Schneider has new NHL contract – Wonders about a trade

CORY Schneider
has a new contract, a two-year, one-way deal worth US$900,000 per season.

What does it mean in a world where Vancouver Canucks starter Roberto Luongo is about to start in on his 12-year, $64-million extension?

It means Cory Schneider has a new contract.

“I think it’s a very real possibility I could (get traded),” Schneider said from his Boston-area home on Wednesday. “If I happen to get into next year and play well, maybe something at deadline happens where the team can get better by moving me and I’m sure they would with Louie (Luongo) just starting his 12-year extension.”

A trade or an offer sheet for a restricted free agent (which he would have been July 1) seemed most likely for the AHL goalie of the year in 2008-09 and the Moose MVP in 2009-10.

“We didn’t think (the offer sheet) was very likely with the goalie market today,” Schneider said. “There will be lots of guys on the market, tandems splitting up and a good free-agent class as well.

“Talking with my agent, we just figured a team wouldn’t spend enough money that Vancouver wouldn’t match.

“And also, it was a sign of good faith by Vancouver not to hold out on this and play that waiting game. They gave me a fair offer.”

Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman, the team’s contract specialist, told the Free Press Wednesday that Schneider wasn’t signed now so he’d be a bargaining chip at the upcoming NHL draft.

“We didn’t sign Cory to trade him but that said, every player has a price,” Gilman said. “There’s a possibility that somebody makes an offer we couldn’t refuse, but we went into this with thinking Cory will play for the Vancouver Canucks next year.”

Schneider said he was encouraged that after his Moose playoffs were over and he was summoned to Vancouver as third-goalie insurance, there was plenty of chatter that he would be the Canucks’ backup next season.

36 Responses to Schneider has new NHL contract – Wonders about a trade

  1. number15 says:

    wow, Luongo is overpaid and locked up for 12 years, eeewww. How old is he?
    He is above average, but not the superstar Canauck fans make him out to be… the man is over rated

    …………… Canucks have no use for their top 2 prospects (Schneider/Hodgson). is a sham since they r so good

  2. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Van: Riemer, Kulemin & Kaberle

    Tor: Hodgson and Schneider

  3. hockey_lover says:

    I can see why Kaberle's name keeps coming up in trade rumors, given his contract status.

    But leaf fans are CONSTANTLY saying how amazing and talented and awesome Kulemin is .. but yet, he is somehow involved in like 95% of trade proposals.

  4. LeafsneedSteen says:

    He's a threat to bolt to Russia, he does have a rounded game.  Take out Kulemin for Grabovski if you'd like.  Just adding a top nine forward to make up for the eventual loss of Wellwood.

  5. number15 says:

    Kulemin is an exceptional player. He does everything, score, pass, PK, powerplay, hit, etc…… only thing he dosent do is fight, and that about it. Plus he is still very young.

    only reason all Leafs fans are including him in talks are because he has high resigning price that he is asking for. Brian Burke dosent want to pay that much, not yet.

    *** He wont bolt for the KHL. Im pretty sure he said he wanted to stay in the NHL and he said his preference is to return to Toronto. though the price is steep. not outragous, but steep

  6. Kev_Leafs says:

    Kulemin is going to be a great player.  He's got good offensive instincts, he is very responsible defensively, and he finishes his checks.

    I thought he was the best all-around player on the Leafs last year – I know, not saying much given that they sucked.

    The only reason he's mentioned in the trades is his contract status, and aside from Kaberle he is the only decent piece that the Leafs have to move. (omitting Kadri, Schenn, Kessel, and Phaneuf – all of whom Burke would loathe to move).

    Yeah, and Grabovski is garbage and it's his contract that is fuelling Kulemin's salary demands, because Kulemin is way better than Grabovski who makes 2.9 million.

  7. cam7777 says:

    Leaf fans are afraid that Kulemin is going to bolt to the KHL.  He won't though.  The word close to the situation is that Kulemin is still intent on remaining in the NHL, and that he loves the Maple Leafs.  Burke seems to really love Kulemin too, and all signs point to negotiations being very amicable.  I would not trade Kulemin unless it was in a package for a major, major star (ie. Parise, or Stamkos).

