Samsonov traded to Chicago

According to Eklund, Sergei Samsonov has been traded to Chicago for D Jassen Cullimore and F Tony Salmeleinen.

more to come

***Apparently, Jassen Cullimore’s contract will be bought out by the Habs, so Gainey will save $$$ by buying out 1,9M$ instead of 3,5M$ and will receive a prospect in the process…***

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you dont get it

  2. mtl_prince says:

    your right on the money!

  3. flamingsenator says:

    i…dont like u


  4. HiggyMan89 says:

    This was obviously a good move. We now have lots more cap room that we can use to resign Souray,  sign Brière etc.

  5. flamingsenator says:

    jus ignore him….hes been angry since he first got here haha

  6. Have2BeLeaf says:

    I don't care.

  7. HiggyMan89 says:

    QWHAT!!!!!!!!! Ur nuts man!!!!

  8. modk09 says:

    clearly you dont since ive already said id take him on my team and never supported the firing. all i was saying is that experience isnt everything. often times AHL coaches, like NCAA basketball or football coaches, have so much experience where they are because thats where theyre best suited, and often times they couldnt make it in the pros (coach K, dean Smith etc). I love Kilrey in Ottawa, but part of his strength was in teaching and maturing the young guys every year. thats a skill that doesnt translate into the NHL very well.

    as for Carbo, he was basically a coach/player (not even player/coach) for the last half of his career. all he did was mentor guys and lead. how does that experience matter any less than AHL or CHL experience?

    completely ignored the Nolan comment eh?

  9. modk09 says:

    you must be new here. we here at HTR have learned that half the people on here are morons. when they make such obviously stupid comments, you dont respond, just scroll past them

  10. modk09 says:


    what we're actually going to do is sigh Schneider and/or Preissing and trade for Marleau then set ourselves up to be in the hunt for UFAs a couple of years down the line. dont expect any huge name signings in Montreal this year, theres no one worth the money theyll get

  11. tancred says:

    Are you and Radio one and the same?  His post below and your's right here are the exact same word for word, only his was posted first.  Unless you're plagiarizing him?  Just curious.

  12. sheam316 says:

    You know there are a few people saying carbo should be gone and note samsonov. Now after watching the award ceremony you still gonna say that. I mean everybody thought Michel Terrien and Claude Julien and Villeneuve (not sure on name on canucks coach is) and two got nominated for coach of the year and 1 got his team to 2nd place. Now give Carbo 5 – 8 years before saying fire him. First year coachs don't win stanley cups with a very very young team. Lets face it. Samsonov didn't go well with the montreal team. and kovalev doesn't either. Lets hope he doesn't mind playing all year on line 3 or 4.

  13. sheam316 says:

    Your right there. They could even go and reaquire Cullimore for like $500 – $600. and go back to Chicago.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ok, i get your point, but he has little experience being the guy to make the big calls. He is a below average coach, and there are a few above average ones that are jobless.

  15. sheam316 says:

    Got a question for you. What do you think montreal should of done. Fire a coach that will become one of the best in 5-10 years. or keep samsonov for another 2 years and Drive down his reputation making both of the sides sour at each other with samsonov not playing good at all. Or Buy him out at 1.8 million dollars. That would make more since then acquiring a young player and getting a guy worth 1.7 million and buying him out at $600. Yes that just a horrible deal. MORON. Go back to watching your NHL highlights and watch your Sunday afternoon NFL football. Chicago might of won yes but Montreal won as well. I still don't know how good he'll be in Chicago. 40 points maybe.

  16. flamingsenator says:

    this just in….

    disgruntle leaf fans think this is a horrible deal

  17. pnkrckfeelin says:

    I watched every single Montreal Game last season. I can assure you, this was a great move. Samsanov had so many turnovers! If Chicago thinks he's worth the $3.525 million then its their problem now. Jassen  Cullimore and Tony Salmelainen are to receive $1.925 million and $750,000 respectively. Which means that if Montreal were to buy them both out they could save about $600,000 a year in cap space.

    Very smart move. Just basic business.

    Maybe Carbo ruined it and maybe Samsanov just plain stinks now. Whichever the case. These are 3 players who are just being passed around as their careers die.

  18. flamingsenator says:

    sammy is king of turnovers…..

    ull love the way he skates and everything…..but he either…passes too much…..or holds the puck FAR too long…..people just knock him off the puck….he worked in edmonton cuz they were physical…..but the habs are lacking that…so his weakness is a sore thumb

  19. BruMagnus says:

    but it still won't look like a deal/steal.

  20. BruMagnus says:

    total plagiarism

    I liked the way he worded it and was too lazy to re-write it.

  21. HiggyMan89 says:

    Good Point!

  22. HiggyMan89 says:

    U were right, thanks 4 the tip :P!

  23. RealisticNick says:

    Terry Ryan and Jason Ward were also drafted as scoring power forwards that didn't help much, Samsonov has skill but doesn't use it.  He is a perimeter player as he won't get into traffic.  I'm guessing you didn't watch as many habs games as I did last year, anytime Samsonov scored a goal while there was a scrum, it was because he came in a picked up a loose puck at the side of the net.  So unless he was on a break-away or one on one he would usually just lose the puck or skate in circles, not very effective.  He may have been ok without Kovalev as they both like to do the same thing, but Kovalev at least has size and when he wants to control the puck in the corner he can where as Samsonov could be pushed off the puck.  I'm not saying he's not talented, but he's not going to be putting up 75 points without being in the (-).  Also Havlat like to carry and control the puck, so what will happen when both want to do that on the same line?  Doen't seem like it would work so well.

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