Sather has done it again.

Never in my time as a Ranger fan have I heard as much praise for Glen Sather. It seems that with the pick up of Redden, the re-signing of Roszival, the Zherdev trade, then the Naslund and Kalinin signings people are talking about Sather in ways I could have never imagined.

But really, why should Sather be praised when all he as done is potentially cripple the New York Rangers for the next 5 years?
I cannot even begin to think of ways to answer that question. Plain and simple, ever since the Zherdev trade a few days ago, it seems as if the minds of Ranger fans are washed of ALL of Slats prior record.

One good trade makes up for everything else? Dont get me wrong, Im thrilled about Zherdev coming to New York and the fact that Sather absolutely FLEECED Howson on that trade.

However…. Lets not forget last year and what has taken place so far this year. Sather has cap crunched the Rangers for the near future by handing out albatross contracts to Gomez Drury Redden Rozsival. I dont consider Lundqvists and albatross because he is by far the most deserving of his.

Next year when Zherdev is an RFA, where is the money going to come to sign him, especially if he has a 70+ point season? Not to mention Dubinsky who will also be an RFA next year, and Staal two years from now and will be ready for their raises, where will the money come from? Sather Cannot keep banking on the cap going up year after year because what goes up must come down (although Oil is the exception to that proven law)

Im as excited as any one but lets not be fooled, the team as currently constructed is cap crunched, loaded with albatross contracts and still has a minimal chance to contend for Lord Stanley. Our defense is just good at best, and our offense is maybe mediocre.

As far as I am concerned, Sathers tenure produced one significant move. Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr. It was this move that 180’d the Rangers franchise, but it seems that Sather has forgotten that the cap has existed and is slowly in the process of doing another 180 back the other way.

Im curious as to how Wade Redden could receive 6.5 million when a MUCH superior player in Campbell gets only 600k more?

I like Rozy but 5 mil a year?

While I do like the make up of the team, I do think that Slats should have passed on either Rozy or Redden because as it is right now, next year the Rangers will start to feel the heat from Cap Hell. Gary Bettman, whos really masquerading as the Lucifer himself will be lucky enough to have the NHLPA extend the CBA because of the contracts that are being handed out.

But lets not be all negative here about Slats. He did sign Christian Backman v2.0 in Dimitri Kalinin… wait thats a bad thing… oops.

Sather made two good signings this off season. First one was without a doubt Markus Naslund. Former 100 point producer should be able to regain his old form. 4 million is steep but its better then market value especially when 75 point players in Jagr and Sundin are getting offered 8 and 10 mil a year. So full marks there slats.

Second is Paul Mara. Im THRILLED about this signing because he actually got Mara to take about 1.5-2 mil below market value to play one more year for the Rangers. Now of course Mara agreed for two reasons, first to bolster his value for next year when correct me if I am wrong, there will be less premier Dmen available as UFA’s and more so RFA’s which leads to compensatory picks. Second Mara believes that this team can make the playoffs and contend and while I hope he is right I dont believe so, but it shows that there are guys who DO actually take less to play for the team they want, and if Roszival and Redden supposedly wanted to play for the Rangers a “contender” then why couldnt they do the same and each take a Mil less to make it easier for the Rangers to sign more premier players to actually make a run and the so illusive cup.

But two good signings dont make up for all the other bad ones especially since they are short term fixes for long term problems. Lack of scoring, holes on defense because of prospects that are still to inexperienced, having big wingers you know, the basics.

In prior years, the Rangers have had a bad history of wasting picks and great prospects because of idiotic moves. This time the Rangers will not lose out on their youngsters due to stupid trades for aging stars, they will simply lose them because they have signed the aging stars for to much. And while the Rangers do have one of the better prospect pools in the NHL, it will be amusing to see what offer sheets are thrown at the likes of Dubinsky and Staal when Trader Glen has no cap room to match. Compensatory picks you say? They are both at the point in their careers where they are good enough to get offer sheeted, but not good enough for the compensation to be worth it because both will blossom into much better players in 3-4 more years.

So again I am failing to understand this love that Rangers fans have all of the sudden developed for a GM who seemingly is doing everything right for the team, but in all actuality is doing everything wrong.