  8. cam7777 says:

    Grabovski is not garbage.  I'm so tired of leaf fans shitting on him with nothing to back that up.  I know he isn't Canadian, but it doesn't mean he's useless.  He managed to be a plus 5 on the worst defensive team in the league, and his faceoffs have continually improved.  He put up 50 points his first season, and was on pace for that again last season before a fluke injury.  He's fiery, and the team is starting to warm to him now that he can speak english. 

  9. cam7777 says:

    To VAN: Kaberle, Reimer, Hayes, 2nd in 2011
    To PHI: Schneider, Bernier 
    To TOR: Hodgson, VanRiemsdyk

    Leafs don't have a whole lot of need for another goalie prospect.  Rynnas and Scrivens are solid, and you know with Allaire, we're always going to be able to nab a great late bloomer from Europe or what have you.  We could use a big bruising power-forward prospect though.

    So for Vancouver, it's Kaberle for Hodgson (fair), and Reimer, Hayes and a 2nd for Schneider (pretty decent).  The Flyers swap a winger prospect for a position of need, and take back a 3rd line winger as well.  The Leafs get two high quality prospects that can help the team now.

  10. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Schnideur would be a good pick for the Leafs so they spend next to nothing for depth at the position after Giguere walks next season. Being three cheap goaltenders deep gives them excellent odds of finding a gem while not being one of those teams that gets hung out to dry on tying up too much cap space in goal.

    Giguere's six million then becomes license to make a splash in 01/07/11.

  11. leafmeister says:

    Im not sure if that trade could ever get done, but I think its entirely possible that Burke targets Van Riemsdyk for Kaberle.

    Maybe Kaberle for JVR, 2nd. Another building block going forward, and a late 2nd.

  12. Kev_Leafs says:

    I disagree.  The reason he is garbage has nothing to do with his country of birth as you intimate.  In the same post did I not commend Kulemin?  Anyway…

    I label Grabovski as garbage because that's my opinion of his game after watching him now for two years.  It has very little to do with stats.  Stats aren't everything when it comes to hockey players. When he scored 20 goals two years ago, I was really worried that he'd cash in during the off-season – and he did.

    Admittedly, he was a +3 (not +5 : so much for backing up arguments) and was on equal pace to his 48 point season (albeit -8) in terms of points.  But by watching the games it's evident that he is not as crafty as he thinks he is – he frequently would lose the puck while needlessly doing a hopelessly high risk play or else he'd get hit off the puck very easily as he lacks any great speed.  He is not good in the corners, he is not big, rarely finishes his checks, and he avoids the high traffic areas.  He doesn't have good hands – he was never once even put into a shootout by Wilson and he is supposed to be our 'talented' second line centre!  More importantly, he has an uncanny knack for making his linemates worse – he could never gel with anyone (Stempniak, his regular linemate, left and went on a tear) and this was most glaring when he got an opportunity for a few games with Kessel and that just did not work.

    In my opinion it was his own fault that he got hurt.  He bobbled the puck, stopped, and was standing at centre as he tried to retrieve the puck to go from a standstill rather than dish it off during the delayed penalty and he was hit.   Yes, the injury itself was flukey, but the fact that he put himself into that position was no fluke.  He was playing selfishly – that's his style – and he was hit hard for it.

    Moreover, on at least two occasions he got into fights with his team mates at practice.  Once was with Blake and I believe he also cross checked a defencemen for taking him too hard into the boards during practice and a scuffle ensued (I can't remember who it was).  Not to mention the fact that he also didn't get along with team mates and fellow countrymen in the Kostitsyn brothers while he played in Montreal.  He was also arrested in Vancouver during the Olympics for a scuffle at a bar.

    So, my labelling him as garbage has to do with his selfish style of play, my perception of his limited skill set, and the fact that he's obviously an ass on and off the ice in a way that doesn't help his team out one bit. 

    Now, you may disagree with my opinion, but you can't say that I didn't back it up.

