put up.

This issue has been very controversial in the past.

This year, behind all of the goal’s, of every NHL team, safety net’s have been put up in all arena’s.

What do you think about the safety nets being put up?Baseball has a net behind home plate, now Hockey has netting behind each goal. Now, in baseball, the netting doesn’t seem to bother anyone, (especially when a 100MPH wild pitch is being stopped by it) Does the same purpose of the net hold true in the NHL?

Many people believe now, that the netting will block the view and annoy the fan’s…. If you have season tickets behind the net do you want the net in your face?

I would like to get a comment from someone who has sat behind the netting in the preseason to tell us what they thought and tell us the details.

Out of all the arenas that have the netting the one place that didn’t left a girl in Florida’s preseason game last Saturday hit in the face with the puck again….. Someone let the NHL off with a warning…..

So after people thought to themselves (after that 13 year old girl died) “what are the chance’s of it happening again”….. They where just shown (this time without death) how easy it is for a person to get hit in the face with a puck…..

If anyone has any Info on the seat’s behind the netting please share with the rest of us.