Same Old Story, Same Old Song And Dance.

I hate to be cliche, and ripoff the title of an Aerosmith song, but for the Rangers this holds true. You’d figure that they’d learn by now not to dip into the UFA pool and come out with every name available. The Rangers a legitimate shot at drafting a potential future legend in the next draft in Sidney Crosby. At the end of this year when the playoffs became a pipe-dream, they just started playing for pride and hoping that they’d slip into the bottom five for the draft lottery. If this year was they year they were going to miss it, then that’s fine and dandy. This upcoming year, they can’t afford to miss it with Crosby waiting.

Unfortunately, Darth Sather has shown a pure stroke of stupidity and has displayed much interest in many names in the free agent market. “Same Old Story, Same Old Song And Dance.” I’ve grown up since the last time I’ve watched the Rangers in the playoffs. It’s absolutely sad that it’s gotten to this point, and it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon with Sather looking to such names as Craig Conroy and Brian Rolston, (don’t get me wrong, great additions to a young team that needs leadership and intangibles) Pavol Demitra, Alex Zhamnov, Mathieu Schneider (Rangers could use a good top-pairing defenseman) and a list of other big namers. Then you got your character players, Marty Rucinsky, Matthew Barnaby, Chris Simon, and Ian Laperierre (sp?) who would all provide a good character for the young kids to look up to, with Rucinsky being in the top 10 in plus minus on a horrible team for most of the season last year.

The point of this article is that they shouldn’t be signing a big name center or player. They should let the kids play, and if they lose, it’s not necessarily bad. They realistically have one of the 5 best shots at getting Sidney Crosby in the next draft. Why ruin a chance at getting a big name superstar to miss the playoffs and hang around in the middle of the pack once again like we have for the last 7 years?