Say it ain't so Joe

Bruins captain Joe Thornton is fed up. Fed up with some current tactics in the NHL. So fed up, he may be considering retirement.Thornton has expressed he is sick of the constant clutching and grabbing that many teams use to hinder power fowards.

In a recent interview with TSN’s Gino Rieda, Thornton said he’d reached his breaking point at a recent game against Pittsburgh. He said the lack of penalty calling has lessened scoring oppurtunites and has weakened the game all-together. Thornton was grappled and roughed-up virtually every time he touched the puck.

“It’s the holding, it’s the clutching and grabbing. Things like that are taking goal scoring out of the game,” Thornton said. “They’re looking at goaltender pads and things like that, and it might help in the long run, but if you cut down on this stuff in the offensive zone I think you’ll see goal-scoring going up and fan attendance going up as well.”

Thornton also claims that referees have ignored his claims and he has been told to play thorugh it, it’s part of the game. Excuses have been made that Thornton’s size and skill make him exempt from drawing penalties. “When it’s every game and (the referees) keep on telling you that, it gets pretty frustrating and you wish they were in your shoes for two or three shifts out there.”

Thornton has said that if drastic changes are not made, that he may call it quits. He claims that the current environment is not what he wants, and that he can’t have fun playing anymore. “It was a tough day for me,” Thornton said. “I look back on it with thoughts that this might be my last year. It’s not worth the pain. My back is killing me and things like that – it’s just not worth the ordeal.”

Personally I somewhat agree with Thornton. The current policy in the league is a joke. Something needs to be done to address this. The trap was bad enough, but hauling players down simply becuase the defense can’t handle them is terrible. If the game is ever going to get better it needs to open up again And the first way to open it up, is to crack down on the cheating.

(all quotes taken from Gino Reda’s interview thorugh