Sather to Coach

The Rangers’ website is reporting that team President and General Manager Glen Sather will assume the head coaching duties of the team, effective immediately.

He will be behind the bench this evening when his Blueshirts take on the Colorado Avalanche.

Finally, Slats gets to sleep in the bed he has made. I don’t think he’s ready for the nightmares that await him, though.

The Dolans have their finger on the “fire” button again. It’s only a matter of time before they press it. Hehe, this was a funny news submitted:

“Hey Micki, post something about Sather taking over as head coach so that all of us rational HTR members can predict the failure that will be his coaching tenure!!!!”

47 Responses to Sather to Coach

  1. slapshot1975 says:

    does he really think that Trottier was the problem??? maybe he should look in the mirror and ask himself about kasparaitus, lindros, holik, etc…

    what a friggin moron. i love to see the a**rangers eat it!

  2. mikster says:

    He thinks his team can make the playoffs, then he has to prove it to himself.

    And he will NOT get fired. Dolan apparently “loves” the guy.

    If they gave an extension to the Knicks’ coach, Slats will be kept. I don’t mind…since his youth prgram is working well and the farm system is getting much better. I have been pleased with some of his acquisitions and with his drafting. If he sticks with that, i am fine with it. But, cut the damn payroll, just trade the players he doesn’t want (Nedved, Dvorak…) for less than what he really wants….and get an experienced smart and TOUGH coach. Fine with me…..

  3. doogie2756 says:

    slats job is safe,the dolans will not fire him.he may give this team a kick in the rear to get them least they know you can’t bring in a rookie head coach to coach a team that does not have alot of rookies.let’s see where he takes them.his record as a coach in the nhl not including playoffs is in 842 games…464-268-110

  4. saiklo says:

    I am glad my “news submission” got credit.

    The final nail in the Rangers coffin is about to be hammered. Sather is an individual that got extremely lucky in the eighties with a very talented team that he had little to do with with respect to its formation.

    The Rangers will return to the playoffs, but only when they hire a respectable front office that can work within in todays NHL and not dreams of the past.

    I would bring back Neil Smith, I know Micki berates him on a daily basis, but he brought his team a cup. Sather, no matter how much money or luck, never will.

  5. wingerxx says:

    This is going to be delirious fun to watch. I actually don’t have a problem with it, however. This will help the team more than hurt them, and I think he realizes that. And he knows the players will listen to him. It looks drastic, and it probably is…but this isn’t a bad thing at all when you look at it objectively.

  6. wingerxx says:

    Neil Smith is the guy that willingly gave a big contract to Valeri Kamensky, Peter Forsberg’s greatest caddy. AND let Mark Messier walk to Vancouver…he can burn in the bowels of hell for letting that happen. I would rather have the guy that managed to get Pavel Bure for Igor Ulanov. Although the Kasparaitis signing still makes me grumpy…but hey…Smith brought in Lefebvre. Sather is just a better hockey mind that Neil Smith. And every GM has made a bad move or two in their careers.

  7. wingerxx says:

    Holik and Lindros are helping the club, not hurting it. Although Holik is a bit overpaid…you can thank the NHL market for that. He would have gotten his dough from Toronto anyhow. Kasparaitis is hurting the team though.

  8. MantaRay says:

    Lindros and Holik have done nothing they are close to 30 loses!!!! You can thank the Ranger$ for that.

    Kasparaitis is -11 when he is paid to improve thier defense.

  9. wingerxx says:

    Holik and Lindros probably aren’t earning their salaries, true…but at least they’re contributing to the cause, or at least trying…thats really all I’m saying…imagine the Rangers without them, not a pretty sight. I don’t know what the deal with Kasparaitis is though…

  10. titans says:

    Bwaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa!! Hooo Hoooo!! Heeee Heeee Heeee!! Haaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaa!! Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa!! Heheheheeeee!! Oh my…Haaaaa Haaaa Haaaa!! Whoooooo!!!!

