Very entertaining article in the New York Post today featuring tidbits from GM Glen Sather, even including this quote:

“I’ll tell you what, if Pittsburgh called and offered us [Sidney] Crosby tomorrow, I’d even throw in my left [testicle].”

This is a good read and gives a good feel of what the Rangers are going to do.

Here’s the link:
Complements of the NY Post

Interestingly, the Post claims that they have learned that a few weeks back the LA Kings offered up Craig Conroy, Mattias Norstrom, and Sean Avery for Marc Staal!

By the way, I think the Rangers played one of their best games of the season last night. It was probably the only game this year where I saw the work ethic from last season. Maybe Sean Avery was a good pickup after all.


  1. wingerxxx says:

    That trade "offer" sounds suspiciously  like one of the Post's trade "suggestions".  Even so, I would not do that trade.  As tantalizing as it sounds.  Norstrom isn't quite what he used to be.  And although Conroy would be a nice addition, is it worth giving up Staal?  I don't think so.  The centerpieces of that "trade" are not getting any younger. 

    Back to Sather, from his comments, I thought that he handled the Messier comment in a very tasteful way.  He didn't go overboard, and didn't say anything really nasty.  He didn't have to, after all.  Regarding his Crosby quote, at least he is honest lol. 

  2. pensfan29 says:

    Marc Staal hasnt proven anything yet, does he have potential? YES, but is it from being a Staal, or is it actually his own ability, afterall he is the only defenseman in the family

  3. wewantthecup says:

    At this point anything or anybody will help, but they need more than than this third line goon of a player to rivive this team. Sather has to go ! he has done NOTHING to improve this team over the past seven years .The fact that the Rangers have only made the playoffs once is a huge embarrassment for the league, organization and the fans…bowing out in embarrassing 4 games last year was even worse ! and they are headed for another early tee off time in April ….the shame of it is …we won't even get  to say good bye to Brian Leetch ….he was a victum of the so called re-building and that has proved nothing ! …the players the Rangers received in return are not even in the league   …..having two players that "might be good" on the farm and hoping and praying that they will save the organization…. is wishing on a prayer! The Nashville team is strong ..the Atlanta team is strong !….and they are newbies to the league ! …get the bum out ! …..should've given the job to JD along time ago !

  4. kamullia says:

    Dear Mr. Sather,

    Thank you for your inquiring and proposed offer for Sydney Crosby. However, at this time the Pittsburgh Penguins are not in the market for a wrinkled and old, even if hardly used, left testicle. And to be sincerely honest, we do not believe the offer to be enough to entice such an exchange.

    In fact, the offer would still not be enticing enough if you threw in the right testicle and the scrotum sack to hold both in the deal.

    In closing, this is the 9th time we have declined your offers, including your wife and girlfriends, and we cannot stress enough how Sydney Crosby is not, and will not be in the market any time soon. Please desist immediately.


    Ray Shero and Ken Sawyer
    on behalf of

    The Pittsburgh Penguins and
    Mario Lemieux.

  5. evilspike2000 says:

    i think that comment was ridicuoulas because he wouldnt trade guys like lundqvist or jagar and thats all the pitsburgh could potentialy want. and if he gives them up he would most likely get in deep trouble and possibly fired becuase lundqvist is a franchise player same with jagar and sathar should be careful since messier wants his job

  6. wingerxxx says:

    From what I have seen of Staal, he's going to be the real thing.  That "trade" is a deal Neil Smith probably would have done.  And its deals like that, that totally gutted the team of quality younger players. 

  7. PSU_Penguin says:

    The Rangers can keep Jagr, thanks.  It's best for Jagr too: if he comes back he might get that old ailment where he's "dying alive"

  8. nyrhockey094 says:

    IMO Jagr would make the pens favorites for the cup. Malkin Crosby and Jagr on a line? The other team wouldnt see the puck while those 3 are on the ice. Id trade him back to Pitt Idc, just as long as we get a decent return, Jordan Staal Malone and a first?

  9. OldGoalie says:

    I think you could actually say the Rangers can keep Jagr and Lundqvist.  Jags has burned too many bridges…there'd be people lined up at the players' entrance to boo him (at best) before his first game.  And that's before he decides he can't be bothered to show up every night.  The Pens are trying to build a team, not a collection of prima donnas.

    And as for Lundqvist…what's the point?  The Pens already have their second year franchise goalie in waiting.

    On the flip side, I think you have a better chance of seeing Shero trade himself than you do of seeing him trade Staal, Whitney, or a first rounder…and of course, Crosby, Malkin and Fleury are even more untouchable.  Malone…I could envision leaving…although that might be wishful thinking on my part…I'm not a fan of his by any means.  A second or lower round draft choice…maybe. 

    All in all…I'll be surprised if the Pens make any major deals.  Maybe pick up a decent defensive defenseman…maybe a competent winger if one can be had relatively cheaply…but getting into a bidding war of prospects and/or high draft choices for one of the fairly small number of heavy duty players who might be available just doesn't make sense for a team trying to build for the long term.

  10. OldGoalie says:

    I wonder if that trade would just show up in the papers as "future considerations…"

  11. Canuckspwn says:

    Jagr is one of my favourite players and still one of the best in the league, but he says he will retire when his contract is up.So J.Stall and Malone maybe but adding a 1st rounder to,is too much for some1 whos about to retire.

  12. kamullia says:

    Ummm….if I was categorizing it, I would have my pick of any of: “older” “little” “worthless” or “shameless” considerations. I specifically do not think “future” can be used in reference of Sather’s testicles.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    Would Slats give his unused left testicle to Phil Kessel?

  14. tacitus says:

    If hes such a real thing howcome his younger brother is playing a full season and Marc isnt? The Penquin stall cracked a lineup that has Malkin and Crosby and Marc cant crack a mediocre defense corps as best?

  15. tacitus says:

    mean and funny i love it

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