Satan To Be A Leaf???

Its been reported by numerous Experts and sources that the Buffalo Sabres are interested in trading star forward Miroslav Satan, and the Leafs might just get him!….When asked about his future with the Sabres Satan replied,” I try not to think of things like that”. He also added,” If the future is like this then of cousre I would want a change”.

The fourthperiod has also said that several teams have been in trade talks with the Sabres about the services of Satan(but I’m not really one who would rely on TFP.)What made me actually want to right this article is when TSN’s own Bon McKenzie reported the same thing but mentioning the Leafs as the team that have been most active in his services.

Quinn also admitted in an interview with Gino Reda that he himself will try to get a high skilled scoring forward to help the Leafs.

Now I’m not suggesting the sabres get ride of Satan, I think they should do what ever it takes to keep him. Satan has reached the 40-goal mark in the NHL and could get there again in the future. While he’s Buffalo’s main gun on offense, Satan’s price tag may soon become too rich for the team’s blood.

I really never thought of Satan leaving Buffalo till these recent rumors and all of a sudden it seems he’ll be in a Leafs jersey.The Sabres would obviously want a young, cheap cast of players in return for this would by all means and purposes be a salary dump…