  11. RangerSteve says:

    Sather is putting himself into the position where he can’t be blaming anybody but himself. He put that team together, and now he’s gonna either show what it SHOULD be capable of doing, or he’s going to have to take all of the blame for it. I don’t care waht anybody says, even if Dolan “loves” Sather, if this team doesn’t start soon, then get him out of there and go rebuild everything. The players look like they are going to respond to Sather. Not only is it the guy who will work them hard in practice, but it is the guy who has hte power to make you transfer else where and pack up. After watching GameNight on MSG, McCarthy stated that the team was “shocked” when Sather skated onto the ice with a jumpsuit and a whistle in hand. Sather’s going to be proving who/what kind of coach he really was in Edmonton. He had an all star lineup filled with Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Semenko(okay fine, he was probably the best enforcer of all time), Coffey, Fuhr, Moog etc. Now he has a lineup with Bure, Leetch(when they both come back), Lindros, Holik, Nedved, Dvorak, and an aging Messier. In NYC, the time is now..and it always will be now. I think Sather did the right thing by taking the job, and as he said “taking the blame for what he put together.” He also guaranteed a playoff spot…lets see how that goes…

  12. Goldenscud says:

    Me too!! F the Rangers and definately f puss boy Lindros and Frankenholik!!

  13. rojoke says:

    Thank the market? Holik was signed on July 1st. The market had nothing to do with it. The Rangers came with a blank check in hand, asked what Holik wanted and gave it to him, no questions asked. The only negotiation involved was, Do you want a home or road jersey at the press conference. Dryden and Quinn never would have given Holik that amount of money, not right off the bat anyway.

  14. wingerxx says:

    oh you bet they would have…not quite 9 mils, but pretty darn close…and the rangers couldn’t let that happen, they needed him badly.

  15. Johnny_Canuck says:

    I’ve got a theory:

    Sather is resuming the coaching duties so that he doen’t have to find a new coach for the rest of the season.

    In the off season Messier will retire and take the head coach position.

    Sounds stupid and crazy… but I really won’t be surprised if this happens.

  16. saiklo says:

    Who won the Rangers a Cup?

  17. mikster says:

    Your philosophy, as it appears to be, is completely wrong. It doesn’t take one, two, or 8 players to make a different on a team. It takes 18 and three guys behind the bench. Lindros and Holik are doing their part, so is Barnaby and other players. But the rest are inconsistent.

    Slats’ first game behind the bench. Wow, there is a difference. Trottier would have never played Samuelsson-Lundmark-Fata. He never put Jamie at center.

    The only reason why the Rangers lost in OT tonight was because of just two players. Malakhov, and Bouchard. When they made mistakes….Avs capitalized on those mistakes.

    But, Rangers totally outplayed them. Now i see why the Avs are not doing as well…they just aren’t that good.

  18. mikster says:

    They are the first to blame on my part.

    Even if they did re-sign Holik, it would have been a stupid move by Lamoriello. He had the chance to sign Holik for $6M and 5 years, he basically laughed at that and in the end…Holik raised his price tag.

  19. wingerxx says:

    Mark Messier and Brian Leetch for the most part. It sure wasn’t Neil Smith’s genius. And why aren’t Doug Weight and Tony Amonte Rangers anymore? I’d rather have them back than a cup win that kept them from being competitive for the years that followed. The high from that cup win hasn’t justified that nastiness thats ensued since then. Smith gutted the team for that cup.

  20. mikster says:

    Keenan, Messier, Leetch, Richter, Graves.

    I rest my case.

  21. mikster says:

    No no no….don’t be stupid now.

    Slats got lucky in the 80’s? He found that talent. Gretz left? He still managed to get a Cup. He still managed to find the right goalies.

    90’s? He still managed to bring the Oilers in the playoffs.

    Neil $mith is an idiot. He decided to not re-sing Messier, but after a season he signed Kamensky, Fleury, Lefebvre, Quintal, and Kirk McLean. Also, Skrudland, Keane????

    Yeah…lets bring him back….

    Neil Smith got the the Cup, but after that he ruined the organization, he thre in 30 year olds like Bob Errey in the minor league systems, poor drafting, yeah let’s bring him back saiklo…..


