Sather Looking To Fill In Blueline Gaps,0,4991191.story?coll=ny-rangers-headlines

With injuries to Darius Kasparaitis, Greg DeVries, and Tom Poti, and with the Rangers playoff hopes once again hanging on by a thread, Glen Sather is finally looking to deal for a defenseman. “Sather said he is acting quickly to bring in a veteran defenseman, either via trade or free agency. The rest of the Rangers regulars are left to wonder how they were in position to move up from eighth in the Eastern Conference a week ago and are now in 10th, having fallen behind the Thrashers.” – Newsday.

He was noted as saying that he was looking to deal for a defender in last nights press conference after the Bruins embarrassed the Rangers again for the 2nd time in 2 days. Possible defensemen could be Jason Smith, Hal Gill or Dan McGillis, Chris Therien, and a host of other defenseman.

I have publically stated on here and many other forums that the Rangers have needed a physical, defensive defenseman since the start of the season. Finally, Sather will have to get one, and maybe move Poti or Malakhov in the process once DeVries comes back.