Satan To Be A Leaf???

Its been reported by numerous Experts and sources that the Buffalo Sabres are interested in trading star forward Miroslav Satan, and the Leafs might just get him!….When asked about his future with the Sabres Satan replied,” I try not to think of things like that”. He also added,” If the future is like this then of cousre I would want a change”.

The fourthperiod has also said that several teams have been in trade talks with the Sabres about the services of Satan(but I’m not really one who would rely on TFP.)What made me actually want to right this article is when TSN’s own Bon McKenzie reported the same thing but mentioning the Leafs as the team that have been most active in his services.

Quinn also admitted in an interview with Gino Reda that he himself will try to get a high skilled scoring forward to help the Leafs.

Now I’m not suggesting the sabres get ride of Satan, I think they should do what ever it takes to keep him. Satan has reached the 40-goal mark in the NHL and could get there again in the future. While he’s Buffalo’s main gun on offense, Satan’s price tag may soon become too rich for the team’s blood.

I really never thought of Satan leaving Buffalo till these recent rumors and all of a sudden it seems he’ll be in a Leafs jersey.The Sabres would obviously want a young, cheap cast of players in return for this would by all means and purposes be a salary dump…


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  1. bruzer28 says:

    You mentioned, why would Buffalo trade their leading scorer to a division rival and why would they trade their leading scorer for nothing but overpaid garbage?

    The reason that they would do this is Economics. Small market teams can no longer afford to keep “star” players and in today’s NHL a straight up trade based on talent does not exist. If that was the case, then you wouldn’t see situations like Pittsburgh dealing Jagr or Florida dealing Bure. The return will always be minimal ( Jagr to Washington for Beech/Lupaschuck.. Bure to NYR for picks and Ulanov.) So if you can get Jagr or Bure for nothing than Quinn can get Satan for Antrpov or McCauley. Trades are no longer based on talent for talent. Their based strictly on economics.

  2. TaajAr says:

    First of all, the Sabres will be in the posistion to keep Satan. I doubt any players they feel they cant afford will be sold before they get a new owner just because you can expect an Islanders type spending spree from Hamister and Berman. Don’t forget here, Berman owns one of the top financial agencies…in the world. The Sabres WILL have money to spend and they know they will have to keep fans.

    So until they get new owners any MAJOR deals just wont go down for the Sabres. After that who knows, they could easily be the ones persuing players.

  3. revolution says:

    Don’t be too sure about the Sabres spending money after they get new owners. Hamister’s had to take loans from the city of Buffalo just to get the $68 million to buy the team. Berman is just a minority partner, I’m not too sure he’ll be spending his fortune on the Sabres.

  4. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    Yes however Satan’s contract is not as much as Jagr and Bure’s contract.andBuffalo needs some one to score and with new ownership they will not dump one of there best players.

  5. TaajAr says:

    Almost every owner asks for money to attain a team initially. And I wouldnt consider Berman a minor partner.

  6. bruzer28 says:

    Unless Satan’s contract is under 3 million, Buffalo will not get value for value. He will be offered to a major market team that can afford to pay him and that major market team, be it Toronto, NYR or Detroit will not return fair value to Buffalo. This is todays NHL.

    So when Toronto fans get criticized for suggesting Hoglund or Antrpov for anyone making over 3.5 million on a small market team, don’t blame the leaf fan, blame the NHL for making it difficult for small market teams to hold onto their “star” players, because let’s face it their are only a handful of teams that can afford to pay salaries. NYR,Toronto, Philly, Detroit and Dallas.

  7. Leaf_Expert says:

    Everything you said makes sense for SOME of those Leaf fans who make stupid offers or stupid line combinations but you juss can’t hate on dem for that stuff….

    Its ussaully cause they don’t know better or they really wish that the Leafs will get what-ever superstar it is they want, so they make up stupid offers but thats cause they’re wishing and hoping that if theres a god,,he’ll somehow make the opposition accept the trade……

    And we all know Quinn messed up on signing the “big-names” but he vowed after all of his missed assignments that he WILL get a highly skilled foward…I don’t know what he would give to get that player, but I hope it isn’t the players I”ve grown attached to…..

  8. Leaf_Expert says:

    Your Right….it all depends on which teams can afford the highly paid players….

