Salary Cap Analysis – Rangers

Much has been made in recent days about the New York Rangers and their salary cap situation following 2 mega free agent signings of Chris Drury and Scott Gomez.

In an effort to clarify the situation for HTR’s loyal readers, I’ve taken the time to do some cap analysis for the Rangers.

Using the data at NHL Numbers, I’ve listed the 07-08 Rangers current roster (excluding any unsigned RFA/UFA’s) and their cap number. I’ve also made estimations of which of the young Rangers will stick with the big club and how their salaries will affect the cap.

Scott Gomez 7.36
Chris Drury 7.05
Jaromir Jagr 4.94
Martin Straka 3.3
Paul Mara 3
Matt Cullen 2.875
Marek Malik 2.5
Michal Rozsival 2.1
Fedor Tyutin 0.988
Marc Staal 0.855
Stephen Valiquette 0.618
Thomas Pock 0.6
Colton Orr 0.538
Dan Girardi 0.538
Blair Betts 0.525
Ryan Callahan 0.513
Jason Strudwick 0.5
Ryan Hollweg 0.491
Nigel Dawes 0.462

Current Total: 39.753

Amount under Cap of 50.3: 10.547

Sean Avery
Petr Prucha
Marcel Hossa
Henrik Lundqvist

Sean Avery had a salary of 1.1 million last season. I think a nice bump in pay to $2M per year would be more than adequate. Petr Prucha has maintained that he would like to be a Ranger regardless of salary. Based on a salary of $550k last season, I estimate his resigning to be around $700k. Marcel Hossa made $600k last season, his raise should bring that to about $850k. Henrik Lundqvist should command a salary in the area of $4M per season.

Starting Number: 39.753
Sean Avery 2
Petr Prucha .7
Marcel Hossa .85
Henrik Lundqvist 4

New Cap Number: 47.303

Brendan Shanahan

Shanahan made $4M last year in his first season as a Ranger and has absolutely no desire to play anywher else. I estimate that the Rangers will offer Shanahan a $2M deal with bonus incentives to bring it to $4M, but having the bonuses not count against the cap will help. A player of Shanahan’s age is permitted to receive reasonable and attainable bonuses in his contract without having the bonus count against the cap.

Cap Number: 47.303

Brendan Shanahan 2

Total Cap Number = 49.303

Remaining Cap Room = .997M

Contrary to popular belief, the Rangers have enough cap room following the 2 signings. My figures show 8 defensemen on the roster with the additions of Staal and Strudwick. It is possible that Thomas Pock is placed back in Hartford and his salary may not count against the cap. I also have Nigel Dawes on the roster.

I hope this has cleared things up for HTR’s loyal readers.

14 Responses to Salary Cap Analysis – Rangers

  1. wingerxxx says:

    That's cutting it really, really close.  One reason why the whole Souray thing made no sense at all.

    As long as Slats can get Lundqvist, Shanahan, Prucha, Avery, etc. back into the fold, his job is done for the summer.  Shanahan's situation is going to be tricky, and I think that Lundqvist is going to want more than $4 million. 
    I'd like to see Strudwick in Hartford full time, unless there are some major injury issues.  Regardless, this is looking like its going to be very close, getting everyone back on the roster.  Forget the remaining free agents.  It's time to worry about our own now.

  2. richards18 says:

    The Rangers suck they have won 1 cup in the last 67 years and 20 of the 67 years the nhl was a 6 team league…………….  They way overpaid for Gomez 7 Mil for a Second Line Center thats a Joke

  3. Milohabs says:

    It's cleared a few things up

    1) – Prucha will not be signed for .700 (you are dreaming)

    Avery = 2.5 mill, Prucha 1.50 (at least), Hossa 1.00, Lundqvist 4

    so add aprox. 9 mill to the 39,753 = 48,753

    Shanahan said he would like to stay in NY, but he won't take it up the ass either. the article I read specified that he'll get the same 4 million as last year. So YOU do that math. They are now over the cap.

