Salary dumping

There is an unwritten list of players with a no trade clause disguised as a monster contract. Players like Kubina on the leafs, Gerber on the Sens, Richards on the Bolts. Last year, their high cap hits made them untradeable.Note: these are good players with high contracts, not liabilities with high contracts (Jose Theodore).

When Aucoin signed for 4 million dollars I though he was untradeable. After last season I thought there was no way anyone would take Samsonov and his 3.525 mil. When i saw Zhitnik signed for 3.5 mil, I was glad it wasn’t my team that signed him. Yet all of these once overpaid players have been dealt away.

These contracts were signed 1-2 years ago. At the time, the price seemed outrageous, but with a 29% increase in the cap, don’t look so bad. Also, there are a lot of teams with lots of cap space, and no good high paid players using it up (Colorado, New Jersey). Heres what the future may have in store for some of these players.

Morrison-3.2 million Vancouver
Nonis has said he has had offers for him, but isn’t going to give him away for nothing.

Murray-4.15 million Boston
Rumers of him going to San Jose come and go. I think with Boston having so much down the middle, they’ll hang on to one of the few good wingers they have.

Gerber-3.7 million Ottawa
Phoenix and LA are the 2 teams still shopping for a starter. Names like Belfour, Joseph, Auld may not please them, and Gerber may be a better option.

Richards-7.8 million Tampa Bay
Feaster has reportedly said none of the big 3(or now big 4 as he includes Boyle) will be traded. He makes more than Thornton and Iginla, but is no longer unreasonably paid. If Feaster decides to trade him, he’ll have plenty of offers.

Kubina-5 million Toronto
The rumer mill has him going everywhere. Eklund says the Islanders, Toronto media says Tampa Bay, and Edmonton and Carolina have come up as well. The question is no longer CAN he be traded, but does JFJ WANT to trade him.

Other names like McKee stick out, but have not been rumored to be traded. I’m interested to see what other players of this nature, might be on the move.

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  1. stryker19 says:

    I really dont see why you dont like colorado that much theyare alot better than your leafs

  2. avsjoendryan says:

    no kidding the avs are so much better then the leafs are and there actually play-off contenders the leafs are horrible.

  3. canucklehead_101 says:

    Avs suck, nucks rule and leafs can be whatever they like

  4. canucklehead_101 says:

    But Avs dont suck as much as LEafs

  5. peake19 says:

    haha cute well see how good the "nucks" are this year
    considerign there the exact same bad team as last year that cant score
    colorado is gunna easily dominate the nw

  6. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    "Also, there are a lot of teams with lots of cap space, and no good high paid players using it up (Colorado, New Jersey)."

    Because players like sakic, brodeur and elias must suck?

  7. Norman280 says:

    F*** sakes, stop getting on with your crap .. the leafs are this the leafs are this ..we all know the leafs are going to be decent next year …better than last year atleast post something when you actually got something to post that is not foolish.

    (Flyers Fan)

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    flyers fan, that explains a lot

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    what i meant was both teams have 7-10 mil of cap space and there are no UFA's out there who can fill it up, so they have to make trades

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Roberto Luongo…. Jose Theodre….

    its a tough call, but I'll take the nucks thank you.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    what does that have to do with trade rumors?

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    "leafs are horrible"

    can i get some leaf bashing hab fans. these avs fans aren't worth my time.

  13. Genejoke says:

    How did an article on salary dumping get turned into a Leafs bashing session?  Sad.

  14. wadeaminute says:

    Ok, just because a player has a no trade clause doesnt mean that they cant be moved. A no trade clause means nothing now days. The only thing it could do is way the players option of where he would like to be traded to, but that usually doesn't make too big of a difference(eg.Gary Roberts).  Think of it this way. You're playing for the Leafs. You have a no-trade clause. One day Fergie comes up to you and says thathe wants to trade you to Montreal. He's saying we don't want you anymore. Would you really want to play for a team where you're not wanted? No. Thus the no trade clause means nothing in todays NHL. Now a player who has a no movement clause( eg. Bryan Mccabe) is trouble. cause than he has a no trade clause, you can't buy him out, I wouldn't doubt that he can even be yelled at.

