Savard Knew That Hackett Was Going To Boston!


André Savard knew that Jeff Hackett would be going to Boston when he did the trade with the Sharks…

The famous file of the Montréal Canadiens goaltenders is finally closed. GM André Savard finally traded the veteran Jeff Hackett to the Sharks thursday evening in return of the right winger Niklas Sundstrom and a third rounder. But the 34 years old goalie, who’s been wearing the color of the Sharks from 1991 to 1993, will have done nothing but pass in San Jose.

In fact, Montréal are likely to re-examine Hackett as of February 6, in Boston, since Sharks at once dispatched him to Boston in company of the young defensemen Jeff Jillson, a 22 year old American.

In return, San Jose received coveted d-man Kyle McLaren, whose contract problems held him out of the rink so far this season.

In a conference call, Savard affirmed that he knew that Hackett would be traded to the B’s when he pulled the trigger.

” That belonged into the diagram. The only way that we could prevent Hackett from going to Boston, was to keep him in Montreal, answered Savard “, from a Peterborough amphitheatre.

” I admit that the Bruins are better today with Jeff Hackett, said Savard. But we had the choice to make this transaction with the Sharks or to keep Hackett in Montreal. But the probability of losing him without obtaining anything in return was very strong. ”

Savard also ensured that the Bruins never wanted to trade McLaren to the Canadiens.

” One would have liked to have him, declared Savard about the robust defender, but they did not want to pass him to us. In any event, he launched to the journalists, it never had Hackett-McLaren discussions there; that comes from your imagination. I spoke with Boston last week, and they only offered us a 4th round draft pick. ”

” If we look at the transaction between the Sharks and Bruins, Savard compared, it would have been necessary for us to let go Hackett and Ron Hainsey or Mike Komisarek to obtain McLaren. ”

” Bruins never proposed us such an exchange, but in any event, we would not have done it. It is not the direction we want to take “, Savard connected, according to which Komisarek is higher than Jillson, of the defenders to the similar styles.

Numerical inferiority

Sundstrom, who is 27 years old, is at its eighth season in the national League of hockey.

A New York Rangers first round draft choice in 1993, Sundstrom spent four complete seasons there, from 1995 to 1999.

He had there his best season of his career, in 1996-97. In 82 meetings, he notched 24 goals and obtained 28 assists.

After being exchanged to Tampa Bay in a transaction implying d-man Dan Nailsmith, Sundstrom was exchanged again, this time to the Sharks.

In 2002-2003, he registered two goals and had 10 assists in 47 games. In career, he scored 98 goals and reached the 300 points mark in 596 games.

Sundstrom is under contract until the end of the season 2003-04 and Sharks agreed to defray approximately 25 percent of his salary until the end of the agreement.

According to Savard, Sundstrom will be really usefull to the Canadiens, especially when the team plays on PK.

” We are one of the clubs which has the most problems in numerical disadvantage “, pointed out Savard, who could not say if Sundstrom would be training with the team saturday for the game against Washington.

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  1. Hockey_Fan says:

    The Canadians need a new GM and a new coach. And not a French-Canadian coach.

  2. puckedinthehead says:

    Savard, your Habs lose big time on this trade, Hacketts’ value could only have risen with the trade deadline looming.

  3. PeterPuck says:

    how, tell me one trade at the trade deadline that involved an up and coming free agent that got a big return, think hard now, come on think you can find one. you wantabe gm make me laugh, you have no clue….

  4. PeterPuck says:

    Savard is doing a fine job and this new coach has not coached in the NHL does not mean he cannot start, where do you think the big coached come from, Hartley, Hitchcock, Keanan, Burns, etc, the juniors, then you have success with the likes of lemaire, robinson, ex players, Julien will make you eat crow, hope you like the taste moron

  5. finger says:

    “Savard is doing a fine job”

    Hey Peter, You get hit by the puck?

  6. revolution says:

    I’m starting to believe that Montreal isn’t going to make the playoffs this year. Savard hasn’t made any moves that have worked out for the team other than drafting prospects…Even Rejean Houle made 1 celebrated move (Manson, Thibault to Chicago for Hackett, Weinrich, 2nd rounder). Montreal has to stop hiring inexperienced French Canadiens in their management positions. Couldn’t Savard trade for a more physical player from SJ, such as Scott Thornton or Todd Harvey? Or a physical defenseman like Dan McGillis? Anyone to replace Traverse and Brisebois?