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  1. mikster says:

    I disagree.

    I think Slats laid out such a neat plan.

    While Gomez and Drury are overpaid, they would have gotten that money anyway, they are the future leaders of this team. The ones that make the difference on our young players. So, we have two locked, strong centers and won’t have to worry about depth down the middle with Dubinsky and Anisimov; and yes, Drury can play wing as he’s done so many times in Buffalo.

    Next season we may free up over $8M in cap space which will be plenty enough to re-sign Dubi, Staal, Zherdev, and don’t forget that the salary cap can still go up.

    Rangers have their own core of players, homegrown. Dubi, Cally, Girardi, Staal, Lundqvist, Dawes, Prucha, Korpikoski, Hollweg, Anisimov, Moore….. then Cherepanov will come next year.

    I think that’s the highest number of home grown talent that the Rangers have ever had in God knows how many years.

    Sather installed players to build a winning team around with. We desperately needed Redden, especially to mentor Staal and newcomers like Sanguinetti and Del Zotto.

    This is the best Rangers team built in well over a decade, for the present and future.

  2. nyrhockey094 says:

    Where does the 8 million come from?

    4 from Kalinin and Mara, but they have to be replace and you figure at least 2 will go back into defense.

    I agree, but I feel the terms given out by slats was simply to get the player signed and interested, and not nec. whats in the best interest of the team in the LONG run.

  3. Tachmo says:

    i agree with most of your comments. They seem to be throwing money around every year. I still cant quite figure out how they stay under the cap.
    I disagree with Mara. He is just a horrible defenceman.

  4. mikster says:

    Kalinin, Mara, Rissmiller, Hollweg, Orr, Prucha possibility. Valiquette.

    We needed Redden signed, that’s for sure. His contract kinda sucks, but you and i know how this team with Gomez, Drury, Staal, Girardi, Lundqvist, and other key parts, can contend for the Cup. With such a core, you have a chance to contend for the Cup and if we manage to win one in the next five years or so, all these contracts were all worth it.

  5. mikster says:

    Mara isn’t horrible. I was not a fan of his for sure and did not want him to come back. I saw the guy be a 15 goal scorer and earning a $3M salary you’d expect some significant numbers. But now at under $2M, as a 5th…6th d-man? Well worth it. I rather have a guy being better than a 5th/6th d-man than another one who is a 5th/6th d-man at best and not doing a good job.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    I should have named my button something else so other ranger fans wouldn't mistakingly use it…

    Oh well. I mentioned in the last line of my article that the high turnover may not be a good thing. I fail to see the reasoning of having Redden and Rozsival – both aren't solid in their own zone and bring the same type of game. Rozsival not having Jagr may prove to be what he really needs. His first option of passing to Jagr isn't a choice and now its a matter if he will shoot more or find Naslund all the time.

    I like the Naslund signing – I hope Sundin is in the cards too.

    Goaltending is always will be great.

    Henrik Lundqvist – probably a Vezina finalist, may be this year a favorite.

    Steve Valiquette – decent backup

    David LeNeveu – solid backup as well. May thrive again under goalie coach Benoit Allaire

    Defense should look like

    Redden Girardi
    Staal     Rozsival
    Mara     Kalinin

    All can provide a transition game and Pock or Strudwick could provide a 7th defense role. Pock also good at transition, Strudwick more for leadership and character – or Game winning 2 on 1 overtime goals with Paul Mara on the Island.

    Naslund     Gomez    Sjostrom
    Zherdev     Drury      Prucha
    Dawes      Dubinsky  Callahan
    Rismiller     Betts      Orr
    Hollweg      Voros     Fritsche
    …. This is more of a depth chart than line combos. It'll be interesting to see if Renney puts Gomez with Naslund or not. I am inclined to think Naslund needs Gomez at this point in his career as much as Gomez needs a sniper with him. Place a speedy Sjostrom with him and that could be a line. Dubinsky may be with Zherdev to complement his speed. Fritsche went to arbitration and  may not be with the Rangers depending on the settlement. We have enough grit centers on the team. May be Columbus resigns him if the Rangers walk away…  Voros is grossly overpaid and shouldn't make the roster with our cap situation. Hollweg in Hartford to try and salvage his career? He used to have offensive talent back in the day.

