Samsonov trade rumors blow in from the Windy City

Bruins general manager Mike O’Connell is on record that he has no intention of trading goalie Andrew Raycroft, but that won’t stop the drumbeat of the rumor mill.

Last Wednesday, a Chicago radio station floated the notion that Raycroft and Sergei Samsonov (destined to become an unrestricted free agent July 1) were ticketed for the Blackhawks, in exchange for forwards Tyler Arnason and Mark Bell.

Lining up a slick deal?

Speculation around the Oilers remains that general manager Kevin Lowe, not pleased with his netminding, still covets Andrew Raycroft. A similar swap turned out well for the Oilers in March 1988 when Glen Sather flipped Andy Moog and Geoff Courtnall to Boston for Bill Ranford, who two years later led the Oilers to the Cup with a win over the Bruins in the finals. Boston’s ideal target would be prime young center Jarret Stoll. If Lowe offered up the 23-year-old pivot, Mike O’Connell would be left with little choice. The more likely bait, according to Oiler insiders, would be streaky winger Raffi Torres, originally an Islander first-round pick. A potential sweetener on the Edmonton side: the Syracuse-born Rob Schremp. this was out of the bostonglobe. sunday jan 29 06


  1. mcpickl says:

    if edmonton offers either stoll or ahem “sweetener” schremp, they would need their heads examined.

    Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe sucks. He still thinks the Bs should put Hal Gill at center on the powerplay because hes big and can stand in front of the net. One problem KPD, hes got terrible defenseman hands. Youd kinda like a guy in front of the net to maybe, i dont know, get the puck in the net.

  2. Tweek says:

    I can see the Oil getting Biron, Cujo, Roloson, or Raycroft and I think they only want to give up a draft pick and a 3rd line player to do so.

  3. gobruins08 says:

    How does Dupont suck? He’s good enough to make it to the Hockey Hall of Fame, but some how, he still sucks. All he was doing was reporting what other people have been rumoring.

  4. TheAwaKe says:

    Lowe is a pretty smart GM… Im sure he already offers a grinder and a pick to all of these teams and he’s just waiting for things to move!

    He’ll get a good keeper at low price like he got Tarnstrom and Spacek at low price!

  5. PaulK123 says:

    Tyler Arnason to the Leafs!

  6. 93213 says:

    Mark Bell to the Leafs

    just about anyone other than who we have might be good news at this point….

  7. avsfan6 says:

    1. why would a team that is picking up their play trade one of their best forwars and their #1 goaile to another team and 2 why would a team like chicago who has basily no chance and will probably dump all of theier talent to rebuild trade for a ufa (samsonov)

  8. gobruins08 says:

    First of all, Samsonov is not the Bruins top forward and Raycroft is not the Bruins top goalie. I don’t see this trade with Chicago happening, all though it would be awful nice for the Bruins. The Hawks already have a number one goalie so I don’t see why they would want Rayzor. Sammy on the other hand is close to Rick Dudly, who is in the Hawks organization, so I could see him maybe moving there, or if not there, Detriot would be another place where he might end up. His wife is from Detroit and he began his career in North America there.

  9. mcpickl says:

    i dont care that hes in the hall of fame. hes brutal. he may have been good before, many years ago, but hes cleary on cruise control now. ive seen him many teams repeat rumors and stories written in other places. the ray bourque trade was the worst. it was broken by larry brooks of the ny post. dupont was everywhere(tv, radio)that day saying it was ridiculous, bourque would never ask out, and ripped brooks for being irresponsible. the wrote the next day there was nothing to the story. days later bourque gets dealt, and admit he asked out. How does a boston writer get beat on that? then embarrass himself and attack another writer that was correct? he sucks.

    does stoll or torres and “sweetner” scremp for raycroft make sense to you?

  10. mcpickl says:

    geez, my apologies for all the typos in previous post.

    auuuugh, spellcheck donkey

  11. mkfx says:

    why would the blackhawks trade for a ufa when they wont make the playoff

  12. gobruins08 says:

    Please don’t tell me that every writter is not ever wrong. What he said a few days ago was Stoll for Raycroft and M. Stuart – the Bruins top prospect – and yes – before the Oil made those trades for D-men, it seemed to make sense.

  13. neilios says:

    Samsanov and Raycroft might be coming to Vancouver.This is how I see the deal going down.

    To Canucks-Samsenov,Raycroft,and Leetch

    To Bruins-Cooke,KIng,Baumgartner,Park,and a 2nd round pick

    Wouldnt be a bad swap for both teams the Bruins get Cooke one of thee best sparkpugs in the NHL and young talent in KIng who can be a 25 goal scorer if givin the oppertunity and a consistant Dman in Nolan who been playing pretty good this year with the Nucks.The Canucks get much needed

    scoring help on the 3rd line Crawford can use Samsenov on all 3 lines and the Bruins would be doing Leetch a favor and getting him to a Cup contending team,and the Nucks would be getting a pretty decent back up I guess better then Oullette.Lines would look like like this after.