  15. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    Maybe one day you'll learn that jose theodore is not the avs starting goalie and that there actually are more than a goalie on each team.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    theres a difference between the GM not wanting a player, and the team and fans. Phoenix GM(malone?) tried to trade Jovo an he waived it, because the fans and team likes him. ditto for wallin in carolina. The no movement clause is trouble, but i dont think there will be any McCabe issues(like him playing like crap, or JFJ trying to trade him) for the next 4 years.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but only one golai on either team worth mentioning. Luongo is a top 5 goalie in the NHL, Budaj wouldn't make most peoples top 30

  18. DJTOKid says:

    "the nucks are the same bad team as last year"

    I believe they won there division, adn if thats bad in your mind then you're an idiot. How can you call the team with the best goalie in the NHL a bad team. Did Colorado make the playoffs last year? Is Smyth and Hannan going to make them THAT much better? They still have crap goaltending.

    I think you ment to type, Colorado is gunna easily GET dominated in the NW.

  19. DJTOKid says:

    Luongo is number 1, I know Broduer and kipper rival him but he's the best and will be for the next four or five years.

  20. Penssuck says:

    I expect the Flyers to do some Salary dumping soon.  Not sure who, but Gauthier is on the list.

    We'll see. 

  21. Penssuck says:

    It is sad.  But oh so much fun.  The arrogance of leaf fans drives us to bash them.  I don't mind the team, because i like knowing that they're not going anywhere, and thats 1 less team to worry about in the east for my Flyers.

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    nah, philly needs Gauthier. their D dont look so good without him.

  23. mapleleaf92 says:

    they both missed the playoffs by a point

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    wow, you can say

    "The arrogance of leaf fans drives us to bash them"

    and "i like knowing that they're not going anywhere, and thats 1 less team to worry about in the east for my Flyers."

    in the same post. you've brought leaf haters to a new low

  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he was number 1 last year, but i dont think we can call him number 1 until brodure retires. Kind of like calling Brodure number 1 after Roy retired.

  26. JuicemaN says:

    You guys are what pulls the leaf fans to retaliate.

    He posts an article that happens to mention the leafs and you losers turn it into a leaf article, there's no arrogance, it's just you geeks bashing the leafs and causing us to react.

    Someone posts "Detroit will win the cup in 2008" and you reply with "Leafs suck" of course it's going to get responses.

    Penssuck, how haven't you been re-banned? You are the worst poster on this site.

  27. peake19 says:

    im sorry who did you guys sign to make your team better this year?
    byron ritche, arron miller? ohhh i know everyone was really looking for them
    and you have the worst defence in the league considering you have bieksa so theres gunna be nothing luongo can do
    and colorado was on fire down the stretch,  just about made the playoffs
    so add hannan, smyth and hlinka to that and you easily have the best team in the nw hands down
    budaj wont even seen 20 shots a game with how dominate well be

  28. brianc689 says:

    the guy tries to post his opinion about high paid players that are potentially on the trade block and possible destinations and instead of saying something worth my time u bash the leafs….who are you?….its bad enough when ottawa fans waste my time with this stuff, but ur an avs fan….ur team is just as bad as ours…..they both finished ninth place and u say ur a playoff contender and the leafs are horrible….if ur gonna waste everybodys time with this shit why dont u at least do ur research first

  29. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    avs 95 points > leafs 91 points

  30. Penssuck says:

    I agree, but his Salaray is a little high, and he's really injury prone.  Don't think he's played more than 58 games in a season in a while.

    When he's healthy he's good for them, when he's hurt it kills the team.

  31. Penssuck says:

    Actually my comment was a reply, not an actual post.  If you had a brain you'd realize i was bashing the leafs to show the guy how much fun it is. 

    Why would i be banned?  What do you ever bring to this page, other than your stupidity and biased articles and posts?

  32. MR40 says:

    AHAHAHAHA. The Canucks have one of the best defense's in the entire NHL. Bieksa is a top 2 on most team's, Salo can be a top 2 when healthy, Ohlund is a top 2, Mitchell is a top 3, Miller is a top 4 or solid 5th pairing guy, and Krajicek/Edler/Bourdon could all easily be atleast be 5th's.

    The Canucks also have arguably the NHL's best goalie.

    The Canucks were also better at the end of the season then the Ave's.

    Combine that with a top 15 offensive (in the 2nd half they did), an old form Nazzy, and Mo then you got a division champ, and we aquire another big name (even Peter Forsberg) we will challenge for the conference.

  33. KingCanada says:

    I can honestly say i dont want Kubina traded and think he will rebound BUT if he is traded, i hope its to Carolina.  Maybe JFJ can rip off Rutherford like Lombardi (LA GM i think) ripped off Carolina with Jack Johnson for like nothing hahaha.

    Pavel Kubina for Brandon Sutter haha i wish

    Doubt hed do two bad trades in a row like that regarding top prospects but damn it would be hilarious if he did.

