Scott Stevens in The Hockey Hall Of Fame…Why?

Scott Stevens was selected 5th overall by the

Washington Capitals in the 1982 draft. Over the

years he has had two other destinations other

than Washington. 1 year with St. Louis in 1990-91

and 13 years with New Jersey since.

Stevens has racked up 196 goals, 712 assists for

908 points, 2785 penalty minutes, and a career plus

minus of +389 in 1635 games played. His stats are

very impressive but stats alone do not get you in to

the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

Lets face it, Scott Stevens is a cheap shot artist, I

know I am going to get flamed by all New Jersey

Devils fans for syaing this but cheap shot artists do

not belong in the Hockey Hall Of Fame! Stevens has

had many cheap shots but here is the worst one in

the 1998 Nagano Olympics, Canada was facing the

US. During the game Scott Stevens went and gave

Wayne Gretzky a cheap shot in which Gretzky would never rebound from.

Yes, he gave the ambassider of hockey a cheap

shot and people are still pushing for him to get to

the Hall Of Fame? When Gretzky came back to New York he was never the same and I am telling you

this, if Scott Stevens didn’t deliver that cheap shot, Wayne Gretzky would still be playing, you and I

both know that I am right in this one! So please

hear me out and don’t put a cheap shot artist in

hockey’s memorial.