Scott Stevens Leaning Towards Returning

TFP.COM and report that Devils Captain and 41 Defenceman Scott Stevens is seriously thinking of returning for the upcoming season.

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  1. trademan says:

    Isn’t it nearing retirement time for him. Maybe he will be the 6th d-man but c’mon.

  2. mikster says:

    He would be a good leader, but he’d really have to come in at a cheap price, almost close to the league minimum.

    I just don’ get Lou’s plan, at all.

  3. therapist says:

    That’s nice. But it probably won’t be with the Devils. They are the team with the highest amount of $ over the cap.

    I don’t understand Lou’s signing of Vladimir Malakhov at $3.6 Million. Biggest overpaid player after the lockout?

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    It will be with the Devils, I do not know what Lou is going to do but he told Stevens that there is room for him if he wants to comeback. Stevens would not play for anyone but the Devils.

  5. Devilsfan99 says:

    On The score Lou said they will welcome back scott with open arms and he said they were talking and that scott knew how important team chemistry was.

    Lou said he will be accepted even thou there cap salary for 05/06 is huge. and they would accept him untill the deadline.

    badly writin, I know!

  6. sethnjdfan says:

    Any Devils fan will take this as good news. He is 41 but the ability to instill fear into opponents is something he will never lose at any age.

    If Chelios at 40 and MacInnis at 40 can play dominant hockey so could Scottie who might just be in the best shape of his life as a work out freak.

    He has shown NO signs of wear and tear in his game. He took a puck to the side of his head, left a trail of blood on the ice, received 15 stitches came back the next game and had a goal and 2 assists and from that point on led the team to the cup along with Brodeur. He was playing fine last season until he suffered his concussion symptoms.

    Scottie is the ultimate captain and leader in the locker room and on the ice and there is no reason for any fans to think that the stay at home defensive master cannot excel still until he gives a reason to.

    This assumes he does return. Until I hear it from his mouth I will not believe it totally.

  7. sethnjdfan says:

    He will play at league minimum assuming he does return. Although he is worth so much more to the team.

    Don’t worry about Lou’s plans. He has everything figured out. Devils fans are puzzled as well. Especially at the rediculous signing of Malakhov. Not so much the player but his salary. But Lou did his homework and sat in at the cap meetings and knows all the little loop holes.

    They are over the cap (though not as much as it seems on paper {there is a difference between a players salary and its cap hit}) Lou will do what needs to be done to get under the cap and keep a team committed to winning.

  8. 92-93 says:

    the big question now is if he does return to the devils that means that there will definitely be a trade out of NJ before October. This would have been the case even without the return of Stevens but he makes it that much more imminent.

    I hope JFJ is paying attention to this situation closely. I would love to see a trade that involves the Leafs and Devils (Colin White or Jeff Friesen for Nik Antropov and maybe someone else thrown into the mix that won’t be expensive – Karl Pilar?). Pilar would make sense because he’ll be near the league minimum, he’s young, and he’s has some good upside. It would also enable the Leafs to maintain a roster spot for a younger guy like Colliacovo.

    Colin White ($1.71 million) for Antropov ($1 million would help the situation in NJ somewhat and would not add much to what little the Leafs have left to spend. It would make more sense for NJ to unload Friesen and his salary of $2.21 million. but who would the Leafs offer.

    Any other possible rumours involving other players on the Devils and involving other teams? (and please, this is just speculation so don’t resort to the immature, sarcastic “HAHAHA eveyone is going to T.O” comments. if you dont’t like it, don’t visit or belong to a site that is called hockey TRADE RUMOURS).

  9. sethnjdfan says:

    You make a reasonable point….IN YOUR LAST PARAGRAPH ONLY!!!!

    Lou Lamoriello will not make an interconference trade with a rival and playoff contender like the Leafs. Unless a once in a lifetime deal came along I cannot even think of a trade that would work that is worth bringing up.

  10. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    interconference means that they would be trading him to the opposite conference…..i think you mean a trade with a conference rival…..stick to words you know how to use… lol

  11. wingerxxx says:

    Malakhov, Mogilny and Holik are all up there when it comes to prices this summer. But…it’s not the players fault that GM’s are willing to pay this much for their services. Not at all. Lou wants tandem’s of Elias-Gomez and Kozlov-Mogilny up front, is more likely, while Malakhov is still a number 2-3 defenseman. I’d pick Holik as the most overpaid player this summer, still. The guy knows how to make money in this league, what can I say?

  12. 92-93 says:

    that is an understandable point if you are talking about an impact player (Friesen has the potential to be such a player). but when you are talking about White and Pilar, i think you are overstating this never-trade-to-a-conference-rival rule.

  13. distance7 says:

    I hate Scott Stevens with a passion, but I agree with everything you’ve said basically. He is a GREAT player, and if he was the captain on my team I would never want him to leave.

  14. mikster says:

    Well, he is not going to go to the media and answer their questions saying hat he has no idea how to handle this problem.

