Samsonov on waivers: Will there be a taker?

After being placed on waivers on Tuesday, Sergei Samsonov is not likely to return on the ice any time soon… unless he is claimed by another team or gets traded.

Montreal is one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) city to play in. We all saw it and it is no surprise to see him where he is.

Some will say he deserved it, others will say that many other players could have been in his place. But all can agree that Samsonov does not play like he can. He is a speedy forward with great hands and a very good vision of the play.

The problem with Samsonov is he does not have linesmates to help him. When you have Kovalev and Samsonov on the same line, at least one of them will struggle. Those two (Kovalev and Samsonov) are too much alike. They both like to control the puck and when one has it, the other watches.

When Samsonov found himself on the Bonk-Johnson line, he demostrated very good skills and he seemed to get along pretty well with them.

The question here is: Did the Canadiens’ brass were a little too quick to put him on waivers? To my opinion, there is at least one player that deserved to be placed on waivers before Samsonov and I name Michael Ryder.

Now lets see what’s going to happen. I really hope Samsonov gets picked up… and if not, he WILL be traded before the week’s out.

Good luck Samsonov and good luck Canadiens.

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  1. Shawn84 says:

    I know ryder isn't playing his best but he still has 13 more points than samsonov, and is 4th in points for montreal. So yeah he hasn't been top notch but doing way better than sammy. If you put ryder on waivers he get's picked within 10 minutes, he only has a 2.2 million dollar contract!! C'mon be logical. Higgins has the same amount of points than sammy and he has only played 37 games compared to sammy's 56! They were not a little too quick buddy we are 56 games into the season, 20 days away from the trade deadline, the habs are not doing so well. Plus sammy cries to his agent if he gets demoted to the 3rd line if he is a healthy scratch, who wants a player like that. Just shut up and play your heart out! Show them on the ice that they are making a mistake. We tried sending him a message, but sammy didn't get it. He only has himself to blame, gainey is just reacting to the situation, and looking out for the teams best interest. I think the whole waiver thing has 2 meanings 1- to shut him and his agent up, and to show them that no one wants an underachiever at 3.5 million, and 2 to clear cap room either by sending him to hamilton, or by trading him at half his salary(which would be worth his performances) to another team. Keep up the good work bob! 

  2. NHLman says:

    I believe the Rangers will seriously consider Samsonov; he represents a significant increase in skill over the likes of Matt Cullen and despite his poor season would likely be part of the top 6 forwards on the team.

    After watching last nights Ranger game I believe they are two pieces short of turning it around, they need a top six forward and a top defenseman. Samsonov could be that guy, and since he could be acquired for nothing (no prospects, nadda) the Rangers should give him a chance. And if it doesn't work out they wouldn't mind putting him back on waivers and if he clears they wouldn't mind absorbing his salary off the cap or evening trading him for very little.

  3. blarneylad says:

    chicago or detroit will pick him up. nashville too is interested. with so many teams in the playoff picture right now there are not many skilled forwards that are available so lots of teams will show interest

  4. bleedingblu says:

    These new rules could really mess up a players career.
    A player could get offered a substantial amount of money to play for their team and later get dumped with no one wanting to pick up the tab on your contract.
    Look at Alex Mogilny. His issue was not poor performance it was the organization trying to clear up cap room for Patrick Elias when he returned. In the end no one wanted Mogilny's 3+ Mil contract so off to the minors he goes.
    Now, you have a similar situation with Sergei Samsanov.
    Regardless with what some Habs fans say about his play with Montreal he is still considered a good player in the league and he has his past career in Boston to prove it.
    I don't agree with his outburst to the media about not wanting to play for Montreal anymore. In this case, what do you expect Gainey to do? That's an insult to the organization. I'm sure if he would have conducted things more professionally he would not be sent down so quickly. A trade could have manifested.

    It may be a hefty price to pay but Sammy could help out a team with speed and skill but you have to blend him into a system not just dumb him on a line and expect to produce.

    I guess you need a good coach for that.

  5. HockeyLogic says:

    Let's face it, this team needs serious help, and making the playoffs this year will be a huge task in itself. Montreal has already had a really tough time making big signings, and the Samsonov situation will only worsen the possibility of making big free agent signings in MTL. Samsonov had little opportunity to play with quality linemates. It's a joke that the players that are leading this team right now are Plekanec, Streit and Bonk. MTL is a team composed of 2nd and 3rd line players, we are missing true impact players and substance in MTL, and at this point you cannot consider players like Souray and Kovalev stars. The goaltending is at best mediocre and the offensive production is serious lacking, and to make situation worst our "top" defenceman will be UFA next year. This team overachieved early this year and there is some serious work that must be done to make this team a contender in the future.

  6. Shawn84 says:

    Well it's past 12pm, and no takers. So what's the plan, do we send him to the minors, or keep him a healthy scratch and try to deal him off? Any insight's?

