Samsonov a Hab !!

Bob Gainey was busy today as he made 4 moves which I believe will improve the club substantially. reports that Gainey has signed UFA Sergei Samsonov, re-signed RFA David Abeisher, Picked up Mike Johnson from Phoenix and dealt Zednik to Washington.

While you take all this in, I’ll give my 2 cents on the deals.

Samsonov is a no brainer. He will add MUCH needed offense to the Habs who have struggled in that department for a few years now. More importantly, it gives Kovalev a winger to play with and hopefully the two Russians will connect well together.

Johnson is actually a very good move on my part. I’ve always liked this guy and think his offensive upside has yet to be reached. look at his points per game over the past few years, you’ll be surprised. More importnatly, he’s responsible in his own end (a Carbo & Gainey MUST). Johnson can also play PK or PP and can fill in at centre or wing. He has also played a first line role & 2nd or 3rd line roles. He’s a team player and a leader in the room, and will add some great depth and versatility up front. He is an upgrade from Bulis and Zednik who never put up solid numbers. Zednik was also a defensive liability.

Which leads me to Richard Zednik going to Washington for a draft pick. I always liked Zednik, and think he could still do well with Washington (playing with Ovechkin specifically), but at 1.9 million, only getting 16 goals and being a minus player just won’t cut it in Montreal anymore. He seemed uniterested in making any efforts last year and he’s always been a very streaky player. My guess is that Gainey wants a more consistant club with players who show up every night.

Last, Abeisher re-signs. This is a VERY smart move. IF Huet does not repeat last years numbers, Abeisher will just be salivating at the opportunity to take over the #1 spot. Healthy competition between 2 above average goalies is excellent for a hockey club. If they both play well, Gainey will have some leverage at the deadline to move a goalie. Yan danis is fully ready to be a back up, but Gainey won’t let Abby go if he doesn’t get his value back.

FINALLY, the Habs have made some noise, and I am VERY happy with these moves. The question still remains, is he finnished yet?

Your thoughts

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  1. kingcup says:

    Good text.

    I think Gainey will do as usual: make a move if the deal is right, and only then.

    Gainey is never rush into something; people will fire at him for not getting the top UFA (Samsonov ain t that bad in my book, but anyway…), but history (like the rangers for exemple) have teach us that an all star team doesn t mean success. On top of this, if you don t want lose your upcoming UFA, better have some money left when the time comes.2007 is a big UFA year for the habs and there s a lot of good young prospect dying for a spot in the team.

    Gainey is all about patience, and it s about to start paying off.

  2. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Samsonov a Hab is greattt! More speed, but I still believe we need a big 2nd line centerman. Also Souray asked out of Montreal. Gainey has agreed to his request and he will soon be delt, I’m speculating he may end up in Detroit maybe in a package deal with Abby. The reason of Souray’s request is to get closer to his daughter. I hope we could get that big 2nd line centerman!

    Good job Gainey !!!

  3. LuckyLuc98 says:

    oh yea sources are The Team 990, Sports Rage by Gabriel Morency.

  4. urstruly says:

    Im gonna say it like it is Gainey is a very smart Gm… Patience is a must when your looking at quality players and want to sign them for a reasonable amount, an amount they deserve. My opinion is Samsonov is a great pickup even though he is small he has amazing speed, puck handling skills, and experience.. He will put up the points and if put on the line with kovalev watch out guarantee teams will see them as a big threat, and last I think Gainey has something else up his sleeve look for it to be on defense and give Gainey a break Trust him to do the right thing…..

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    Great post, and I admit I have to agree with you.

    While I too liked Zednik, I believe Gainey was unhappy with Zednik’s performance, and he was unhappy with his ice time – prompting him to request a trade, which has worked out for both sides. Good luck Zed with Oveckin!

    His replacement is Mike Johnson, who is much more defensivly responsible then Zednik and a hard worker – he’ll be a great addition to the 3rd line.

    The aquistion of Samsanow gives the Habs two great first lines. Koivu’s recovery is apparently taking longer then expected, but I am assuming he’ll be back. Koivu is very much the heart and soul of our team, on and off the ice, and his absence would an irreplaceable loss. I can’t even think of him not returning…

    Ahem…anyway, Koivu will undoutably start off centering Ryder and Higgins. He makes these two young forwards better, and has the speed and skill to make space for them. Ryder is beginning to get his scorer’s touch, while Higgins really seemed to come into his own after the Olympics.

    The second, much talked about ‘Russian’ line would be Samsanov, Ribeiro, and Kovalev. Any thoughts about someone else centering these two should be cast aside, as, and I quote (from the Habs webpage):

    “We were looking to fill in the open spot alongside Mike Ribeiro and Kovalev,” said Carbonneau. “A natural goal scorer with a really good shot, Sergei knows how to get free and Ribeiro and Kovalev like to find the open man. They should be a good combination.”

    The player that Habs love to hate, Ribeiro has a lot to prove this season. He has realized that, and is putting a lot of effort into his off-season training. While I was frustrated watching him play, he can still come into his own and with some guidance could become a talented second line center. I’m willing to give him another chance, as he seems to really want to play in Montreal.

    I’m really pleased with our 3rd and 4th lines.

    The D-corp, if Souray truely wants out, will need some patch work as Streit is no replacement for a top 4 d-man…especially one with that shot.

    Here’s what I think Carbo has in mind…

    Higgins – Koivu – Ryder

    Samsanov – Ribeiro – Kovalev

    Perezhogin – Plekanec – Johnson

    Murray – Bonk – Begin

    ex. Kostitsyn, Downey

    (I think Kostitsyn is the prospect most likely to earn that 23rd spot. The others need more time to develop before hitting the big leagues)

    The D-corp, if Souray stays, will look essentially the same as last season. If there is a trade, then I have no idea what will happen. Either way though, Streit will again be the #7 defenceman, but look for more improvements from him.

    The goalies, no brainer: Huet and Aebisher(or Danis if he is traded)

    Sorry for the lonnng post, but I needed to write this somewhere…and it wasn’t worthy of a new thread.

  6. spamalope says:

    As a Bruins fan, I feel like I just got kicked in the nuts (again).

    Good sign for ya’ll.

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