  9. Devilsandtrashers7 says:

    Satan to be a devil is much more likly.

    how about for Danton, berglund,and a few prospects for ssatan?






    pretty good eh?

  10. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I’m not saying whether or not this trade is going to happen. Personally I don’t really give a flyin’ F*ck. I am a leaf fan. I bleed blue. But I also piss something more than the garbage most leaf fans here seem to be urinating daily.

    I am proud to be a leaf fan, but I also have the knowledge too know that a Hoglund, a Reichel, or a Green are not worth much. But I also know as most here seem to disagree that Antropov has quite abit of value as a prospect.(not that he’s still a prospect, but he is only 21) He would not be a cornerstone of a deal. And if dealt with MacCauley he is obviously the Cornerstone.

    So what I’m really saying is that if packaged right this trade could go down. But not Antopov/McCauley straight up for Satan. Buffalo will definitely want something for the future. Draft Picks or prospects would have to be piled on top of this trade to make it a legitimate….

    Wait a minute what am I thinking. Satan says something in an interview. Never even says he wants a trade! and suddenly it shows up on here. FIGURES I guess. People jumping the gun again. Hell I was just reading on faceoff that the Leafs were trading Antropov and boyes(or Tucker) for Owen Nolan III. Yeah frickin right.

    The Leafs fan above is right. Stop posting stuff that your friends, buddy’s, uncles, dog heard at the local scrapyard and atleast wait for some legitimate sources to come forward and state something on the trade!

  11. oil_drop says:

    The leafs don’t have enough prospects to trade to the Sabres for Satan. Satan would be worth at least two 1st rounders. Ok the Leafs have Boyes and…? The Sabres won’t trade Satan unless it was a really good trade and kept their salary down. The new owner of the Sabres when he takes over will sign Satan so fast.

  12. Tradedude says:

    isn’t that essensa dude a vetran back-up. Hey! i don’t know. is he even on the sabres anymore. Please! correct me if i’m wrong. Noronen i think is a great goaltender. A future starter for sure.

  13. TaajAr says:

    You guys are really underestimating Satan’s worth to other teams. If Satan is indeed on the block so much I can assure you EVERY team in the NHL has contacted the Sabres about him. Satan on any team but the Sabres is probally making $5 Million. Darcy Regier knows it, and hes gonna play hardball with anyone like he always has. A team wants the Sabres best foward…Regier is gonna want that teams 2nd, or 3rd best foward PLUS. That’s how he has always worked. Satan has one of the top shots in the NHL, accurate and blazing wrist, accurate and low slapshop. Satan is one of the top puck handelers, pk’ers, and powerplay fowards in the league. If he has a good setupman and another good finisher on his line, you’re looking at a 50/50 man easily.

  14. TaajAr says:

    You guys are really underestimating Satan’s worth to other teams. If Satan is indeed on the block so much I can assure you EVERY team in the NHL has contacted the Sabres about him. Satan on any team but the Sabres is probally making $5 Million. Darcy Regier knows it, and hes gonna play hardball with anyone like he always has. A team wants the Sabres best foward…Regier is gonna want that teams 2nd, or 3rd best foward PLUS. That’s how he has always worked. Satan has one of the top shots in the NHL, accurate and blazing wrist, accurate and low slapshop. Satan is one of the top puck handelers, pk’ers, and powerplay fowards in the league. If he has a good setupman and another good finisher on his line, you’re looking at a 50/50 man easily.

  15. saksfan says:

    Potential?? Satan has scored 40 once and has come close to 30 quite a few times.

  16. leafsrule31 says:

    are you honestly that naive? your not even worth my time..

  17. leafsrule31 says:

    true enough.. trades are not based on talent for talent anymore.. but the majority of the ones not based on talent for talent are ones based on dumping overpaid stars for future talent.

    you just proved my point. trades are based on economics.. so why would buffalo trade their best player for overpaid garbage?.. they want to dump salary and build for the future.. so how does dumping satan for overpaid 4th liners solve that problem?

  18. calflyers says:

    u r a dork!

