Sammy bumped to the 4th line

Okay, here we go. Having played hockey for years, and understanding where Carbo is coming from, I think I have something that he should definately try during his line juggling. Firstly, I agree with trying to put some fire under Sammy’s pants, he’s an extremely talented player and riling him up is what we need. In order to get what we want out of him I think we should give him a few games on the first line to bump his confidence back up after being sat for a bit. As far as Gui being put on the second line….it’s about time, this kid has major potential, and I think he’d be a great addition to the top 6 forwards. The power play lines are too standard. I think what we should do is juggle them a bit too. Here’s my opinion of some great lines to try during Carbo’s attempts.





PP-1 Ryder-Higgins-Kovalev

PP-2 Samsonov-Koivu-Latendresse

Our penalty kill is doing great, so I wouldn’t want to make any suggestions there, but I think my lines make sense and would contribute greatly to offensive production on our team.

Higgins may need quite a bit of face-off work so that we win 60+ % of the draws, but it would definately help our team out with our “second line center.”

P.S Please read this and take note Carbo, I have faith in you, and in Sammy. It’s just a matter of finding that chemistry. It’s still early in the season, Higgins-Koivu-Ryder can always be reunited if it doesn’t work. Please try it.

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  1. passionch says:

    I think it’s not bad of an idea but personally, I’ll leave the first line be. For next game, I think we should try this and as for Latendresse, he really needs to get things started in the next few games because even Carbo has his limits (this goes for Samsonov as well).


  2. blarneylad says:

    don’t break up johnson and bonk, they are playing swell together

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