    Terrible move, made even worse by now knowing that Savard knew Hackett was ending up in Boston.

  7. lrdstanley says:

    I’m sure Savard would have wanted to get more but he was trading from a weak position. Hackett is 34, makes 3.6 million and is an ufa at years end. All the other gm’s knew it and did not want to give up to much. It’s easy to sit back and say he should of got this player or that player, but when the other GM’s don’t want to deal them what can he do. It was either get what he can get or get nothing for Hackett in July when he signs with another team.

  8. MantaRay says:

    If he knew than he is even worse than I thought.

  9. PeterPuck says:

    i am the puck

  10. PeterPuck says:

    and what was he suppose to do, hang on to him until the end of the year and get nothing in return, the fact is no other teams were chasing him, if anything blame Theo, if he didnt play like shit at the beginning Hackett would of been traded earlier when MORE teams needed a goalie, still the fact is only ONE team wanted him. At least we got a player than can help the PK and build for the future, dont think short term but long term

  11. MantaRay says:

    The Habs virtually got nothing in return and helped a division rival. Savard had nothing to lose if he waited until February/March deadline.

  12. mikster says:

    I agree, teams will want playoff goalies or solid starters for the playoffs. Guess Phoenix will rock the house with Burke. I say Blues will land him!

  13. dereksanderson says:

    The Habs never learn. They higher old french-canadians from their hayday who know nothing about management/coaching(ie:Houle , Tremblay, Therrien,Vinneault,Savard) and then they end up at the top of the draft making bad picks. They could have had Gagne, Samsonov and several other players who are successful but instead they ended up with guys like Mike Ribeiro. Besides Saku they have not had one of their draft picks crack the 70 point barrier in at least 5 years and if they have had someone do it he was the only one. The habs have strayed so far away from their winning tradition that I do not think they deserve to be linked with what is on the ice right now. Where are the Scotty Bowman’s, The Maurice Richards, The larry Robinson’s, The Guy Lafleurs’s etc. The habs currently have no player even close to the caliber of the ladder and with their current strategy of getting small Europeans it does not look like they will have any in the near future. The habs were a team that used to do everything they could to be the best; it did not matter if you were from Portugal, if you were a great hockey player they would have you.

    The only reason people are able post anything about the habs that isin’t bad these days is because they have Jose Theodore in net and even that is about to change since Theodore is on the verge of being a one hit wonder. If the habs were smart they would have hired Larry Robinson instead of this no name who will be out of town in a couple of years just like Therrien and Vineault. Habs management has to get out of this narrow-minded funk of hiring french canadians who aren’t qualified just to hold up there european mantra. The Habs are to busy making love with their faces (ie: Theodore) to win games and make the playoffs. Big Bird would be the ideal choice for a coach but his last name is Robinson and it is pretty hard to add an accent to that or make it sound french.

  14. Tradedude says:


  15. PeterPuck says:

    your so far off the line it’s funny, the habs have not had a power house since the late 70’s when the league stop allowing the Habs to have 1st rights to all the FRENCH hockey stars, if they didnt, Mario Lemieux would be a Hab, etc, the league has moved so far from that and to have a powerhouse today, you need MONEY and a BIG market. The hab fans and media seem to forget that, the media is god in Montreal and most of the reports there have never laced up a skate. Habs are rebuilding and if you even thought for a moment that we were cup contenders this year, then you are as stupid as the reporters in Montreal, Savard got good return in that trade, NO one was showing ANY interest in him BUT boston. Hackett wanted to play more and now he can, I hate to see him in a Bruins jersey, but I rather see us get something for the future. Get your head out of the sand and look beyond this trade, Hackett may or may not be a Bruin net year, he is 34 and who knows, we have Theo, young D, lots of average wingers, thats about 100% better than 2 years ago when we had no one to fill injuries.