  7. CanDude says:

    Okay like… what the hell?

    Ryder's on track to have 22 Goals with 29 assists this season.

    Certainly not as good as last year, but even then. He had 55 points, this year he's on track for 51. Ooooh. WAIVERS!!!

    Get a grip, he's not doing as well, but nowhere NEAR waivers, especially at 2.2 Million a year.

    Sure.. his +/- is going down. But then again, so is everyone else's on that line. Koivu's -12.

    So let's get a grip and not talk out of our patooties. The best thing Samsonov has in his stats is his injury record and a Plus-minus of 0.

    NOT worth 3.5Mil. Especially for a whiney punk who only has 22points when his strength is supposed to be offense.


    If he's worth 3.5 Mil, someone will make room for him. And no one will.

  8. pensfan29 says:

    I'd like to see the Pens grab him on re-entry waivers if that happens. they may just completely release him

  9. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Wait for re-entry waivers. He has already cleared waivers as of this morning with no takers, but surely there will be somebody that will jump on him for half the price. I still think the 'Hawks are interested.

  10. ay_384 says:

    according to

    no one has claimed sergei samsonov

  11. TheStryker says:

    Well it's 12:52, and Samsonov is still a Hab. So what does Gainey do ?
    Send him to the minors ? Keep him in the press box ? If he goes down and bring him up, we loose him and half to pay half next year. I think that's what's going to happen. At least it will be 1.75 mill instead of 3.5 mill. Maybe gives us some room to get a rental forward.

  12. TheFish12 says:

    This appeared today on The Hockey News' Adam Proteau's blog

    "Quote of the day comes in Mark Spector’s National Post story about Sergei Samsonov’s stint with the Oilers last season:

    “I introduced myself,” said Edmonton coach Craig MacTavish, “and he said, ‘I’m Sergei, I don’t kill penalties. I just want to get that out there.’ ”

    Yikes. Good luck trading that guy, Bob Gainey."

    With that kind of attitude, nobody should pick him up, he's just a selfish sonofa*****, and I sincerely hope he finds himself in the same situation as Mogilny

  13. OldGoalie says:

    Part of me agrees…he could potentially be a really nice compliment to either Crosby or Malkin.  But then…and I haven't watched him all that much over the past couple of seasons, so this could be an incorrect impression…but he doesn't really strike me as an "anything for the team" guy, and I don't know if you want Malkin or any other of the younger players in the same area code as that type of personality.  Trouble is, getting a skilled team guy may prove to be a pretty tall order.

    A friend of mine suggested that Shero won't do anything major in terms of trades or free agents at least through next season, because he's committed to forcing the team he has to develop an identity and show him what they can do before he starts reflexively changing things.  And I kind of see the wisdom there…as long as that's as far as it goes.  If Shero is instead committed to live and die long term with the team he has, he's going to die in the second round of the playoffs every year, because it is not currently nor will it ever be constructed to be a contender with the current players.  And that's by no means a shot at the younger players…but the defense is not championship caliber (even though it's not as bad as people keep parroting back that it is), their winger play (and I'm talking true wingers, not ridiculously talented 18 year old centers who are on the wing by necessity for the moment) is mostly average or worse, and a few decent games this year in no way convince me that Thibault is ready to be the backup that you are going to need sooner or later (although that may change…he's going to have to be huge in March, because there are simply too many games in too few days for Fleury to continue his current pace…so we'll know in 6 or 7 weeks).

  14. Milohabs says:

    Funny enough, is reporting that he actually wants to stay with the Habs now…Duuuh! He NOW sees that no one is interested in a 3,5 million dud who has 7 goals.

    Here’s a list of other players who have 7 goals and don’t make 3.5 million
    Patrick Sharp
    Jay Pandolfo
    Wayne Primeau
    Sami Kapanen
    Craig Adams
    Ryan Johnson
    Curtis Brown

    I thik he should wake up and be thankful he has what he’s got.

    On another note, I have some other issues with the Habs. Their “captain” Saku hasn’t shown up since X-mas. I think he may be part of the problem. How come he nevers plays with Samsonov or Kovalev?? Maybe there are issues we don’t know about.

  15. robinson19 says:

    Micheal Ryder is exactly the same as always, and how he always will be: a 25-30 goal scorer who unless he is physically in the act of shooting the puck at the net, will be completely invisible. And the Canadiens are fine with that, because that's all he ever claimed to be, and all they ever expected him to be. He is a pure goal-scorer who is not a great passer, skater, or checker and that's all he ever will be and that's fine, stop complaining about him. He's on pace to do again what he always does.

  16. robinson19 says:

    All you people waiting for re-entry waivers: do you think Gainey is stupid? There are two options here: 1) send him to the minors where his salary doesn't count against the cap, until he can be part of a trade, or 2) keep him with the team now. Paying half his salary so he can play for cheap in nashville or whatever is not one of the options for Gainey.

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