Scott Walker out 8-10 weeks

Nashville, Tenn. (November 8, 2005) – Nashville Predators Executive Vice President/General Manager David Poile announced today that Predators forward Scott Walker will undergo surgery for a sports hernia on Thursday and he is expected to be out of the lineup for eight to 10 weeks.This is a huge blow for the team, considering that he is the REAL captain of the team. Greg Johnson may wear the C, but Scott Walker has been the on-ice leader of this team since he arrived in Nashville. The Preds have been without Walker for all of their losses, and have only won 1 game without him in the lineup. To add to this, Steve Sullivan is dealing with a groin strain, Yanic Perreault is dealing with an injured foot, Adam Hall was put on the IR recently, but should return soon.

The organization hopes that Scottie Upshall can take his place on the 2nd line, and if that doesn’t work then you’re probably looking at the Preds making a deal. I don’t know what they have planned, but Steve Sullivan definitely needs to return immediately, and the team needs to play with some FIRE. It’s almost a guarantee that there will be a Jordin Tootoo sighting in Nashville during Walker’s recovery. He hasn’t exactly been lighting it up in the AHL, either, which is a disappointment to the team. But he was suspended a few games and then returned to recieve 20 stitches. Good start, eh?

This has been, “News you probably didn’t read past the headline.”

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Rick Nash being out 4-6 hurt Columbus badly.

  2. distance7 says:

    Well, Nashville has more of a team than Columbus though..

  3. Resmo112 says:

    i’m not so sure, really columbus is bad, and nashville is good but when your whole team is hurt including all your young guys who were supposed to step it up this year, it’s hard to be so good. when nash comes back brule and fritsche we’ll see.

  4. distance7 says:

    Nashville’s injuries will pass within a week, besides Walker. Sullivan and Perreault will probably play tonight, and Adam Hall is supposed to play Thursday or Saturday.

    I really hope Upshall plays well, just because I don’t think Tootoo needs to be called up yet. He needs to work on his game and get alot of ice time in the AHL. If he gets called up his minutes will be cut and he won’t get the chance to improve.

    Upshall is the young guy that has to step up, or be sent down again.

  5. distance7 says:

    Well they played a good game tonight against the Oilers. Vokoun was awesome as usual, but Smithson had a really good game and really made Pronger mad. Awesome end to the 3rd period!

  6. Mullet says:

    I wanna see more fighting in this NEW NHL. How about Chris McGrattan V.S. Derek Boogaard. This would be a tremendous fight! Or how about Laraque v.s Peters, Boogaard or McGrattan. Or a battle of the nose breakers Colton Orr v.s Chris McGrattan! these would be sweet fights!

  7. wayne2 says:

    I hope Tootoo makes it back in their line-up,he`s

    fun to watch.

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