  16. dereksanderson says:

    First of all I am a Bruins fan and my head is anywhere but in the sand. I have seen many of your posts and you seem to praise the habs no matter what they do. Buddy i live in montreal where do you live ? According to you the Habs have been “rebuilding” since they stupidly traded Patrick Roy. Fans in Montreal do not want rebuilidng because they are sick of it. Montreal is a city that wants winners not carpenters and the fans are sick and tired of rebuilding. The habs fans have watched Rechi, Corson, , Leclair, Keane, Muller, Schneider and several other solid members of the team leave for this so called “rebuilding” you speak of. At the moment the habs are not in a rebuilding phase; or else they would have traded Hackett for picks not for a defensive forward. Your way off the mark because i have not heard anyone talk of the habs going into a rebuilding phase anywhere. Most habs fans would get very angry at you because they beleive that the team is good enough now and just needs a big defencemen to go far in the playoffs.

    As for your whole bit about the Habs not having rights to french players, it has no relevance to what i was saying. I was saying that the Habs pass up other English players that they could keep for a cheap cost (ie; Rechi, Leclair, Corson, Weinrich, Savage and Tucker) and instead they keep unproven french and european players ie: (Traverse, Brisebois,Ribeiro).

    Your team sucks is what it comes down to and instead of admitting it your hiding behind a wall of ignorance in beleiveing the team is once again rebuilding. If the Montreal Canadians are once again rebuilding they might as well trade Theo, open up a home depot inside the molson center and habs fans can go watch the Rockets instead. As far as the trade goes you got whooped, just like when you lost Rechi, Savage and Patrick Roy. I think if anyones head is in the sand its yours because after years of the same thing your still able to pull out the rebuilding excuse. Most of my friends are habs fans and not one of them has liked this deal they hate it and I can only laugh so I’m just gonna laugh at you.

    P.S: I’ve never seen a peice of paper(report) skate and never slander me again.

  17. habs_88_4life says:

    Dude I’d be quiet until you know what ure talkin about…….

  18. PeterPuck says:

    1st of all, i was referring to reporters lacing up skates, excuse my english as I am french. I lived in montreal for 20 years so i know what i am talking about.

    2nd, I have never stated that the habs are cup contenders, i knew we were rebuilding when Savard took over, and that does not happen in 1 1/2 years. So don’t brush me under your cloud of uneducated hockey fans, and that is what your hab friends are if they even think we are a contender.

    3rd if my Habs suck, where does that put your Bruins, they lost last year to who? when was the last cup the bruins won? why do the Bruins always let go of a superstar because of money and always when they are so close to going far? before you knock the Habs take along look at the Bruins history , cheap cheap . chirp chirp

  19. Unknown says:

    Hackett :

    -34 years old

    -injured a lot in last 3 years

    -UFA at end of season

    -had only 3 seasons over .500 in whole career


    having a 3rd liner AND a 3rd round draft pick is more than a fair deal… considering there’s less than 40 games left in the season and that he was not going to play much since Theodore started to play like he did last year…


    Draft picks : i dont think the Habs did so bad in past 5 years… Hossa, Balej, Hainsey, Komisarek, Fichaud, Ribiero, Markov… and dont forget, Chouinard was NOT his pick…

    trades : Cherkawski for a AHL player, Kilger for… for who again ? =) Zednik and Bulis for Zubrus and ex Canuck Cap’n (admit it, what a steal…)

    for ALMOST free : Perreault, Dackell, Juneau, Gilmour, Quintal, Lindsay, Dykhius, and McKay


    now, if you remember what the Habs looked like when Savard replaced Houle 2 years ago well…

    he took a team that had no present & no future… and now they have a decent team (no more i admit though) while developping GOOD prospects…

  20. Unknown says:

    funny, you talk about players that are FAR from being superstars…

    Recchi, how good is he doing since he went back to Phi ?

    Corson, now what, you’re going to tell us, he’s a power forward or something ? he’s not in the same league as Nolan, Shanahan, Thornton and the likes

    Keane was dealt with Roy, and hum, sorry to contradict you here, but we got Thibault for him (is it me or this Goalie is going to be next to Roy in the All Star game ?)… the real stupidity was to let go all players we recieved in the trade of Roy, not the Roy trade itself…

    Leclair… didnt we recieve Recchi for him ?