  19. leafsrule31 says:

    if you’ve seen the 2 years worth of retarded leaf fans making retarted trades daily that i have.. then you’d eventually freak about it to. it seems one out of every 3 posts for the last 2 years has had some form of leaf clown throwing out an antropov hoglund cross and mccauley for kariya .. or for gomez.. or some star trade. why cant a leaf fan understand that no one wants to give up a star for all this junk and all the money there paid. what the hell is the other team gonna do with 4 overpaid pieces of crap? whats a gm gonna do?.. shell out 10 mil to 3 or 4 garbage leafs in a trade?.. or make a 10 mil pitch at kariya, guerin, selanne or some other free agent star in the offseason?

    to get the superstar that quinn wants.. theres no doubt that hes gonna have to give up kaberle. for his skill level he’s ridiculously underpaid and is going to be great for years and years to come. and on top of that he’s gonna have to give up a top prospect.. boyes/colaicovo. superstars might not come for much anymore in todays money based nhl… but no team is gonna part with their franchise player for anything but future stars. Jagr went for top prospects.. bure went for top draft picks. but i can guarantee you theres no way the leafs will ever get kariya, kovalev or any superstar for the 4th line crap our leafs are full of… not to mention how pathetically over paid each and every one of em are.. in my mind the only players on the leafs worth more then a million bucks are sundin, mogilny, tucker, mccabe, kaberle, svehla, renberg, and belfour. and yet while hes handing out retarted contracts to all the bottom feeding crap he can find guys with talent like farkas, maclean, dempsey and in the future boyes and colaicovo get buried on the rock til they walk away.. im suprised pilar got the shot he did.

    the best thing quinn can do is shut his oversized mouth and keep things the way they are, then throw a ridiculous amount of money at kariya and dump some crap for late draft picks in the offseason. for gods sakes buy out some contracts.. the leafs cant keep filling their team with 4th line shit forever.

  20. leafsrule31 says:

    but why would anyone trade a star for 2 insanely huge busts when they can trade him for 2 huge prospects that are actually gonna go somewhere in the nhl?

  21. edmontonrules says:

    Guys do you really think that I don’t know he’s coming back? I was bored. Take it easy.

  22. hatterson says:

    I wasn’t trying to imply that they are looking for a veteren back-up. I was stating that if they get goaltending at all that is all they would accept. More likely they would want young 2 way forwards (as they always do)

  23. hatterson says:

    The problem is that the Sabres are not in the financial position to keep Satan in the offseason. Regeir’s price will begin to fall as the Sabres fall father out of the playoff picture.

  24. Tradedude says:

    Reichel and Green were worth Danny Markov. That’s saying alot. And if you haven’t realized just yet. that leaf_expert posted this, so that basically explains EVERYTHING.

    i agree with you on almost everything you said though.

  25. Tradedude says:

    yah i wasn’t exactly sure of what you were pointing out. But nonetheless, i don’t care. lol

  26. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Here’s a question though. Do you really think the leafs got the best of that deal…HELL NO! But hey, everyone gets ripped sometimes

  27. d0rd says:

    Yeah, how can you put Hoglund on the top line!??!

    He’s been playing alright lately though, so good for him, boosting his trade value =) I’d like to see Satan on the Leafs, because like yourself hatterson, i don’t like him. But i don’t like him because he’s a leaf-killer. he always plays well whenever the Leafs play against the Sabres, so I wouldn’t want to see him go for a fax-machine, because then he’d still end up scoring points against us instead of for us. Go leafs!

  28. d0rd says:

    Hey booty, must I remind you what Buffalo got for Hasek, arguably the best goalie ever? Kozlov and a first round pick. Comparitively, Hasek was and is better at his position than Satan, so considering any move by the Sabres would be a perceived salary dump, a draft pick might not be as far fetched as you think. dumbass

  29. d0rd says:

    Yeah, the Leafs did chase after guys like Holik and Kasparaitis(sp?), it’s just that NYR is too too stupid and rich. As for Joseph, he was offered 9mill/season by the leafs and a 4 year deal i believe (which is what he was after the whole time!) and turned it down for 8.5mill/season on a 3 year deal (which i believe is what the buds offered and he turned down before talks broke down before the olympic break). Joseph said in an interview on Snet that he decided to leave after the Leafs couldn’t land Holik, which I believe is a load of sh*t!

