Schneider's future with Canucks decidedly murky

Cory Schneider’s hockey future has more potential twists and turns than a David Baldacci novel.

This we know: Schneider’s career goal is to become a clear-cut No. 1 in the NHL and receive the playing time – and contract dollars – that go with it. But as long as Roberto Luongo and his contract and $5.33-million cap hit that runs through 2022 are here, it’s not going to hap-pen in Vancouver.

The growing maturity of Schneider’s play has forced the Canucks to alter their approach to the team’s goaltending position. Schneider, 25, is showing he’s ready to be a starter and they appear willing to let him run with the ball.

In the short term, it shapes up as a positive for the Canucks, in that they have two good goaltenders to choose from.

In the longer term, though, Schneider’s future with the Canucks is murky.

Just how murky? There are many moving parts, but here are some of the possible scenarios:

First and foremost, because the young goalie is such an asset, there’s the trade scenario. That’s unlikely this season, unless some team makes the Canucks an offer they can’t refuse. They’ll be much more comfortable going into the play-offs with two very viable options in goal.

But Schneider’s contract situation may trigger a trade after the season. He’s on the final year of his deal, although he will be a restricted free agent. That means the only way for him to sign with another team would be through an offer sheet.

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