  13. reinjosh says:

    Schneider is unnecessary and irrelevant. It doesn't make any sense to target him, especially for your reasoning. You don't put an unproven rookie in the backup position when the guy in front of him is also relatively inexperienced. A cheap backup like Biron is easily doable and backups are not hard to find. Goaltending prospects are something we do not need at this moment. 

  14. cam7777 says:

    Wow, talk about only telling one half of the story.

    First of all, he was a plus 5 in the final week of the season, so the stat only changed in the last or second to last game – sue me for not keeping perfectly up to date.

    More importantly, we should address these supposed character defects on Grabovski.  Are you seriously labelling him for fighting with the Kostitsyns and Jason Blake?  Blake has never had a teammate who did like him (I know Mats Sundin hated him, and even Dominic Moore took some liberties with him this year), and the whole Habs dressing room can't stand either Kostitsyn.  The other incident you are referring to is a cross check to Beauchemin, who did give him a rough ride.  It's all ridiculous though, because the fact is this happens at every practice, between dozens of players, but you only hear about it when it happens in Toronto and Montreal.  No one else cares.  Even the players don't care.

    I dunno about you, but if I was in Vancouver watching my country play from the sidelines, and some jerk Vancouverites were shit-talking the Leafs in a drunken stupor all night, I'd turn around and punch them too.  I guess Chicago should trade Patrick Kane then, right?  I mean the guy assaulted a helpless cab-driver!!  Give me a break on these character defect arguments.

    Grabovski's contract is not obscene at all.  Look at all the centers who produce very little more than him, and make double or triple his salary.  Stajan just cashed in a 14 million dollar deal.  Langkow makes 4.5.  Gomez makes 8 million.  Steve Ott makes 4 million, and he is horrendously bad defensively, and doesn't even have any of Grabo's offense.  THere are dozens more examples if you'd like me to pull them out.  Plekanec is about to sign for close to 5 million and then return to putting up 38 points.  I don't know what people expected to pay Grabovski, but it seems absurd to me if you thought it would be less than 2.5.  The precedence was there for him to get AT LEAST 3 million.

    During Grabovski's absence from the team, the win/loss ratio was less than stellar.  When he returned, he gave the Leafs a legitimate second line, and instantly took pressure off of Kessel.  To ignore this, or refute this seems pretty silly to me.  The team's record with him is day and night.

    Sure, he's selfish, but he's also responsible.  To blame Grabovski for Stempniak's woes is pretty foolish also.  Stempniak was given chances like mad playing next to Grabovski.  I can't count how many times he either blatantly missed a perfect feed, or shot it right at the goalie's chest.  Stempniak is just a niche player who needs a playmaking winger opposite him – he was gold with Kariya, and he was gold with Wolski.  His shooting percentage is Phoenix was also absurdly high though, and his performance during that time should not be considered indicative of his true abilities, or Grabovski's lack thereof.

    This is a guy who played most of the season with pretty half-assed linemates, and ultimately made Stalberg and Caputi look like legit. NHL'ers down the stretch.  This all might be your opinion, but you've clearly been watching him with a hate on.  Most of what you said about him, you'll find is true of most players, if you watch them closely enough…

  15. nocup4sharks says:

    With any luck it means Schnieders on his way to San Jose.

    To San Jose: Schnieder
    To Vancouver: Tyson Sexsmith, Marc- Eduard Vlassic

  16. cam7777 says:

    Who's going to be a defensemen for the Sharks?  Your defense will look like this:

    Dan Boyle – Jason Demers
    Doug Murray – Kent Huskins
    ___________ – _____________

  17. reinjosh says:

    Thank you for defending him. Its about time someone else had the same views as me. And the contract thing is ridiculous. Isn't a bad deal in any way. Look at Valterri Filpulla. Same player, same contract and yet Grabosvki's contract is still terrible and Filpulla's is perfectly fine. Grabovksi is a great player and not as bad as people make him out to be.

  18. cam7777 says:

    Yes, the difference lies solely in the fact that Filppula is surrounded by better talent, so that no one notices all his little mistakes.  Grabovski is forced to be front and center, and Leaf fans just watch him to find mistakes.  I'll never understand how Leaf fans can't see they are their own worst enemy.  By shitting on every player we have, we only make Burke's job harder.