    Savage, he never been and never will be the 30 goal a year he think he is…

    Tucker, buy “le Petit Robert” you’ll see -overrated- under his name…

    Weinrich, well, the way he’s playing now, not sure he’d do better that the “great” Traverse…


    if you really want to talk about players they should have never let go… then talk about Thibault, Turgeon, Damphousse, Desjardins and the like… not about 3rd liners and 6th D men…


    oh by the way, quick question… do you really think Hackett is that much better than Dafoe ? =)

  21. philbruin says:

    yeh we’ll see when the habs miss the playoffs,hackett gets a shutout in his first game not bad for an old guy that the habs basically gave away to the sharks.The habs will never win the Cup in this century.

  22. PeterPuck says:

    1st of all never is along time, didn’t your mom teach you never to say never……so what would be your idea mr GM, keep Hackett until the end of the year ? and get nothing for him? the habs at status que are not in the playoffs, or i guess you may try trading him at the deadline? ha, what a joke that would be, show me 1 trade involving an up and coming ufa that got good value, that’s right, all draft picks, savard got a draft pick and a good defensive forward, I say that is smart, Montreal needs defensive forwards, shit we give up tonnes of shots and have one of the worst PK’s, how can’t this deal not help!!!!. Don’t tell me that we need meaner D, well we do, and so do 24 NHL teams. Hackett will help the Bruins get in the playoffs, no doubt, but hey don’t we have Theo? The Habs have to control their own faith, and not rely on other teams to crash, if we cheered that, then we are also saying that the Habs really are not that good. I say they get their shit together and squeek in the Playoffs and do some damage. We already have 3 up and coming D, we don’t need D with them 3, and Souray and Rivet, we don’t need D, we need TIME.

  23. PeterPuck says:

    1st of all never is along time, didn’t your mom teach you never to say never……so what would be your idea mr GM, keep Hackett until the end of the year ? and get nothing for him? the habs at status que are not in the playoffs, or i guess you may try trading him at the deadline? ha, what a joke that would be, show me 1 trade involving an up and coming ufa that got good value, that’s right, all draft picks, savard got a draft pick and a good defensive forward, I say that is smart, Montreal needs defensive forwards, shit we give up tonnes of shots and have one of the worst PK’s, how can’t this deal not help!!!!. Don’t tell me that we need meaner D, well we do, and so do 24 NHL teams. Hackett will help the Bruins get in the playoffs, no doubt, but hey don’t we have Theo? The Habs have to control their own faith, and not rely on other teams to crash, if we cheered that, then we are also saying that the Habs really are not that good. I say they get their shit together and squeek in the Playoffs and do some damage. We already have 3 up and coming D, we don’t need D with them 3, and Souray and Rivet, we don’t need D, we need TIME.

  24. AvT says:

    Since, as you say, you’re from Montreal, tell me how many cups have the Canadiens won since the Bruins won the cup in 1970? Hmm? No?

    Well let me enlighten you. The answer is 8 !!

    Next question. How many cups have the Bruins won after their 1970 win? Hmm? No?

    Let me enlighten you again. The answer is 1 !!

    Before their win in 1970 the last cup the Bruins saw was in 1941! 30 years! In that time frame the Canadiens had won how many? No? While the Bruins were waiting the Canadiens racked up 13 cup wins.

    So, have a little respect for a franchise that has always been a WINNER. Unlike the Bruins who have had no charm, no charisma and no talent for the last 60+ years. The only glaring players that stand out from the Bruins are Orr, Esposito and Bourque. Even then they could only muster 2 cups for the Bruins between the 3 of them. Bourque had to LEAVE Boston to get his only cup!

    And don’t even start mentioning the Habs of the modern-era. At least the Canadiens have won a cup in the 80’s and a cup final appearance and another cup the 90’s.

    So, my point is that even with league expansion the “French Canadian” management have always found a way to win championships. And they have primarily done this through their farm system.

    And lastly, Larry Robinson is FLUENTLY bilingual. He still has a house in Montreal as well as some businesses. They opted to go with their farm system again instead of going for name-recognition and a quick fix. It is NOT because he is NOT French.

    So, the next time you open your trap make sure you;

    1) Know what you’re talking about

    2) Start rooting for a true winner

    3) Know that there is nothing wrong with European and/or French Canadian players

    4) Stop being so racist

    5) Know what you’re talking about : )

    Thank you and have nice day!

    PS- How long do you think it will take the Bruins to catch up to Montreal’s 24 championships? I mean they only need 19 more! I’ll let you answer that… : ) Bye.