    All in all next years team should be competitive especially if we sign Sundin and/or Shanahan. I fear two-three years down the road – but hopefully the cap will be 62-65 by then and we can afford buyouts.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    I don't see how we needed Redden. There were other 1A options that would have been a much less of a financial risk. With Redden we may need to deal him after 3 years when he is booed out of the building and include a first for crap just to get rid of that horrible salary. Ask Sens fans – he hasn't been the same player the past two years.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Redden and Rozsival are SOOO overpaid!!

    Sather's just trying to make up for losing Shanahan, Straka (who they wouldn't even offer $3 mil) and Jagr.

  9. mikster says:

    Who were the other options?

    Streit? Horrible defensively. Hainsey? One good year after he was placed on waivers. That’s it really for talented 1st pair d-men.

  10. mikster says:

    Sorry about that! And you forgot to put Zherdev on one of the top two lines!

  11. dewdrop11 says:

    I think we'll have to wait and see concerning all of the signings…while I don't always agree with Sather and some of the deals, he has also proved me wrong with some of the signings…I thought Gomez was a poor signing last year prior to the season, yet my tune changed after the season; is anyone worth 7 million a year? I think not. But with that said, this is NY and cap or not, it's a money market here. If this team gels, I think they have more talent now than they did.

    I didn't want to see Straka leave, and I thought they would make a pitch to keep Avery, but there are always more to the situation than what you read in the press. I personally am glad they signed Rosival; he was one of the few defensemen producing points for them…as for Mara, why do you think he's so horrible? I disagree. May not be a first line pairing but not terrible by any means.
    As I said, this team has some offensive potential…and Redden can be a great signing – as is the case with Naslund….We will just have to wait and see what they bring to the ice before any judgements are passed; that's my two cents.
    I originally didn't want to see Jagr go; he's an offensive dynamo but also a bit of an enigma…too many times did I see him take extra longs shifts and half ass it back to the bench after losing the puck. What we need is two way play and accountability – for ALL players. I think we may have that a bit more now….picking up a few 20-30 goal scorers and possibly a 40+ scorer in Naslund (this remains to be seen but i think the potential could be there) is better than having just one guy; I think we are a more balanced team now if we have gotten what Sather believes he's signed….I hated to see Tyutin go, but I think the D is still going to be solid; I'd would have love to have gotten at least one more player with a bit of grit and edge (mike green mold) but let's see how this plays out.
    The forwards; I think we have 2- 3 solid lines, and the checking line will have to fill itself out; we'll see who earns the roster spots.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens; hopefully not a disappointment of a season – it's always a crapshoot when you tinker with team chemistry, but one thing I've learned from analyzing sathers deals….he's not a stupid man and has a bit more vision than some may give him credit for.
  12. ranger_fan says:

    The other options wouldn't come back to bite us. Even giving up a prospect or two for someone works. Marek Zidlicky before he was traded could have been an affordable option. We are going to pay one way or the other – stuck with a mid 30s declining defenseman at 6.5 or a 2nd rounder and C prospect.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    Zherdev with Dubinsky could be a second line. Rotate 3 like last year.

  14. GoKings311 says:

    Homegrown players, apples, horses, HOSES!

    Watermellon and chicken feed………GRETZKY?
    Ray bourque= barbeque, BBQ or Bar be que??????
    Tzvi and Wolfchief – 4/45mil        0r 6/65 mil   (hard to say.)
    Either way, I can see the light, and so should you. Good Job Big Paisa.
  15. Rickler says:

    Redden will bounce back this year and be good for at least 40-60 points.. it's not the Sens where there is just one line. New York has some promising players that could potentially put up decent numbers from the third line up. By no means am I saying Redden and Roszival are bargains but when a guy like Jeff Finger goes for 3.5 it really shows how crazy the market is for a puck moving defencemen.

  16. Tachmo says:

    I guess I can go with you on that one. Mara has had a couple good seasons. But the last couple he has been aweful. I'm just going by what I saw in Boston before he went to the Rangers. Maybe he can find his scoring touch from Phx. But as a 5th or 6th Dman, 2 million is expensive.