    Also, before I get called on it, I realize that Ott only makes 2.95 and not 4 million – that's a typo.

  19. cam7777 says:

    Maybe the two separate deals makes more sense:


    To VAN: Kaberle, Reimer, Hayes
    To TOR: Hodgson, Alberts, Schneider

    To PHI: Schneider, Mitchell, 2nd in 2011
    To TOR: VanRiemsdyk

    At the Draft:

    To NJD: Grabovski, 4th in 2010 (NYR), 5th in 2010 (NJD)
    To TOR: Clarkson (rights), 2nd in 2010 (ATL)

    To CHI: Rosehill
    To TOR: Huet, 2nd in 2010 (CGY), 2nd in 2010 (CHI)

    -select Kirill Kabanov 38th overall
    -select Brock Beukeboom 43rd overall
    -select Jarred Knight 60th overall
    -select Teemu Pulkkinen 62nd overall

    Free Agency:

    -sign Matt Cooke, 3 years, 6.6 million
    -sign Scott Niedermayer (shocker!), 1 year, 6.0 million

    -resign David Clarkson, 3 years, 7.65 million
    -resign Nikolai Kulemin, 4 years, 11 million

    Training Camp:

    -waive Andrew Alberts
    -waive Jeff Finger
    -waive Cristobal Huet

    To ANA: 5th in 2012
    To TOR: Marchant

    Kulemin (2.75) – Bozak (3.725) – Kessel (5.4)
    J.V.R. (1.675) – Kadri (1.75) – Clarkson (2.55)
    Stalberg (0.85) – Hodgson (1.7) – Hanson (0.9)
    M.Cooke (2.2) – Marchant (1.125) – C.Orr (1.0)

    Sjostrom (0.75)

    Phaneuf 'C' (6.5) – Schenn (2.975)
    Niedermayer (6.0) – Beauchemin (3.8)
    Komisarek (4.5) – Gunnarsson (0.8)

    VanRyn (0.75)

    Gustavsson (1.35) – Giguere (6.0)

    CAP HIT – 60 million

  20. hockey_lover says:

    So if he's a threat to bolt to the KHL, why would any team want him in a trade? lol

  21. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Schneider isn't needed this season and he may not be needed next year, however it would be a luxury to have cheap depth at the position while Giguere's contract expire. Schneider would be necessary insurance given that the Leafs don't have any real idea what they have in Gustavsson and Rynnas and Scrivens is likely never to see the big league. 

    Choosing between Rynnas, Gustvasson and Schnieder in order to find a long term contract would ensure a minimal cap hit with big upside. 

    Given that the Leafs are hard up for top six forwards, cap space next offseason will be needed to address that need.  Schneider would be insurance so that money wouldn't be wasted when either  Gustvasson or Rynnas get exposed.  For instance being forced into landing a Biron that would cost more than Schnieder and not give the Leafs a potential future star. 

    As far as the experienced goaltender that's a dated notion.  The league is full of veteran goaltenders that are a dead cap space.  Toskala, Giguere, Huet, Turco, etc… Big contracts are also a mistake, Luongo, Nabakov and Kiprusoff can potentially kill an entire season as teams lose the possibility of flexibility in goal.

  22. Kev_Leafs says:

    I respect your points. 

    One thing though, Grabovksi's (03/09) return from injury also coincided with the departure of Stempniak and Poni as well as the insertion of Hanson (03/02), Stalberg (03/02), and Caputi (03/02) into the lineup.  So it isn't a fair statement to say Grabovski brought on the winning touch towards the end of the year as there were at least five other players involved in that mix either by addition or subtraction.

    However, in watching the Leafs it is only him – no other player – that I find myself exasperated with and frustrated with as frequently and as regularly as when he is on the ice.  I never liked the Blake signing from day one as he was overpaid for his production and it was because of this that I didn't like him.  I had hoped that Grabovski wouldn't have received a raise or any length in his deal (2.9/3 years), but he got it to a small degree (yes, I would have like 2.5, but 2.9 isn't bad).  I don't dislike Grabovski because of his wage, rather because of how he plays hockey/his character on and off the ice.  Also, as I said, his 2.9 is fuelling Kulemin's salary demands because Kulemin is a far better player on the ice than Grabovksi, and unfortunately it will likely mean that Kulemin gets overpaid – and thus, why he's mentioned in possible trades.