  22. wingerxx says:

    hey now…don’t forget Beukeboom lol

  23. mikster says:

    TITANS TITANS!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! It’s just a dream of when the Flyers win the Cup in 50 years!!!

  24. mikster says:

    First game, a 4-3 OT Loss.

    From 2-0, climbed back up to 3-2, then Malakhov did a bad play, 3-3.

    Finally Lundmark back to his position, and i like this Kid Line, Samuelsson-Lundmark-Fata. Better decision making behind the bench.

    Man, the Avs need something though….they just got way too outplayed. Granato must be on drugs to only use 4 d-men out of 6 d-men. ??? What is that about?

  25. wingerxx says:

    you forgot the wondrous success that was Kevin Hatcher 🙂

  26. habsoverserver says:

    Interesting comment about Granato. But hey, at least one former Av’s assistant can win in MSG.

  27. mikster says:

    But can’t win at home, and can’t bring a better original team from last season into a solid playoff spot.

    Dude, i watched the Canadiens. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!! I did not like the effort after the Isle’s tied the game. Brisebois played poorly, arghh….i still want the Habs to make it…because i am a good hockey fan!!!!

  28. isles4life says:

    No Flaming anymore.I will try to respect the opinions of all the hockey fans.I will be the better person for know.I have to say Kudos to Sather for being a man and trying to right the ship.The Rangers by rights still have to make up a lot of leway to get in the playoffs.Good luck.

  29. habsoverserver says:

    Sorry you were forced to watch the Habs and Isles. I’m not sure there’s much entertainment value there, unless you like to watch Brisebois fall on his ass.

    Habs lost beause the Isles were able to match up Peca against Koivu and refused to match scoring line against scoring line. Habs have a much beter chance when Koivu plays against the opposition’s first line instead of their checking line. Also, Isles were helped by the fact that Brisebois wears the bleu blanc and rouge.

    Did you notice that Chouinard was the first francophone prospect traded away by Montreal in decades? Maybe the Brisebois’s and Traverse’s of the team no longer have a free pass to play the game on their butts.

    The test for the Rangers is next week at home against the Sens. I got tickets so I can see firsthand if Sather can turn things around.

  30. isles4life says:

    Not to sound rude.But isnt that part of good coaching.Figuring how to shut down top lines and run your top line freely.Isnt that why home is advantage is called home ice advantage.Anyway I know a lot of teams dont play there top line against another top line.That is usually the checking lines project.

  31. Sands says:

    I thought that toooo But if the Rangers miss it with Messier… will they fire him? thats why I don’t really know if they will hire him. They need Teddy Nolan….. But that will never happen.

  32. DaMick says:

    Im wondering a few things…

    1. if Sather wanted to give his coach a contract extension would Sather the Coach say yes?

    2. Who would sit in that Great SkyBox for the GM? [it should some random fan from the nosebleed seats in my opinon considering they overpay for seats for a crappy team]

    3. Would Dolan do a “Steinbrenner” and call the bench to change defensive plans during a game?

    4. Isnt it kinda sad that Schonny REFUSED the Job…kinda tells ya …something.

    5. Will ticket prices continue to rise ?

    6. Who will be the next great flop on Broadway? Amonte? Federov?

    7. Will they get Smart [meaning sather the GM & coach] & tear apart this badly built team?

    8. Will sather complain how 75 million ISNT enough to run a sucessful NHL team? [i remember the Oiler days & his constant bitching about that]

    9. will D. Potvin be the next Ranger$ coach? or better yet……Bobby Clarke?

    Anyways on a serious note….this IS Sather’s last hurrah on the rangers….Hopefully you guys get a better GM next time.

    or not….:)

    Always LeafBashing,RangerHating


  33. TC_4 says:

    Why didn’t he do this last summer? He always hires his guys, and the first time he didn’t it didn’t work out. Hopefully these guys will respect him, becasue I don’t think they respected Trottier as a coach. One thing for sure is that they will be high flying. But nobody should be surprised by this move. The only one of “his” guys that was availible to coach this team was Glen Anderson. Yikes!!!

  34. habsoverserver says:

    I agree. Isles played great, outcoached the Habs and deserved the win.