    He will have to trade a bunch of players for little in return. That is a poor plan from an unprepared GM.

    Not dissing the guy, he is a great GM….but not all GMs are always perfect. This time i believe that Lou got himself stuck in a hole.

    He’s got to have a huge trade coming, or he has to start making individual trades now because training camp is right around the corner.

  15. mikster says:

    I think the Panthers and the Devs will make a trade, they were good trading partners.

  16. CaptainInsano says:

    Lou has probably found a bunch of lil’ loopholes, I mean it’s hard to imagine such a crafty GM with an amazing track record losing his mind.

    I’m no Devils fan, but I think Lou has a plan and before it’s all said and done, Lou will do something that will make us all go “Oh damnnnnnnnnn, nice move Lou!”

    Like maybe Elias’ salary doesn’t count until he returns from his Hep A. So they don’t bring him back ’till December or something and that’s when they make their trades. Or maybe they give Stevens more time to get ready and they only sign him during the regular season after one of their other defensemen gets seriously injured. Maybe his plan is to only carry 20 players on his roster all year long, so he’s not wasting a couple million on guys who aren’t playing, then he just calls them up when the regulars get hurt and they won’t count towards the cap while the other guys are hurt.

    If there is a GM who is thinking outside the box, it’s gotta be Lou.

  17. sethnjdfan says:

    The consensus is he is going to trade players for minimal compensation. We all know he is going to make a trade. That is immenent.

    No team has yet traded a player to dump payroll and get more then just a pick.The Rangers were basically handed Steve Rucchin for nothing. They received Trevor Gilles and a 7th rounder. Are you going to tell me that if Anaheim offered Rucchin, Ozolinsh, and Sykora they would have received the same compensation? If the Flyers signed Amonte instead of buying him out they would have had control of where he went and what they got for him (I say this knowing it takes 2 GM’s to agree to a trade) They could have packaged him with JR and gotten a lower level player in return to help the team.

    The Devils have a lot of quality players that attract a lot of interest around the league. Friesen gets no more then a pick. But Friesen, Kozlov and Matvichuk or Oliwa, Marshall etc gets somebodyof quality in return. The Devils might not win the trade but they will get a roll player that will fit into their mold.

    And YES, They absolutely can trade 5 million in salary and get two million back. THey are on paper in worse shape then the reality. It would shed 3 million off their cap and Lou would even still have options.

    I think a lot of fans are going to be very livid and upset come October 5 and they see the Devils at 41 mill payroll. They will not clean house as people think. The Cap has loopholes and he knows it more then anyone.

    Ironically, the return of Stevens would help the payroll. Lou would be forcedto trade a d-man at a higher salary to fit him in. Scott will play for minimum.

  18. UWSensFan says:

    Agreed…to an extent. Remember, Ottawa and Atlanta (both Eastern Conference teams last time I checked :P) made one hell of a blockbuster move just a short time ago. I think Lou has a decent idea of what it is he wants to do, and we’ll find out when he does make his move. But man, what I wouldn’t give to know what he’s planning 😛

    Oh, to you Leaf fans, I sure hope that if Stevens returns, Quinn doesn’t match him up against Lindros. Seeing Lindros get levelled once by the master of checking is too many times already. I just don’t like seeing people get hurt 🙁

  19. mikster says:

    He can’t be at a $41M dollar payrol by October 5th.

    The cap may have other loopholes but regardless of what they are, it has to be at $39M, not even $39.5M.

    He is going to trade Firesen, White, and someone else in order to get down to $39M and then sign Stevens for cheap.

  20. eric_empire says:

    White is a very solid d-man, a player you’ll never see put up big numbers but is a very good player that makes shure that you are not scored against. He is a player that ever team wants… like Foote and Stevens, big, solid and never makes any defensiv mistakes.

    “If you are talking about an impact player (Friesen has the potential to be such a player).”

    Yes Friesen has the potential on his good days… White is and impact player… in the silent.

  21. sethnjdfan says:

    He will be at $39 million. But it will loo like it is higher.

    I agree Friesen will be dealt.

  22. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    Please….at this point if Stevens were to deliver another one to Lindros they would both have their career ended…..keep in mind Stevens has been out of hockey because of the same issue to Eric Lindros…now he knows what it feels like to be on the other side, i don’t think he would be interested in ending anyones career after what hes been through….call it divine justice!

    PS – the hit he laid on Lindros to start all this crap was dirty not clean at all watch the replay he elbows him, its not a shoulder hit….

  23. sethnjdfan says:


    Scott Stevens has 4 elbow penalties in 20 seasons. Look it up. He is a student of the game who plays dirty and vicious, but he is clean. Lindros never even stated it was a dirty hit. His feet NEVER left the ice. HE ran full force with his SHOULDER throwing the momentum into a Lindros who left himself vunerable. I have watched that game many a times as a Devils fan.

    4 elbow penalties in 20 seasons. You tink he is dirty?

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