    Nassy Morrison Bert

    Sedin Sedin Carter

    Samsenov Kesler Ruttu

    Burrows Bouck Linden

    Ohlund Leetch

    Jovo Salo

    Allen Bieska

    Auld Raycroft

    Not a bad team if the Canucks can pull a trade like this off.Sillinger,Cujo,and Gauthier are the other 3 montioned coming to Vancouver either 6 of these players would be nice editions to the Canucks lineup.

  14. jody200411 says:

    Raycroft sucks!! Rookie of the Year??? lol that should have went to Michael Ryder hands down

  15. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Hey Stuv_Dogg, how bout them leafs? 8 in a row. Tough break to be a leafs fan. Who called it, huh? who called a big leafs loss saturday night?

  16. gobruins08 says:

    No way this goes down. What the Canucks are offering is not what the Bruins need right now. We need a first to second line center. If the Bruins were to offer Rayzor, they would add a mid pick and want Morrison in return. For Samsonov AND Leetch, they would want Bert back. Obviosly you are going to say no – and that is understandable – Vancouver would never do this. But you have to look on the other side of things too. Loosing Sammy (and I know he is an UFA) would make our second line something like Boyes – King – Park. This is a third line at best. The players we are getting back are great role players – but we have enough of them with Axe, Primeau and Isbister really clicking as a third line right now. On our forth line we have Green and Leahy. This trade just makes no sense.

  17. gobruins08 says:

    You can make the argument that he should’ve won it, but to say he should’ve won it hands down is plain stupid. Raycroft finished with 29 wins (10th), 2.05 GAA (6th) and .926 SV% (5th). Mike Ryder was out of the top 30 in scoring. Raycroft was the MVP of a better Bruins team and Ryder probably wasn’t the team MVP as Ribeiro was probably the Habs best player that season.

  18. mcpickl says:

    neilios youre the best

    every trade rumor thats posted, you put vancouver in the deal and offer your garbage players.

    the bruins again so no thanks to your crappy offer

  19. mcpickl says:

    you probably shouldve replied to my post, rather than the entire thread,

    the article up top was written by the awful KP Dumont today, Sunday, after the Oil traded for the D-men and makes no mention of Mark Stuart.

    How bout Gill up front on the powerplay he brings up a handful of times each year? you like that idea?

    thanks for playing, KPD still sucks

  20. mike11 says:

    there is no way a team like boston, who is finnaly starting to gain ground on the rest of the east and is now only 2 pts out of a playoff spot would trade away their number 1 goalie and nr. 1 winger! therre is somethin coming back in Arnason and Bell but not enough to hold a spot or even get to a spot in the playoffs, face it Tim Thomas may have them here now but he will not be carrying the club down the stretch when it really matter though.


    i got an idea, instead of raycroft and samsanov to chicago, how bout Belak, Berg and Antropov for Arnason and Bell, lol!

    Hey has anyone noticeed that not a lot of leafs fans are kicking around anymore, coming up wit those oh so believeable rumors.

  21. samsdad says:

    Actually as a Bruins fan, I think they would do it…and heres why.. Raycroft is not the #1 anymore. Toivennan (sp) is. In fact, the Bs think he will be better than Raycroft. Thomas has at least proven he is an adequete backup. Problem 2 is that the Bs would then have 4 gaolies. If they send Anderson down and Chicago takes him back from waivers (a good chance), then they still have 3. The way Thomas has played, I dont see him making it back to Providence either. Now only 2 and still no one for the AHL. So trade one and lose one, or lose 2.

    Samsonov…I really like him…I hope he doesnt go…but he may…injury history, not a great year and UFA. I think his lack of production is playing without adequete linemates. I say keep him, resign him, trade Raycroft for a real 2d line center. Someone mentioned above the Bs have a lot of role players…very true…We have alot of good 3rd liners and excellent 4th liners, but no 2d line.

    So my Bs plan…keep Sammy. If Chicago wants Raycroft, We will give Murray (Gill too ?…maybe Mark Stuart), then Sammy would have Bell and Arnason….good 2d line.

    Or …just send Raycroft for a 2d line center somewhere.

    Also….would the Bs take a chance on Cassels? ( I have NO idea on what his contract is). Sammy Cassels Murray could work…..

  22. bruinfan_2 says:

    i think this is a good deal for both sides. one boston needs offencive talent with zhamnov hurt/sucks and isbister who has been playing solid with priemeu went down and it didnt look good. murray i think there is no place for him on this team and i think he could be on his way to sanjose to be reunited with big joe

    to boston: marleu

    to sharks: murray, and 2nd round pick in 05/06 draft

    it makes sence for both sides

  23. bruinfan_2 says:

    i think this is a good deal for both sides. one boston needs offencive talent with zhamnov hurt/sucks and isbister who has been playing solid with priemeu went down and it didnt look good. murray i think there is no place for him on this team and i think he could be on his way to sanjose to be reunited with big joe

    to boston: marleu

    to sharks: murray, and 2nd round pick in 05/06 draft

    it makes sence for both sides

    as for the blackhawks they flat out stink. they need to start over guys like daze are done. and i think in the off season if they get raycroft should think about dealing the boulin wall. because this year that wall has been a very crapy and over paid wall. so i think this trade works for all. as for leafs i think they will get brendon witt from washington

  24. redbeard says:

    gee…can the canucks also take our balls since we won’t need them either after having them cut off and shoved down our throats. what a terrible trade for boston. get a better rumor and then maybe post it, but a top 3 dman, top 3 forward and a top goalie for 3 fourth liners, a seventh dman and a pick? terrible.