  34. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    agree 100%

  35. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    I think I'd rather see picard play than goat. Picard didn't play too bad last year and goat does some dumb shit and turtles and we don't need that. Goat does bring an intimidation factor with his hits but I'd rather see the flyers free up a lil money and try to bring foppa back.

  36. smokz13 says:

    just cuse they have the money doesn't mean they have to spend it. hell they can wait till the trade deadline and go after someone that can help them in the playoffs if they need to and not have to worry about there salary.

  37. tacitus says:


    id offer Raycroft 2.0 and Kubina 5.0 to Columbus for Fedorov. 6.08. Fedorov is on the last year of his contract and playing with guys like Sundin, Blake and Tucker and the fact hes playing for next years money could bring him back to 70 pts or so. People who say Fedorov is done haven't watched him skates, he still stakes like thw wind and TO would love that speed. I think Toronto's defence is deep enough to take losing Kubina, where as Columbus could use another solid D. Its basically an over paid player for an over paid player and each teams weakness's are improved. Raycroft is just freeing up space to make a deadline deal if they are in the playoffs which i think they will be this season

    Or offer Raycroft, 2.0 Tucker 3.0 Kubina 5.0 Kronwall .5 and a 1st rounder for Doan 4.5. and Jovanovski 6.5. The leafs would gain 500k in salary but get a better winger and a better d and really only lose depth d and a goalie that should be starting somewhere anyways. Pheonix who is rebuilding would get a fairly young goalie 27 a young d kronwall 24, Kubina is a year younger then jovo and cheaper, and still a have a rough winger in Tucker. They do set themselves up better for rebuilding with this, and both teams become better where they need it

  38. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, how dumb do you have to be to say vancouvers defense sucks.

  39. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    oh, give me a break. all you two do is go around leaf bashing. and you make fun of him for biased posts. at least he talks about HOCKEY. PeterTheGreat21, and Penssuck please do not come on any leaf article or one written by me. it will make it so much better.

  40. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the west had 6 losers(teams out of playoff contention) the East had 3.

  41. sundin_500 says:

    i agree with the first part but for the second part R U STUPID!?!? ok lets trade racroft who still has some potential, tucker who if he plays a whole season is worth much more than 3 mil, kubina i think is better than jovo and makes 1.5 less, kronwall is going to be good,  A FIRST ROUNDER WTF, and that .5 that we save we still have to sign a backup goalie for more than .5

  42. Veggetto19 says:

    philly needs to dump rathje the guy isnt even playing make him retire

  43. peake19 says:

    not very dumb at all they have luongo that makes so many saves  that they look good
    ohlund and salo are bandaids
    bieksa is the second worst d guy to only mccabe of course
    millar was a 5th or 6th d guy in colorado like 4-5 years ago and hes only got worse
    and they dont have a 6th guy unless krajicek counts ahahah

  44. peake19 says:

    ohlund and salo are bandaids
    bieksa is the second worst d guy to only mccabe of course
    millar was a 5th or 6th d guy in colorado like 4-5 years ago and hes only got worse
    mitchell is there only good d guy and he cant do it alone
    and they dont have a 6th guy unless krajicek counts ahahah

    and the canucks were know where near as good as colorado towards the end of the year
    i guess they continued that stellar play into the playoffs right?
    your leading scorer linden wouldnt make colorados farm team

    and thats cute you have to imagine your players in there prime cause there not good anymore
    and you have to fantasise about getting a top player when you dont have the cap room to get one and none would want to play there

  45. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Ohlund and Salo are very good players, Bieksa surprised everybody, and Miller has grown up, not to mention Krajicek, Edler, Bourdon. come on buddy. your just a biased avs fan

  46. Radio says:

    Stop arbitrarily mentioning the Leafs in articles that aren't specifically about them. This thread has the most retarded comments since the Heatley for Hossa article.

  47. openclose says:

    haha i respect that comment.

  48. bureisking says:

    everything gets turned into a leaf bashing session, thats just how bad they are………

  49. tacitus says:

    Raycroft has potential, but keeping him for 2 mil as a backup when u dont need him is just a waste of payroll. The fact only 2 teams need a goalie means he is not in high demand especially after being one of the worst statistical starting goalies in the league last year. Jovo owns Kubina and Tucker may be worth more then 3 but hes no Doan. Kronwall will be 4th d at best. Basically ur trading a D and a forward who are not as good as the ones ur getting back which means u add Raycroft to the mix to even it up. Kronwall is just a salary dump, basically him or anybody making around 500k preferably a Dman since Phoenix only has 4 or 5 signed. Toronto would make the playoffs with that trade and would have the best 3D in the league

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