    My opinion of Grabovski remains unchanged.

    According to Burke's model for how he likes his teams, I think it might be hard to fit him in the lineup going forward.  At least that's my hope.  I hope Kadri is good enough to make the team.  I also hope they can get a big centremen. Either of these occurrences would push either Grabovski or Bozak down the depth chart.  Burke likes big/rough/truculent players on his 3rd and 4th line.  Neither Bozak, Kadri, nor Grabovski fit that description.  Bozak isn't selfish, he actually wins battles in the corners, gels with linemates, has good hands and good vision on the ice.  Things I don't see after two years in Grabovski.  Small wingers on your top two lines aren't something a winning team should rely on – especially considering we already have Kessel – so moving Bozak or Grabovski to the wing likely wouldn't translate well.  If I had to choose who falls off the depth chart when it comes to Bozak or Grabovski, my pick would obviously be the later.  Since he's the only player on the team that I don't like and he's hopefully going to be bumped to the third line by some off-season additions, I'm all for getting rid of this guy.  In my opinion, Burke should take out the trash.

    By all means keep Grabovski if Kadri doesn't make the team or the Leafs don't add a big centremen, but if either do occur, perhaps you'd would like Grabovski on the wing or centring a 3rd line?  I wouldn't and I don't think Burke would either.

  23. number15 says:

    Tomas Kaberle + Jessie Blacker


    Dany Heatly


    problem solved on defence…… the San Jose uses the money to resign Patrick Marleau

  24. reinjosh says:

    Schneider is a useless acquisition. Burke didn't go out and sign three goalies over the past three years (Rynnas, Scrivens and Gustavsson) and trade for one just to add another guy who would essentially jump the queue. Its a stupid waste of assets for one and he isn't going to screw over the guys he has signed by making a move like that.

    Biron also wouldn't cost anymore than Schneider is. Biron has little to no leverage and barely got a job this year. Plus, if Giguere wants to stay, he will because Burke and him have a solid relationship (although it won't be for much more than 2 or 3 million, especially as a backup).

    We already have one solid growing potential starter in Gustavsson. Getting Schneider doesn't help that fact one bit. We don't need another along with Giguere and Gustavsson. It would create a loggam and would lead to the only obvious candidate getting traded. That would be Schneider.

    ANd I don't know why your talking about big contracts. Once Giguere's is up, it will be Gustavsson and a backup who is cheap, not expensive.

    There is absolutely no logic in getting Schneider.

  25. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Scriven is a nothing signing, so we can't we take him out of the discussion already?

    Are you comfortable with a Rynnas Gustavsson tandem? I'm sure as hell not, can't just pat yourself on the back and say goaltending solved with these two.

    Schneider isn't useless, he's a solid developed prospect, one I'd consider to have more upside than Gustavsson or Rynnas.

    The key to the proposed trade was Hodgson, if you're making a deal with Van then I'd like to press for Scheinder as well.  It's not like I'm suggesting sell the farm for him.

    Biron is garbage, I don't see why he's worth mentioning and he'll cost a minimum of 1.5 million.  No thanks.

    Again Giguere is a temporary, I've made it clear that Scheider addresses long term concerns not short term. 

    Big contracts in goal should be avoided like the plague, given that it would make sense to get some affordable deepth to compensate for the uncertainty of unproven talent.  Sheesh it's not that complicated.

    But apparently there is no logic in picking up a solid goaltending prospect who is affortable and available, why would anyone take interest in Schneider when you have dead weight in Gigueure who will be gone by the time the Leafs turn around and two can't miss sure things like Rynnas and 'I play fourteen feet outside my goal line' Gustavsson? 

    No logic in picking up a quality alternative for the future.  Better off we pick up a washed up veteran for more money, hey why not make JFJ proud and bring back Cujo while we're at it.

  26. reinjosh says:

    See there you have it. "He's a solid developed prospect".