  30. d0rd says:

    You know quite a bit, but still retarded. talent like farkas and maclean??? they suck. there’s a reason why they are/were on the rock. because they sucked. Quinn has done a lot of dumb ass crap, ie getting rid of Jason Smith for nothing, 2 draft picks, letting Perreault go for nothing…NOTHING! But dumbass shit happens. Yes, a lot of leaf fans are retarded, suggesting absolutely idiotic trades, and the biggest pisser is the lineup suggestions (i hate them with a passion too!), not to mention the atrocious spelling and grammar on other sites, like Regarding this trade, the only thing that will stop it from happening is that we’re in the same division. If Satan goes anywhere, it’ll be for next to nothing. But you don’t have to hate on the leaf fans for it. If you say that you’re a true leaf fan, as I say I am, I stand with my brethern, albeit somewhat retarded, rather than stand with the fans of the Rangers, Penguins or Canadiens. Who are you with, really? Because you sure as hell aren’t a Leaf fan. The team doesn’t want you, and neither do the rest of us. Go leafs!

  31. leafsrule31 says:

    im with the leafs you fuckin dickhead.. but just because im a leaf fan doesnt mean i have to put up with their dumb retarted fans ( such as yourself ) and their dumbass suggestions. i dont stand with the fans of anyone.. i cheer for my team. and that has absoloutly nothing to do with the fans or not.

    your damn right talent like farkas and maclean.. you do know that maclean won the scoring championship in the best nhl development system today?.. right?.. you do know farkas had a hat trick at the freaking allstar game and was at the top of the league in scoring right?.. both in their young 20’s?

    if satan goes anywhere it will be for top of the line prospects or top draft picks.. nothing less.

    your a fuckin dumbshit kid. so if hitler was a leaf fan i should “stand” with him just because i cheer for them to?.. im a hockey fan and a leaf fan.. doesnt mean i have to give a yellow piss for any of their goofy fans. now get a life and get the hell out of here you little piss ant. keep on “standing” with the fans.. and ill keep cheering for the team.

  32. d0rd says:

    “just because i’m a leaf fan doesn’t mean i have to put up with their dumb retarded fans (such as yourself)”. I’m sure you have a great time watching the games by yourself. Or during those rare occurences when you do watch with others, and they might say something stupid, you call them a retarded leaf fan and go watch the game elsewhere. And why am I retarded? Did I propose a stupid trade that would never happen? Or my idea of a good lineup?

    I know of some of Farkas (24) and Maclean’s (25) achievements. Scoring a hat trick in an all star game is nice, but I wouldn’t put any value on it. As for Maclean, where is he now? Not even good enough to play for the Blue Jackets. Great, he won the scoring race in a league of players, most of whom are on the decline. I don’t consider the AHL to be THE BEST development system for the NHL. Several top notch players have played in the AHL, but not for more than 2 full seasons. I agree with you that if Satan goes anywhere, it will be for great prospects or draft picks, both of which the leafs could offer (and I also agree that Antropov and Macaulay are not). If you want to talk about quality guys that the leafs goofed on, remember Lonny Bohonos? He’s posted great seasons in the minors, but all i can remember was him scoring 9 points in 9 games with the leafs in the 98-99 playoffs, and then getting the boot!

    There’s a lot that makes up a team. Players, management, etc. If you’re a fan, and you support the team, as we both claim to do, you have to support all it’s parts. Sure, some of our players suck, and we know it, and yeah, there are retards out there that preach that those pieces of crap are better than they actually are (i.e., Travis Green). But we don’t have to go out and say that they do suck, they’re our team, our players, lets support them. I absolutely hate Lumme and would love to see him gone. I went to the Leafs vs. sens game in ottawa and was going to bring a huge sign that was going to say “Lumme Endangers All Fan Support” but my friend who I went to the game with talked me out of it. I’m there to support the team, not bring them down.

    And if all this “…you fuckin dickhead…” and “your a fuckin dumbshit kid.” is because i started off with “you know quite a bit, but still retarded”” I must apologize. I left out a couple of words there. It should’ve read “you know quite a bit, but still say some retarded sh*t”. We’re on the same side here, and with some exceptions as to talent, have the same views. Sorry if you interpreted my post as a personal attack. I just dislike the leaf-on-leaf hate, that’s all. Go Leafs!

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