  25. mcpickl says:

    san jose wouldnt do that in a million years

  26. 2buxaslice says:

    The Bruins will trade Samsonov because he’s unrestricted at the end of the year and the B’s never resign good player because they tend to want more than four dollars and a candy bar per game. The B’s currently have the option to negotiate a new contract with Samsonov but have not done so which is kind of a tell that they don’t want to pay him real money so they will either trade him or just let him go somewhere else at the end of the season.

    Look for the same thing with Leetch.

  27. gobruins08 says:

    Sorry I tryed to reply to yours – messed up. The Sens have put Chara there and it has worked – why not give it a try?

  28. gobruins08 says:

    It would have to be Muzz, M. Stuart and a first to come closer. I don’t see San Jose parting with their captain.

  29. mcpickl says:

    Gill has awful hands, thats why. I’ll take Bergeron at center over Gill, call me crazy

  30. JumboJoeSayItAintSo says:

    I think if the Bruins are going to hook up in a trade with Chicago, package Zhamnov, Samsonov, and a prospect such as Zinovjev for Aucoin, Arnason and either Calder or Bell. The trade makes sense salary wise but the Hawks would want some commitment from Sammy so maybe a sign and trade by the Bruins.

    Another potential trade for the B’s is

    EDM: Raycroft, Travis Green, draft pick

    BOS: Conklin, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Reasoner

    Conklin can be a solid backup for Toivenen as Thomas play will diminish and he’ll be back in Providence next year ‘ala’ Patrick Lalime. Conklin and Reasoner also played in the Boston area before making it to the pro’s.

    Two trade deadline moves the Bruins should make:

    SJ: Murray, Gill

    BOS: McCauley or Goc and 3rd/4th defenceman

    More of a salary dump for cap space next year and Hal Gill is a stiff in the new NHL.

    Brad Richards UFA? Suitable replacement for vacant #19 and 1st line centre.

    NYR: Leetch, Jurcina

    BOS: Poti, Pock

    Poti could excel behind Stuart and Boynton and give the Bruins possibly the best D in the league next season.

    Boston 2006/07 Lineup

    Calder/Bell Richards Arnason

    Boyes Bergeron Sturm

    Axellson Primeau Isbister

    Leahy Reasoner McCauley/Goc

    Stuart B. Leetch

    Poti Tanabe

    Preissing Pock/Slegr

    Alberts Stuart

  31. mcpickl says:

    hawks pass on your deal, they already had Zhamnov, they dont want him and his contract back.

    the Bruins pass on all your other deals

    if you trade Leetch to the Rangers, you think hed resign with the Bs next year since hes in your 06-07 lineup? thats crazy.

    thanks for playing.

  32. EmptyNetter says:

    Sorry to nitpick but JP Dumont plays for Buffalo and KP Dupont writes for the Globe.

  33. mcpickl says:

    thanks for all your help, good work

    i can see by reading my post, someone may have thought i was referring to JP Dumont, lol

    great job

  34. joechoda says:

    hahahah yea, by that rate there should be 2 Boston NHL teams! hahah gaing +2 players in the Thornton deal, and another +2 gain here.. .and all the extra goalies give them a 2nd franchise!

  35. redbeard says:

    why would richards go to boston? he will go to the highest bidder or a team he would love to play for, neither of which i see as the bruins.

    is it just me or does it seem ridiculous to see chicago trade for a goalie who wants to be #1? khabibulin is the guy there, nobody will trade for him and his contract so they are stuck with him for several years. raycroft wants to be a starter.

    i could see a samsonov trade to chicago for arnason MAYBE…but the bruins would need to do a sign and trade deal i think. needless to say, the bruins are playing great hockey, BUT their offense will sputter very soon. they just don’t have the depth. when pj axelsson is on your second line with wayne primeau and samsonov, you know there will be problems scoring. a third and fourth line with the likes of green, lacouture, ben walter, guite, leahy and nicklulas is TERRIBLE. even with murray, zhamnov and isbister coming back, who cares? murray is useless without thornton, zhamnov is useless and isbister is worse than him. they have little talent in the system to trade for the present, so i see the bruins missing the playoffs and rebuilding for years to come.

    their only trade pieces are raycroft (been awful), murray (big contract, declining numbers), zhamnov (see above) and samsonov (injuries and UFA), as well as leetch (declining dman with injuries, big contract and UFA)…GOOD LUCK!

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