    One reason for the Habs win streak was that the Julien unlike Therrien wants to match top line against top line. This is another way of saying that the Habs third line is not so effective these days.

    I think the league is mixed on line matching. Usually it is a question when teams who roll three lines match up against those who roll all four. I don’t see enough games to know who does what.

  35. booty says:

    Mick, how quickly you forget. It’s only the Rangers that go through 50 year cup-less droughts…

  36. -Swizz- says:

    yes, they needed him really badly

    because without him, they’d suck even more right?

  37. -Swizz- says:

    and soon to be the leafs too

  38. MantaRay says:

    8 more losses and the Rangers are out of the playoffs!!!!

    Thank god for the Dolans! Please extend Sathers contract and give him a raise for coaching!!!

  39. mikster says:

    I always watch Habs and Leafs since they are Eastern Time, and i am less tired. I love the Canadian channels!!!

  40. mikster says:

    Thank you isle4life.

    I know it was a good feeling for you guys to see the Rangers fall down and Trots get fired.

    However, i just thought it was TOO much of the same commenst being posted on the first Trottier article.

    I really appreciate this comment from an Isle’s fan, i’m sorry…i should say…a good hockey fan who is an Isle’s fan.

  41. mikster says:

    Nope, Slats’ is stayin.

  42. mikster says:

    He has a long term contract.

    Sure, i want him too since he is doing a good job with the youth program. In a couple of years, i would love to see Poti, Tjutin, State, Taylor, Purinton, Kaspar as the defense. Same for the forwards, but i think just Dominic Moore and Garth Murray (maybe, depends on his health) will make it next season.

    However, there’s just no excuse right now for missing playoffs. His first season, ok…i understand…he had nothing in the minor system and untradable trash Smith players on the Rangers. But, two seasons after that….eesh..

  43. aaron says:

    You really cannot diss Sather for this move. By taking over the coaching position, he is taking all responsibility onto himself. He will have no more excuses; no more scapegoats; he’s taking responsibility for this team. I applaud him for it.

    I frankly don’t see why the Rangers are so out of it. I mean, 4 points…that’s 2 games back. They could be back in the playoffs over the course of a weekend.

  44. MantaRay says:

    Long term contracts are meaningless.

    His “youth” program is questionable at best.

  45. hockeynik says:

    All we need another rookie coach, Messier can’t disiplin anyone now how will he do it as coach. He is too close to the players.

    Messier retires, cut the fat and bring in Bowan things will change… Messier was once a great captain now he is part of the problem

  46. hockeynik says:

    You are right that Trottier was not the major problem, but the players had NO respect for him. The Rangers need some Lunchboxers, they have too many players who think ty are gods and do not work hard night after night. What I don’t understand is Kaspar and Lindros. There is more than hope for Holik.

    Nedved has been great considering he has had 1000 different wingers. First he was on the wing then he centered Davork and Petrovichy (by the way one of the few Lunchboxers which his hand were a little better) then he got Bure. Nedved deserves a decent winger and Radek needs to go for his own sake he has really become a laughing stock.

    Messier has played poorly the past few weeks… he started well and I think the team sees this and feels this…

    Where is our 10 million dollar man…

    What I do not understand at all is what the Rangers have done with the defense.

    Makhalov has been Great! And Mirnov has really steadied the defense, meaning they work really well together. Mak goes on the O more often Mirinov hangs back, but does sneek in now and then best pairing the Rangers have

    Poti has wained… and why he and Leetch together? Tw offensive-minded guys together? Can anyone explain that?

    Kaspar the Friendly Ghost… where are you?????

    Cross has been good… steady nothing fancy but steady

    Bouchard is good but a defensive liability at times he rarely thinks of defense and his defensive qualities are done on speed not brawn. He is like Matthew Schneider

    Puriton solid no mistakes… nothing fancy

    The guy that I do not understand is Litner… he played well in the line-up. He takes a hard hit gets up and plays. He can score and is smart with the puck…

    Sorry for my ranting and raving…

    Dunham great but he needs more support and more goals. Blackburn? who is Blackburn?

    More lunchboxers… no big name please they come the New York and they forget about hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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