San Jose Not Done Dealing??

Has Thorntons’s acquisition pushed Marleau out?


Some rumors have been floating around that the Sharks are now looking for some help on the blueline. Which Team has a lot of talented defenseman? The Flames, who coincidently need a talented first line Center like Marleau!

I’d assume Phaneuf would be untouchable but I guess the Flames would have to give up a good player to get a Marleau-type player.

Hard to see them deal Robyn Regehr but maybe it might be possible. Could D Leopold go and if so what else would they have to add?

Your Thoughts…

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  1. Mullet says:

    That Toronto Boston rumour has been reported at least 3 notable sources. CBS has reported it, Eklund has reported it, the other however has not been revealed. However, the deals are different from what the CBS said, the other two reported it would be Ken Klee, Nik Antropov and Justin Pogge for Glen Murray and either Nick Boynton or Hal Gill. However, other rumours have said the Leafs may need to switch Pogge with Colaiacovo if they want Gill or Boynton. However, I beleive this deal will happen very soon and the Leafs will be minus Klee, Antropov and Colaiacovo but plus Glen Murray and plus I would believe probably Hal Gill as he makes less than Boynton.

  2. Adam_0486 says:

    Funny but those kinds of jokes are getting old I like the user name motherpucker lol

  3. les_canadiens says:

    Souray is having a bad season thats all. Weve seen him play verywell before the lockout. I dont think Gainey is willing to trade a Top defensman for a centerman we dont really need.

  4. les_canadiens says:

    Impossible.This trade would cost O’Connell’s job.

  5. butcher2277 says:

    Since the deal the Sharks have one 4 games in a row AND are out scoring their

    opponents 21 to 9 in that stretch. Thornton has got 8 points(1 Goal 7 Assists) during the

    streak while Marleau has got 12 points (2 Goal 10 Assists). Unless they have a major

    salary cap problem its a little early to be talking about getting rid of Marleau.

  6. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    Make that 5 in a row,Marleau 13pts and Joe 12pts. I really don’t think Marleau is going anywhere. Looks like Cheechoo and Scott Thornton are pretty happy too. The Sharks are on fire. That was steal of a trade. MOC should be FIRED NOW!!!!!!! It’s tough being a Bruins fan these days. At least I have a new team to route for. It’s almost like when they traded Ray to the Avalanche.

  7. GaryPuck says:

    No way they trade Marleau. They need a good seasoned defenseman, however.

    To Vancover: Toskala, Ekman, and Davison

    To San Jose: Jovanowski

  8. stormy5656 says:

    I doubt that Marleau will be leaving San Jose. How ever Calgary is looking for a scoring centre for Iggy. Any ideas on who would be good for Iggy?? And as far as i am concerned they can trade Leopold for a bag of pucks

  9. Tootoofan says:

    What about Leopold for a water bottle….

    minus the lid.

  10. hockey_expert1 says:

    Marleu is staying in San Jose. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete and utter moron.

  11. Flyaz says:

    Jack Straps? Are those the old dynasty days jock straps of Jacques Lemaire? There are some screwed up people out there I’m sure they could fetch a pretty penny on e-bay.

  12. Flyaz says:

    Ahhh bandwagon fans. I love you guys because it makes the fans that actually stick with there teams through thick and thin look good.

  13. triple_deke says:

    MMM… i doubt they would do another blockbuster trade to another western conference rival… let alone trade another goalie… BUT, i wouldn’t be THAT shocked if they traded Marleau for Jovo and another addition (Cooke? Kesler?)

    On another note, how likely is it that they sign Nolan again? I imagine that if they were to trade Marleau, it would be only if Nolan was already on lockdown and if he were in as good shape as he is said to be in

  14. triple_deke says:

    I think Marleau would boost any team (He absolutely dominated the playoffs until his team’s deficiencies were eventually exposed). He needs a new start… if a deal centering on the exchange of Marleau and Souray (likely with another canadien) could be orchestrated, I would not be impressed by Montreal’s wheeling/dealing skills (which have been a bit unimpressive in recent memory)

  15. triple_deke says:

    the sharks would be stupid to trade marleau – wait til he heats up

  16. triple_deke says:

    the sharks would be stupid to trade marleau – wait til he heats up

  17. Flamincheddar says:

    ok Regehr and langkow for marleau.. That may be the most uneducated proposal I’ve ever heard. If Regehr was involved it would be Marleau and another top 4 defenceman for him. I hope you realize how valuable Regehr is as opposed to an overpriced center.

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