    ALSO (and more importantly). They have no room for any moves during the year. They are also going to have much more porblems in the future as their young guys need more money as they develop. Gomez & Drury are both good, but to tie down 14 mill on 2 guys is crazy.

    Toronto & Tampa have had problems with this and NY will too. Also, there is no guarantee that the cap will increase each year. what if the cap drops next year by 3 million. SCREWED !!

  4. mikster says:

    The greatest risk is not taking a risk.

    Hossa is not getting $1M. Prucha is getting between $1M and $1.5M. Shanahan will not get $4M, so that article is wrong.

    The Rangers prospects will not get multimillion contracts above $3M for at least another three…..four years or so.

    Also, you have to count the salaries subtracted by players leaving the team in the next couple of seasons and that’s Jagr, Straka, Rozsival, Malik, Shanahan, Mara.

    That’s at least $17M freed up by 2009. They are not screwed, at all.

  5. mikster says:

    You can also speculate a possible trade to clear up cap room, possibly Cullen or Mara, but maybe not. I think they’ll be fine though. I’m not too worried.

  6. puckhead94 says:

    Mik, i read an article where Prucha has stated that it doesn't matter what the money is that he's coming back, making a modest raise from his previous salary just about right. I don't think it'll get to those levels, honestly.

    Hossa isn't going to get $1M, you're right,, $850k is about right on that one as well.

    Shanny will make a base 2m and get 2 in incentives that don't count against the cap.

    Fans of teams that don't have the balls that the Rangers do just like to hate on the Rangers, and that's fine, but the bottom line is players want to play in New York, and not your cities. Those fans need to deal with it.


  7. puckhead94 says:

    Actually, Gomez makes 7.35 and he's our first line center. Drury is our 2nd line center making the 7 million. Close though.

  8. richards18 says:

    i didnt know you were the coach of the New York Rangers and Mike has a good point The Rangers in Hockey are like the Philadelphia Phillies of Baseball

  9. EddieAVS says:

    i understand your hope. but you cant expect to know the numbers these players are going to sign for. whos to say that Avery will only make 2 million after his 50 point season.
    Let alone that, even if Shanahan really wants to play in New York, whos to say that he'll accept a 2million dollar a year contract, let alone bonuses. The guy could easily get 4 million on the FA market. Money talks. But the fact is, you guys are very light on defensemen. You may have a lot signed, but none of very good quality and i think is going to be your major problem this season.

  10. pj1199 says:

    If my line combinations are accurate I don't even see a spot where Hossa would fit in……


    Am I the only one who is seeing this correctly??

  11. wingerxxx says:

    I think he would definitely get the nod over either Hollweg or Colton Orr.  Possibly Callahan, depending on what happens in training camp. 

  12. puckhead94 says:

    I was thinking the same thing you were, but I think Orr or Hollweg would be a healthy scratch most games and Hossa gets that 4th line spot with Betts.

    I’d like to see Nigel Dawes on this team somewhere.

  13. wingerxxx says:

    There is an article on with some direct quotes from both Shanahan and Lundqvist.  Shanny is a very up front guy, and its looking very much like he is staying put in New York.

    The team is not light on defensemen at all.  The Rangers have a defense by committee, which works.  The defense has good chemistry together, and doesn't really need a 30 minute workhorse to make it better.  And there haven't been any defensemen on the market that would make the defense a whole lot better.  That's the thing that needs to be remembered.  The Rangers needed center ice depth a lot more than they needed a few extra defensemen. 

  14. Girardi46 says:

    Sather isn't an idiot… well, maybe he was, but he's changed it up in the past few years for the better.  Shanny said he doesn't want to play anywhere else, and I'm sure he's made quite a bit of money over the years and just wants to play where his heart is, and he wants to help the team… in that article on he mentions the Rangers as "our team", and makes a point of it.  Sather knows what he's doing.  Gomez' contract is front loaded leaving the future with more cap room. The Rangers will be fine, Sather is an experienced GM and knows what he is doing.  I believe Prucha Avery and Lundqvist will sign for about those numbers mentioned in the article because they love playing in New York and want to win here, not just for a paycheck.

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