  25. dereksanderson says:

    Where is Thibault and how well did he play for the Habs. I remember Thibault stinking it up so bad the Habs had to go get Andy Moog to clean up the mess. I never said Corson and Tucker are stars but they are exactly what the Habs need right now HEART!!! Rechi never did anything wrong in a Habs jersey and they had no reason to get rid of him and yes they traded leclair to get him but today they have NOTHING to show for both of those players. Leclair went on to fight for the scoring title, Rechi was an all-star and before they traded him he played for Team Canada with Corson(Funny team Canada wanted these two but the Habs didn’t;I must have missed Turgeon, Thibault and Damphousse at those games). Weinrich is playing pretty good right now so I don’t know what you are talking about there, his team is one of the best defencivly in the league. Turgeon, Damphousse and Dejardins were just guys I left out but add them to the list too. The habs would be alot better team if they still had Rechi, Savage, Tucker and the like. You can argue till your blue in the face but you are obviously someone who watches the habs on t.v from Texas or something because any Habs fan I know would think that is where your from.

    I hated Dafoe so ya I think Hackett is alot better. Dafoe had no heart and hackett is all heart. Hackett will be better in the playoffs (yes he has only played 6 playoffs games but that was when he was alot younger, you can’t judge a players carreer by six games.).

    I have rebuttled your arguments once again and I am sure you will just spin-doctor your way into another putrid argument and when you do that instead of looking for a response just go check stats. You won’t even be able to find the guys that the Habs got in return for all the players they lost and you have only been to the playoffs one time in about 9 years!!!

  26. dereksanderson says:

    Yea they are cheap but do you think Geurin is worth 9 million?? Do you think anyone is worth 5 million? Because if ya do beleive that then your team in Montreal is not gonna last for that long.

  27. Lint07 says:

    San Jose dealt Hackett to Boston, not Savard.


  28. Lint07 says:

    I don’t know if it was really a question, but i’ll answer it anyway. The habs gave up Sergei Zholtok to Edmonton in exchange of Chad Kilger.

  29. PeterPuck says:

    what you run out things to say already…….

  30. aceminem says:

    He could of traded staight to Boston for McLaren but Boston only wanted Hainsey or Komi with Hackett.. so that was a smart move not to do it by Savard.. and Sundstrom has a goal against Chicago so far.

  31. PeterPuck says:

    if hackett was NOT an ufa at years end i might agree with you, but what team would of given up the farm for an insurance in goal, when most (90%) will not look for a goalie. It’s a gamble for a team to get Hackett that late at a cost of maybe a draft pick…..

  32. PeterPuck says:

    Ha ha, what a bunch of crock; at least if your going to comment on the habs at least state the facts you bitter man, and I guess the reason why you are is that your Bruins haven’t won a cup for 30+/- years, lost to a bunch of smurfs last year in the playoffs, are so cheap that every star that has played there has to leave (with exception of bourque, but even he did leave to go WIN A CUP), no wonder you are so bitter. So before you critize the habs, take a Good long look at your team history.


    1-Thibault was too young to handle the pressure in Montreal, which stems from the Media (who with an exception of a few, very few, are want be hockey players) being so anti-french with their endless cheap shots at the english players that played there.

    2-Recchi was traded because he was becoming a free agent at years end and stated very clearly that he was NOT going to resign with habs, (see above #1 with regards to the press). Recchi gave us some very good years.

    3-Turgeon asked to be traded because he didn’t want to be a 3rd line centre man. which was a stupid mistake by management (houle era) to state that Saku was #1 and the future.

    4- Weinrich was another ufa trade that also stated he was not going to resign with the habs. (see above media #1)

    5- The hab’s wheels came off when they traded Roy and got riped off, again Houle’s era. They have never been able to recover, until last year. Savard era’s

    6- Coach Therrien was Houle’s hiring

    7- be thankful that we only made the playoffs 1 in the last 5 years, because look what happens to your beloved bruins, out by a bunch of smurfs!!!

    8- now stop acknowledging how little you know about the hab facts and claiming your hab friends would / are upset because of this and that, if they hang out with you then they must be as uneducated as YOU.

  33. habsoverserver says:

    How about Adam Oates to Phila from Wahington last season. That ws paydirt for the Caps.

  34. habsoverserver says:

    NY wanted him earlier this season and Toronto wanted him last season but Savard was too greedy.

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