    We already have Gustavsson for that. Bringing Schneider in would only create problems. The way Gustavsson has improved (and he has a higher ceiling that Schneider, another thing I disagree with you about) he is being groomed to be the starting goalie of the future. Bringing in Schneider creates problems.

    First, he is ready for the NHL. Great right? Not really when you already have two starting goaltenders (arguably). So he sits another year in the AHL, which is absolutely useless for him and could actually stunt his growth (its happened to prospects before). THis could just as easily cause him to ask for a trade which is a possibility and then with Burke's penchant for respecting guys, he would get traded. Granted, we have a nice trade chip but in the end its only one prospects (who isn't even the best in the AHL. Bernier gets that nod.). Thirdly if he finally proved he could get up to the NHL, we get two guys with all of two years of experience in the NHL. Thats a recipe for disaster. Smart teams who are expecting to compete do not do that. Its stupid and foolish. And don't respond saying "but you want Rynaas and Gustavsson!" No, I don't. I want Gustavsson (who is far better than you give credit) and a solid NHL experienced backup, something Schneider is not.

    Solid backups with NHL are easy and cheap to come by. And were talking about change over top of Schneider's new contract (which has to at least be 1 million or above). Not a big deal at all.

    And Kaberle shouldn't be used to get prospects unless we solve our forward problems first. No, getting a forward prospect does not do that.

    Its pretty obvious by you name that you have limited knowledge of hockey.

  27. LeafsneedSteen says:


    I used to post here under a different handle and I always sung the praise of Alex Steen, nobody could turn the puck over like Steen Jr.  I shouldn't expect you to pick up on that though.

    I like Guvtasson but I don't trust him to be solid, not yet.

    1. Irrelevant point, he's not going to play in Vancouver behind Luongo or Raycorft unless for injuiries.  So he's fine to play for the Marlies and get the call when the Monster's heart skips a few beats. 

    2. He has no say on his future when he's brought in specifically for depth. Burke owes him nothing.

    3. He's proved himself ready, he's been dominant in the AHL ala Tuuka Rask. He's perhaps the best goaltender not playing in the LNH.

    4. Stupid and foolish is taking a step sideways and burying Rynnas in the minors by bringing in a veteran back up.  Experience is meaningless for pure skill position (what has experienced goaltending done in the post season? Not a difference maker).  Gimme the back up with the potential to exceed expectations. Monster/Schneider/Rynnas keeps open the possiblity for whomever earns the position to take the reigns, not giving it to someone based on a sense of entitlement.  Signing a Biron type backup is a missed oppertunity and would cost more.  I'd also go as far as waive Giguere by sending him down and give Schneider a serious look.

    I understand you don't want a Rynnas/Monster tandem however that is the  issue on the horizon I'm addressing.

    Again Hodgson is the key to the deal. He would provide solid deepth down the middle (in addition to Bozak and Kadri) long term (we still should be thinking long term as we're the second worst team in the league).

    The addition of Hodgson and Schneider IMO would be excellent final touches to the rebuilding plan and provide the necessary young core to start adding UFAs too. Two quality 1st round propects well along on their development would compliment a solid blueline and free up space for 2011 to shop for a winger and puck moving defenseman.

    Or we could over pay Kulemin and get a patchwork backup and continue to shoot ourselves in foot.

    It would be prudent to prepare ourselves long term given that this up coming season is another year in limbo.

  28. LeafsneedSteen says:

    *1, Correction I thought Raycroft had another year on his deal, the Canucks could always sign Biron.


    Why would Philly want Kaberle???? they already have Pronger, Carle, Coburn, and Timmonen eating 90% of the playing time….. Good try though…

  30. reinjosh says:

    I get the being prepared long term. But I just have a different view. Rynnas isn't expected to make the Leafs next year and wont be expected the year after. He is very much in need of development and won't be expected to make the jump anytime soon. The hope for him would be that he develops alla Rinne in a view years.

    Scrivens is the same move as Reimer. Lesser known goalie with a decent ceiling who needs lots of development. Three guys of differing readiness, developing for different reason.

