Sather has done it again.

Never in my time as a Ranger fan have I heard as much praise for Glen Sather. It seems that with the pick up of Redden, the re-signing of Roszival, the Zherdev trade, then the Naslund and Kalinin signings people are talking about Sather in ways I could have never imagined.

But really, why should Sather be praised when all he as done is potentially cripple the New York Rangers for the next 5 years?
I cannot even begin to think of ways to answer that question. Plain and simple, ever since the Zherdev trade a few days ago, it seems as if the minds of Ranger fans are washed of ALL of Slats prior record.

One good trade makes up for everything else? Dont get me wrong, Im thrilled about Zherdev coming to New York and the fact that Sather absolutely FLEECED Howson on that trade.

However…. Lets not forget last year and what has taken place so far this year. Sather has cap crunched the Rangers for the near future by handing out albatross contracts to Gomez Drury Redden Rozsival. I dont consider Lundqvists and albatross because he is by far the most deserving of his.

Next year when Zherdev is an RFA, where is the money going to come to sign him, especially if he has a 70+ point season? Not to mention Dubinsky who will also be an RFA next year, and Staal two years from now and will be ready for their raises, where will the money come from? Sather Cannot keep banking on the cap going up year after year because what goes up must come down (although Oil is the exception to that proven law)

Im as excited as any one but lets not be fooled, the team as currently constructed is cap crunched, loaded with albatross contracts and still has a minimal chance to contend for Lord Stanley. Our defense is just good at best, and our offense is maybe mediocre.

As far as I am concerned, Sathers tenure produced one significant move. Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr. It was this move that 180’d the Rangers franchise, but it seems that Sather has forgotten that the cap has existed and is slowly in the process of doing another 180 back the other way.

Im curious as to how Wade Redden could receive 6.5 million when a MUCH superior player in Campbell gets only 600k more?

I like Rozy but 5 mil a year?

While I do like the make up of the team, I do think that Slats should have passed on either Rozy or Redden because as it is right now, next year the Rangers will start to feel the heat from Cap Hell. Gary Bettman, whos really masquerading as the Lucifer himself will be lucky enough to have the NHLPA extend the CBA because of the contracts that are being handed out.

But lets not be all negative here about Slats. He did sign Christian Backman v2.0 in Dimitri Kalinin… wait thats a bad thing… oops.

Sather made two good signings this off season. First one was without a doubt Markus Naslund. Former 100 point producer should be able to regain his old form. 4 million is steep but its better then market value especially when 75 point players in Jagr and Sundin are getting offered 8 and 10 mil a year. So full marks there slats.

Second is Paul Mara. Im THRILLED about this signing because he actually got Mara to take about 1.5-2 mil below market value to play one more year for the Rangers. Now of course Mara agreed for two reasons, first to bolster his value for next year when correct me if I am wrong, there will be less premier Dmen available as UFA’s and more so RFA’s which leads to compensatory picks. Second Mara believes that this team can make the playoffs and contend and while I hope he is right I dont believe so, but it shows that there are guys who DO actually take less to play for the team they want, and if Roszival and Redden supposedly wanted to play for the Rangers a “contender” then why couldnt they do the same and each take a Mil less to make it easier for the Rangers to sign more premier players to actually make a run and the so illusive cup.

But two good signings dont make up for all the other bad ones especially since they are short term fixes for long term problems. Lack of scoring, holes on defense because of prospects that are still to inexperienced, having big wingers you know, the basics.

In prior years, the Rangers have had a bad history of wasting picks and great prospects because of idiotic moves. This time the Rangers will not lose out on their youngsters due to stupid trades for aging stars, they will simply lose them because they have signed the aging stars for to much. And while the Rangers do have one of the better prospect pools in the NHL, it will be amusing to see what offer sheets are thrown at the likes of Dubinsky and Staal when Trader Glen has no cap room to match. Compensatory picks you say? They are both at the point in their careers where they are good enough to get offer sheeted, but not good enough for the compensation to be worth it because both will blossom into much better players in 3-4 more years.

So again I am failing to understand this love that Rangers fans have all of the sudden developed for a GM who seemingly is doing everything right for the team, but in all actuality is doing everything wrong.