Sather Strikes Back

After completing a heavily lopsided deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins to acquire Alexi Kovalev, many GMs/Personnel in the NHL decided to voice their opinion on the trade and how it “destroys the system.” Glen Sather came out and has told the people of Toronto to stop whining.



New York Rangers GM Glen Sather scoffs at those who criticize him for throwing cash at the Pittsburgh Penguins to clinch an eight-player trade that brought Alexei Kovalev to New York.

The Rangers reportedly added a payment of nearly $4 million US to get it done. New York’s player payroll now is estimated to be about $74 million US.

“Why is it bad for the league? Stuff like that . . . that’s always the way it is,” Sather told the New York Post.

Toronto Maple Leafs executive Bill Watters has said his team offered players to Pittsburgh that were better than those accepted by the Rangers, only to see the deep-pocketed New Yorkers prevail again.

“The guys in Toronto whine,” said Sather. “Listen, they’ve been in every deal we’ve been in trying to get players.

“We end up getting the guy because the guy wants to come to New York. Part of the deal was Alexei wanted to come back. So they whine, but they were in the deal. They just didn’t want to give enough to get him. Depends on how badly you want him. It’s free enterprise. That’s how the U.S. works.”

I’m glad Slats did this. Bobby Clarke went out and called this trade a non-credible hockey deal since the Rangers gave up close to $4,000,000 US. Excuse me Mr. Clarke…what about the whopping $15,000,000 your organization tossed in with numerous players in order to land Eric Lindros. As soon as the Rangers acquired Kovalev, I quickly went to the Toronto Maple Leafs website and saw that the bitter TML organization stated “just because the Rangers acquired Alex Kovalev, doesn’t mean they will make the playoffs.” Yes, this is true, but after almost a month of hearing Leaf_”Expert” talking about how the Leafs could only get Kovalev I completely lost it. Next up is Owen Nolan for the Leafs. I hate to be Pat Quinn at this point with all the heat going straight at him. Of course money is an issue, but when is TO going to jump into the stakes for a Cup push..not just a playoff birth?


-Quote from my TFP article on the Kovalev trade:

I look at the trade this way. When suffering of dehydration, it is better to accept water instead of gold. Rangers offered water, Maples Leafs offered gold.