  17. beckfan05 says:

    The team he played on wasn't the same either!

  18. leafy says:

    Completely agreed on Redden.  The free ride this guy gets is completely mind boggling.

    He makes bonehead errors, his defensive zone coverage is suspect, and he's softer than expensive toilet tissue.  He's been nothing more than an average D since the lockout.

    Ranger fans are going to find out the truth about Redden once they start watching him frequently.

  19. paulieplatypus says:

    David LeNeveu was a restricted free agent, but because Sather decided not to give him a qualifying offer, he is now a free agent who could sign with any team without compensation.  The Rangers instead signed Wiikman a few months ago and offered a qualifying offer to Zaba, for both to play goal in AHL Hartford next season.  Maybe LeNeveu will sign a PTO and back up these two in Hartford, or maybe start for ECHL Charlotte in an attempt to resurrect his career with Benoit Allaire?  I suppose it all depends on if any other team makes him a contract $$$ offer?  

  20. paulieplatypus says:

    Anaheim signed LeNeveu to a one year $600,000 contract for next season.

  21. cementhead says:

    That's right… one of those years they made it to the Stanley Cup finals.  Definitely NOT a good team to be on!  Its really too bad that he wasn't on a good team to help prevent his performance from showing such a decline that year!


  22. cementhead says:

    Has anyone noticed that preCBA Sather seemed to love to sign guys to big contracts because of their last names.  Then it seemed his (Sather's) assistant was getting more and more responsibility and the trend changed (for the good in my opinion).  THen once Sather lost Maloney (his Asst GM) the Rangers seem to be paying big $ for last names again??? 

    As soon as Maloney leaves Drury and Gomez are signed and it still continues.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

    (I could draw a lot more coincidences to further this arguement, but I won't… for now anyway – probably too boring for most.)

  23. paulieplatypus says:

    What do you feel Sather should have done differently?  What "names" would you have signed?

  24. paulieplatypus says:

    It turns out that the goalie coach for Anaheim Mr. Allaire is the brother of Rangers goalie coach Mr. Allaire.     

  25. Sands says:

    I disagree the Cap will go up next year by about 5 million. Prucha will not be resigned unless he has a big year. lst year we didn;t even have a roster spot for him.. so this is his make or break year.

    Roz got too much money. i rather have not signed him then give him 5 million a year. 4 was enough

    Redden… I agree with what he gt. we needed a big number 1 D man he is that a Number 1 D.

    Rangers dumbed backman.. great move.

    All I really wanted was them to be able to save some money some place to have a shot at Sundin. but whatever. the young stars are goig to be great. and witht he Cap raising every year we have enough to sign dub and staal. so taaaakkkee it eeeeeaaaassse

  26. cementhead says:

    I really liked what they were doing post lockout and previous to Gomez/Drury.  There were so many people astonished at the success of the team commenting that it seemed to be built upon looking for young players with upside potential who would buy into the Ranger system.  Players that would be cohesive.  (I remember a few comments of people mentioning htat it looked like they were putting together a Chech Nat'l team – but maybe they were just players good together).

    I also remember people being astonished at how well they were doing for a team that was no longer chasing a stack of last names.  The comments (and mine as well) were all about where this young team had come from, and how/why were they experiencing the most success the team had had in years.  I was among them.  I had never been a fan of the Rangers, but I was becoming impressed by them.

    So… in response to your question, I would go back to that formula.  I would look for players under 30, that have upside potential, that will by into the team's system, who will be a part of a cohesive unit and not look to stand out, and who will be healthy in the locker room.  Which by the way, Maloney has stated himself, is his strategy in building a team.  He said he believed it while in NY and said it is his formula for his new team – the Coyotes.  I guess time will tell, but I really like what he has done to the Coyotes so far and think he is going to build this team into its most successful ever really soon (which, by the way, would only have to be the second round of the playoffs as the franchise (Jets included) have never done better that that).

    So, that is what I would have done differently.  And to name "names" would defy the entire point I am making.  I WOULD NOT go after names, I would go after characteristics, attributes, personality, and potential.

