Sanderson to be moved ??

Don’t be surprised if Doug MacLean begins taking offers for UFA, Geoff Sanderson if the Blue Jackets hopes for a playoff spot fall short. Sanderson, who will be open to the free market come July 1st, is a player many contending teams would dearly love to add to their offensive attack. There is no doubt MacLean would like to sign Sanderson to a long term contract, but with no news on him re-siging the possibility of a trade being made is there. Teams that could use some added scoring punch in the form of Sanderson are Toronto, Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey and Boston. Look for rumours involving Sanderson to heat up by the time the March 11th deadline rolls around.

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  1. Islesfreak says:

    I know Milbury has been eyeing him since last year. Chances are he will aqcuire him since I don’t think Wang is willing to dramatically increase payroll with a Kovalev or Palffy. If he was really serious about those guys he probably would have traded for them by now.

  2. mikster says:

    I’ll take him, he comes in cheap!

  3. Isles22 says:

    Milbury is always looking at Sanderson but i don’t think with Sandersons injuries will he be trade for much. Every year he has some injury. What’s next he’s going to have hemmroids. Columbus can keep him.

  4. Isles22 says:

    Maybe Isbister, Weinhandl and Martinek for Palffy and Aaron Miller. A dream come true, you think?

  5. TheMinister says:

    The Canucks have apparently expressed some interest as well.

  6. amok says:

    Glad to see that Vancouver is not included in this rumour. He’s been here once before and did not impress. The guy who commented on him always being injured is right. Sanderson’s been injured more the past few years than even his often maligned buddy Cassels.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Geeze Brad Isbister is mentioned in more trade rumors than ANYBODY and has been all year.

    Yes, even more than Nik Antropov.

    For the record, for all the Islander fans that love to laugh at the Leafs fans, Leaf players and trade ideas.

    Two players with MORE points than Brad Isbister…

    Jonas Hoglund

    Robert Reichel

    Player with same points as Isbister…

    Tie Domi.

    So, either A) shut up about Isbister being a key component of any trade or B) quit ragging on the Leafs fans everytime they suggest a trade.

  8. TrojanMan says:

    If we stop ragging on you spazzes what else would there be for us to do on this site? How old is Isbister again? oh yeah, he’s still young and still has an upside. Comparing him to the trash that the Leafs have is a bad case. Compare him to Antropov and you have an argument.

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    Upside that will likley never be fufiled.

  10. Islesfreak says:

    What Isles fan thinks highly of Isbister? The only time he’s been mentioned as a centerpiece was with the Mclaren deal.

  11. jerrod79 says:


    To Columbus:




    To Montreal:



  12. WeStSiDe says:

    Why would columbus want the Contracts that Audette and Brisbrois have?? Why do you think they would be getting rid of who they have?? Think again…

  13. Bossy22 says:

    He really didn’t play that well when he was in vancouver. Then again he never had a decent centre to feed him the puck

  14. Bossy22 says:

    Well said. Both Sanderson and Cassels have never been the same since the Walers days. They both feed off one another and their great friends. Separate the two of them and you will see a dramatic drop in productivy…especially from sanderson.

  15. big_booty says:

    Wait a moment…

    Wasn’t the signing of Andrew Cassels supposed to reunite him with Sanderson, re-forming 2/3 of a potent line dating back to their days together on the Hartford Whalers? Everyone and their mother said that the move could help the BJ’s into the playoffs.

    A lot of good it did.

  16. aaron says:

    Hey, Jackets had the 8th spot for awhile. Their offense this year has been pretty good. Defense has let them down. But the West is ultra-competitive. You don’t get into the playoffs w/ a good offense alone.

  17. aaron says:

    Intruiging. If he comes cheap (in terms of how much we’d need to give up), I think he’d fit in pretty well on the Wings. Maybe take Robitaille’s spot, as he’s done nothing for us.

  18. TheMinister says:

    He only played nine games so it’s not really all that fair to judge him on that. But yah, he didn’t play that well, and we only have Morrison anyway.

    Personally, I don’t think he can help the Nucks that much. I’d much rather have Whitney

  19. TheMinister says:

    Sorry, amok, Larscheid mentioned that the Canucks are interested in him on the broadcast last night. Then again he’s borderline senile.

  20. TheMinister says:

    Well… I know Cassels might not mind coming back here to Vancouver. He likes the city. He might feel snubbed by the contract negotiations though.

  21. TheMinister says:

    Hell the Nucks could use him if it was for Letowski and a pick or something.

  22. mikster says:

    I agree, but Sanderson is a UFA. Meaning that he could go wherever he wants to go.

  23. RangerSteve says:

    They said the same thing about Bertuzzi and look at him now.

  24. Nemix says:

    The canucks never should have traded him away to begin with .. sort of ironic isnt it

  25. OldNord says:

    Brisebois have a no-trade contract for this year and he’ll never break it if he is trade at Columbus.

  26. TC_4 says:

    Who would want Sanderson for the playoffs??? What has the guy ever done without Cassels? What has the guy ever done in the playoffs(the 2 years he was there)? Nice guy, I’m very good friends with his cousin, but the guy is a pretty boy, plain and simple. If you were to ask me, the guy has zero heart for the game

  27. habs_88_4life says:

    I highly doubt this will happen with the acquisition of Andrew Cassels this summer. They are one of the best 1-2 combos in the league.

  28. amok says:

    Ha ha! So true. And I agree about Whitney. Rather have him than Sanderson.

  29. Aetherial says:

    For every Bertuzzi, a late blossomer that becomes a superstar… there are 100 career minor leaguers and 100 more NHL 3rd and 4th liners who never realized their *potential*.

  30. Rico71 says:

    Anybody see the end to end rush Ribiero made against Boston??? Wow!

    Resulted in the only thing that the Habs managed to do right in that game. And what does new coach Julien do? Puts him right back between the 2 lumberjacks Mc Quit and Killed.


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