Samsonov to Edmonton?

Not a chance! Local Edmonton newspaper states Kevin Lowe says he wants nothing to do with Sergei Samsonov. Maybe the Habs should try and talk with the Blue Jackets if they intend on keeping Samsonov and Kovalev. Certainly something needs to be done here. Go Habs Go!

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  1. bleedingblu says:

    Gainey has to get rid of Samsonov. Its obvious that he does not want to play in Montreal. Carbonneau is not going to turn a new leaf and say "sorry" to him for not playing him and put him on the 1st line!
    I'll admit his recent play has made him a poor bargaining chip but he has to try to get rid of him.

  2. mikey64 says:

    k now we just need anyone useful other then ppl that hit the post and cant score *cough cough*(Samsonov,Higgins)

  3. macguiremonstermoron says:

    you are incompetent why not put ME on the first line then I don't play in the NHL but i have just as many points there as sammy does he needs to have his pee pee spanked and aught a lesson about being a big boy

  4. macguiremonstermoron says:

    Am I going to be the only one to say it WHY DOES KOIVU HAVE A C ON HIS JERSEY. captains need to preform well in the face of adversity and he is choking on a wooden dick. Enough complining about kovalev and sammy its higgins and koivu bringing the team down lets get to the root of it all if theres no leadership then followers like kovalev and sammy have nowhere to go. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WEARING A CANADIENS JERSEY NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR STINKING UP THE SEASON.

  5. mikey64 says:

    ya him to i think Begin should be our Captin

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