  27. nyrhockey094 says:

    If we were going to pay REdden 6.5, might as well gave the extra 500k instead and gotten a much better offensive defenseman in Campbell.

    Campbell = Redden defensively but Campbell>Redden Offensively

  28. Habfan17 says:

    great posting. I usually only read the Canadiens postings, being a Habs fan, but I love hockey period and love to discuss it!

    I scratched my head when the reports were that the marority of the Gm's figured what Ottawa offered Redden to stay was in line with his play the past 2 years. I think I read that the highest a GM said he would offer was $4.5 million. So, how does Sather come up with a value of $6.5, utterly ridiculous. I was waiting for Brian Burke to chastise Sather for drving up salaries! It would be nice for Redden to have a bounce back year, but even if he does, the salary he received, to me, is for impact players, and I don't think Redden is in that class. He is s uper humanitarian and seems to be a great person, but this is business.

    I sometimes think that Sather received too much credit for the success of the Oilers. he hasn't been able to replicate that success since and he wasn't the guy who drafted, Coffey, Kurri, Messier, Lowe, Anderson and all…. I'll bet half the coaches could have won with that lineup!

  29. Habfan17 says:

    Sorry, Redden is not worth the money. He was a solid #2 d-man when he played beside Charra. His play has not matched that level since the Charra trade. He is a #3 or #2 d-man at best and is making more money than a lot of better d-men right now. True, some may have taken less money to stay in a situation they are haapy with, but I would tend to side with the Gm's, the majority of which said he should get around $4 million, tops. Only one went as high as $4.5 million, the only exception was Sather. Either he is a genius, or a fool. Since he hasn't done much for the Rangers since he arrived, especially since he always complained in Edmonton that he couldn't ice a competative team with the budget he had, and he has all the money to build a winner. Now the reports are that he would clear salaries to make room for Sundin if he will sign. How will that affect the team chemisrty?

  30. Habfan17 says:

    Way over paid! Now it is reported that he will move salaries to make room for Sundin if he will sign. Where is the gameplan Sather? When the majority of GM's say that Ottawa offered Redden a fair salary based on his play the last 2 years, which coincidentally coincides with the loss of Chara, why did Sather pay $2.5 million more than the opther GM's were willing to pay?

  31. Habfan17 says:

    Maybe getting Drury and Gomez was a good move, maybe not. Since he signed them, he has lost the guys who made the team competative and wanted to play in N.Y. Starka and Jagr are gone and probably due to the changes in the dressing room. Some may say this is a good thing, I don't thinbk it is. Signing one of either Gomez or Drury would have been good, not both. Sometimes too much is not good. Look at the Past history with the Rangers when they would go out and sign all the big name players they could. It didn't work!!!!!

    Now Sather has overpaid Redden by $2.5 million a year based on what the majority of GM's said he is worth based on his play the last 2 years. he played well as Charra's partner and since then, his play has slipped. Charra had the same problem when he arrived in Beantown. Redden should have signed for $4 million in Boston and teamed up with Charra again. They shared a chemistry!

    You can't build a winning team when 6 players are eating up 2/3rds of your budget. That doesn't leave enough to put quality players in the support roles. It also created animosity in the dressing room when players who play well and have decent ststas, or sometimes comparable stats to the big money guy, yet make 1/4 what the big guy makes.

    A prime example is Anaheim. Mr Brian Burke who likes to point fingers, but should look in the mirror, signs Bertuzzi, Mr. bad back. Mr. hasn't played a full season or played well in 2 years. Gives him $4 million a year when he shouldn't have gotten more than $1 million plus incentives. Fast forward one season, Burke buys him out! How many guys on Anaheim had better stats than Bertuzzi last year for a fraction of the cost. What player suffered in not getting the chance to prove himself because Bertuzzi filled a spot. For that money, maybe 2 players lost the chance last year to break out!

    It goes to show you, throwing big money around for a " NAME " doesn't always work. I would be warry of a so called impact player if he only signed for the bucks. With the level of money these guys make, they'll never have to worry about money again. So what if when you pass away thee is only $4 million in the bank instead of $6 million, his family may have to stop eating the best caviar. I thought it was about winning the cup!!

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