    Gustavsson is the man the Leafs are preparing to hand the keys too. All the evidence points to that. If your not sold, I wouldn't blame you but the evidence points to him being prepared for that. His development in the latter half of the season was a good sign of his ability to learn. Your non-trust of him on his solidness is just and thats why we have Giguere again. The way he has developed so far, its not too much to think he could theoretically inherit the starters position by his third season in the NHL.

    Getting Schneider in my opinion is just pointless. The team is already flush with goaltending talent and the only position that will need filling in the next year or so is an experienced backup, something I can't see Schneider being. Yeah, it would be sweet to have him and maybe have a sick tandem between him and Gustavsson but I just can't see Burke doing it. It wouldn't send the right message to Gustavsson, and goalies temperaments have always been up in the air.

    I get the Hodgson part (as much as I am not sold on him, but thats a story for a different day). To me it comes down to what we need and thats scoring, particularly scoring with NHL level experience. The rebuild is important but by getting a young scoring forward (whoever that may be, maybe Neal), we skip the necessity of another year spent in the rebuild mode and also, and if logic holds (which its possible it wouldn't) we finish in a playoff spot or near, so as not to give up a top 10 pick again. Kaberle can give us that scoring winger/forward with NHL experience. Thats the only logical move in my mind. By getting an RFA (the only players likely to get traded for a guy with one year left) we can not only sign a guy for more than 3 years, but we can get him while he is young.

    I have nothing against Schneider, I just think with some solid prospects already in the goaltending part of the system, we need to focus somewhere else. Free agency is the perfect area for solid second option goalies (as Philly, Chicago have both proved). Guys available next offseason who would fit our purposes include Howard, Ersberg, Garon, Conklin, Anderson, Leclaire, and even Giguere.

    And the Kulemin issue is a tough one. Just signing him would be a sideways move. Not a bad one, unless truly overpaid, but not a move forward move eitehr.


    Heres one question for you: if you were the GM of the Canucks would you trade two VERY promising propects in their early 20s for a 32 year old who only has one more year left on his contract???? Not every GM is as stupid as Burke….

  32. Mapleleaves says:

    ive always thought of myself as a life long leaf fan but if they were to trade for heatly im not sure if i could continue

  33. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Gustavsson is the man the Leafs would like to hand the keys too, huge difference. Gustavsson isn't a lock for anything. I'm sure Burke would say we'd like to see him continue to improve. It's willful ignorance to take that it as a given.

    I'll over simplify this… If you had to choose between Cory Schneider or Martin Biron what is the obvious answer? 99 out of a 100 people take Schneider and I don't know what I'm talking about?

    We're not flush with goaltending talent we have bunch of question marks.  It's a worse message to the fans that bring in a washed up backup to spare Gustavsson's feelings. Gustavsson has to earn the position.

    I don't love Hodgson either, but he's a solid prospect from a deep draft.  Between him Kadri and Bozak I feel strongly the Leafs could find a solid top two centers.  I'm of the mind that I'd rather land a winger in free agency and trade Kaberle for a building block down the middle.

    How did Philly and Chicago prove free agency is where to get goaltending? Emery was a bust, Huet is possibily the worst UFA pick up in the league.  It's their young talent starting in the finals…

    Kulemin is expendable given his demands, a trade could humble him.

  34. leafmeister says:

    He would totally complete the defense, and he is better than all of their defensemen hold for Pronger.


    Undisputed best defense in the league.

    JVR is a great talent, but Philly has a lot of forward depth, so he is expendable.

  35. nocup4sharks says:

    First chances are huskins gets traded or waived.

    Nick petrecki could very easily make the team. he really could of made it this past year but his cap hit was to high to fit him in.

    We have roughly 20m. We could use 4m or so to sign Willie Mitchell

    Resign Rob Blake for 2.5m

    Sign another 2 guys for 2m each and our defence is solid.

    Also with Griess in net we could have the best defence in the league and still get beat by 5 goals each game

  36. lafleur10 says:

    if philly makes a deal it won't be for kaberle he doesn't fit their style he's not a typical flyer player! and their defence is close to being the best now,it certainly is the best in the conference if they flyers trade jvr or giroux it will be for a goaltender and a goaltender only!

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