Saving Maple Leaf Gardens

I recently watched a video on youtube of present state of maple leaf gardens and I was shocked. Behind the food counters broken dishes on the floor, storage closets full of old record books, seats all still there, ads all over the walls dated 1999, garbage bins overflowing with garbage.

It seems like they wanted to leave in a hurry. This is the building where the leafs won many cups in. Great players achieved milestones there such as Daryl sittlers 10-point game. It is an historic landmark and this is how they leave it! Conn smythe is probably rolling around in his grave right now. There are plans to maybe turn it into a parking lot or loblaws grocery store, NO. I think the Gardens should be turned into a Toronto sports museum. It would display memorabilia of old Toronto sports teams and Toronto born athletes. If this were to happen what to do with the stuff that was left there? Clean it up and auction off the seats. I wouldn’t mind having one more hockey game played there, perhaps a charity old-timers game. This is defiantly what should happen to maple leaf gardens but for now it’s just a deserted building on Carlton Street.

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  1. 19Yzerman says:

    Big Yellow Taxi

    Dont it always seem to go
    That you dont know what youve got
    Till its gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot

  2. Shawn84 says:

    Comming from a habs fan this means a lot. Even i think it's sad, rediculous and a shame that maple leafs garden is left is such a state. How can anybody leave it like that. Shame on the city and the politicians and the Maple Leafs organization. I agree(even though you guys haven't done much in a while) that it should be turned into some sort of mini hall of fame for the leafs organization. Combine that with what montreal did with the forume. We turned in into an entertainement center with restaurants, a 4 level pool hall/arcade/bowling alley/restaurant, movie theatre. To keep true to the forum, where the center ice used to be, we painted the center face of circle with the habs logo and then kept a section of original forum seats and they made life like statues of people with jersey's on sitting in there seats still chearing for the ghost that still roam the forum! Along side montreal, toronto is the historical team of the nhl and deserve more respect than that for where all you great memories took place. I truly think you guys should raise your voices and be heard. Good luck. Ok i have done my good deed for the day, back to my leaf hating self!!!!

  3. robinson19 says:

    I never realized they just left it there. I have mixed feelings about what they did with the Old Forum in Montreal… It's now a sort of shopping mall which sucks, except they kept a whole Canadiens theme going, with commemorative plaques and old photos everywhere, and the original center ice CH in the middle of the floor with one section of red seats preserved for passers-by to sit and remember… so it is in fact half-way between a mall and a museum but I still wish it was more museum less mall. Still, you'd think Toronto with it's cash could pull something like this off to commemorate the storied past of the Leafs….

  4. bleedingblu says:

    Believe me, I go by the Gardens all the time and instead of feeling pride I feel ashamed. I wish there was something we fans could do to save this building. Its a symbol of Hockey like the Hockey Hall of Fame and thats a beautiful building.
    Letting it rot is just as bad as tearing it down.
    Apparently, it cost a lot of money to keep the building running. I thought Loblaws bought the building…. or something like that.
    They should turn it into a huge Hockey store and a Toronto Maple Leafs Museum to honor the Blue and White!

    Go Leafs Go!

    Save Maple Leaf Gardens!!!

  5. Shawn84 says:

    At least we did something with and didn't let rats roam the halls!


    I miss the Gardens… and it was always nice passing it on my way to Golden Gridle but Im pretty sure they are going to tear it down… The location is too good and it takes up too much space, for a "warehouse of leaf memories" eventually there will be 4 condo's there…
    Sorry guys…

  7. Cleets says:

    Anyone have the link to this youtube video?

  8. Archion113 says:

    As a flyers fan, i hold no sympathy.  Our football team played every single game in the Vet (Veterans Stadium).  The field sucked, the place was filthy and crawling with rats, but had so much history.  They blew it up a few years ago.  I hope you will experience my pain!

    But i do feel for you.  It sucks.

  9. NjDEVSFN says:

    It has to be given a purpose to be worth paying for upkeep.

    IMO, Canada should create an "FA Cup" of all non-professional hockey teams and hold the finals there every year.

    Of course, I would love for hockey to create a Challenge Cup (afterall, that is what the Stanley Cup was for – Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup) that involves the NHL, AHL, ECHL, other NA pro teams and the top teams from Europe.

  10. SabresFan220 says:

    Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium is still standing in relatively similar condition and hasn't been used in even longer. The city has been negotiating to have the building turned into a Bass Pro fishing store, but now people are favoring that it be demolished and a new building constructed for Bass Pro. I would be sad to see it go, I have some good memories of the old Aud. If it must go I think they should salvage what they can and auction off the seats, and whatever else people might want. In particular I want them to save the sign on the front of the arena that says Memorial Auditorium carved in the stone and hang it with some Sabres memorabilia in the HSBC Arena.

  11. Marky2Fresh says:

    Yep, it's true they just left it there.  I pass it every day either going to work or school and it never sits right with me. 

    Sometimes if they have the windows open you can see they still have seats and other things all piled up. 

    I just wish they would have stayed there, the ACC isn't even that good.  Too cramped.

  12. the_hockey_bandit says:

    There is a group called the "Friends of Maple Leaf Gardens" and they were working to try to get the city to do something that would preserve some of the heritage of the building. I placed the url to their site below. They were unable to accomplish much according to the website, so it looks like a lost cause now. I was born and raised in Michigan so the Leafs were one of the teams the Wings were close to having a rivalry when I was younger. When the shake-up of the conferences happened and the wings and leafs ended in different conferences, that rivalry was practically lost. Now you are either a Wings fan, or a Leafs fan that goes to Wings games. It is quite sad when I listen to my Canadian family (many from southern and central Ontario) about the games they used to watch at the garden.

  13. Rysto says:

    You can blame MLSE for this.  Eugene Melnyk wanted to buy the arena and have the St. Miicheals Majors play there.  MLSE refused to sell it to him. 

  14. Habs1971 says:

    I am from Toronto, and I went  this weekend to Montreal to catch a couple of games. The last time I went to a game in Montreal, it was in the forum. So, this weekend I visited the now Pepsi forum. I had mixed feelings about it. But it was nice to see the centre ice and the old seats, and a statue of the "Rocket". And it is great that local people and tourist will come and have something to eat or coffee, and stare at the great surrounding of habs history.
    But I  did not like the movie theater and the future shop being there!

    Now, when I take the strreet car from High Park and pass that great building, on Carlton St., I get depressed!

    By the way, the Canadiens have done a great job of bringing the past to the Bell centre. Had a great time there.
    The fans have changed alot, too! The fans in the early 90's had no sensa of humor, it must of been  the proximity of all those stanley cup wins!
     They were serious.

    I went to three games this weekend and tuesday, and the habs lost 2of them and won 1 in O.T. But the fans were having a great time!
    For myself, it would have been great it they won all three!

    Back to the topic, leafs do something about that eyesore!
    Oh yeah! I forgot I can buy a leafs condo!

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