Scott Walker set to become unrestricted

The News&Observer is very observant as they report that Scott Walker is set to become an UFA on July the first. Apparently the Carolina Hurricanes tried to re-sign Walker in the past few days but came up far short on an agreement.

It is reported that the Hurricanes offered Walker a contract in the 2 million dollars per season range for the 51 point getter last season. HTR believes that the two million that the Hurricanes is far short of his market value and believes that Walker will be able to get at least 3 million per year on the open market.

What do you folks feel Walker is worth?

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10 Responses to Scott Walker set to become unrestricted

  1. Lord says:

    If Hartnell worths 4.2 milions per year, Walker worths between 3 and 4 milions per year for another 2 years.

  2. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think when Scott Walker hits the open market the Ottawa Senators should go after Scott Walker and sign him.

  3. hero11 says:

    Walker would be a good fit with the twins in Van!!

  4. kamullia says:

    The problem is that Hartnell is not worth $4.2M, so I doubt that agents will have leverage using that contract at all. Philly was hamstrung at giving either player the money they wanted, that’s why they grossly overpaid for both, and everyone in the market knows that.

  5. BruMagnus says:

    Do you think the Pens should go after him?

  6. Radio says:

    With Hartnell essentially lost, I would agree with this. Get Walker in on the LW and ditch Schaefer for someone else. Or, if they don't ditch him, at least give him some PK time where he's useful controlling the puck along the boards.

  7. Radio says:

    Anybody would be.  Even Brad May would crack 45 points with those two.

  8. SabresFan220 says:

    Walker isn't really worth more than $2.5 million a year but he probably will get $3 million from somebody. He provides the physical edge teams want a winger to have, the Sabres could consider pursuing him but not for $3 million. He's a decent physical 20-25 goal scorer whose best years are probably behind him. He'd give the Sabres a good 2nd or 3rd line effort, and if stays healthy could put up 20-25 goals like I said. If the Sabres don't keep Zubrus Walker could be a fit.

  9. Ryderman says:

    If this guy hits the market the Canadiens should pursue him and give him 3rd line Bonk like money because hes a gritty player with an offensive touch and could provide leadership the Canadiens will need should souray leave. If he played on a line with lapierre and chipchura they would be a great checking line that will put up points and work well on the forecheck and in the corners.

  10. kamullia says:

    No, I do not, because I feel it does not serve the long-term interests of the Pens, and I do not consider him even a temporary fix. In essence he is small, older, and prone to minor injuries. But that and $0.99 will get you a loaf of bread, because I am not the GM.

    Now that Hartnell is off the board, I think it all comes down to whether Shero can re-sign Roberts or not.

    If he does not sign Roberts, he might be tempted to go for Walker, one of the few wingers left that are worth taking a look in the market because he would be relatively inexpensive compared to the others, which Shero I think is set to not even look at. But he won’t have much time to decide that, because I think Walker is interesting enough to other teams that he will be signed within the first 1-1.5 weeks of free-agency.

    I have the firm belief, and I have express this ad nauseum since last year, that the way the Penguins will have to obtain a winger that will fit in their team is via trade, and not through free-agency. However, I do believe that of the prominent wingers left in the market, Brendan Shanahan is the only one that would be worth having with the team for a year while Shero brokers the trade for the winger they need. They could even use Shanahan as an asset in that same trade. In fact, as far as trades go, I would be willing to sign both Roberts and Shanahan, because they keep their worth and could make trading the winger easier for the Pens, while it does not mortgage anything for their future. However, the point is moot in two fronts. My understanding is that Shanahan will only consider signing in Detroit, NYR, and perhaps with a couple of Canadian teams. And besides that, both Shanahan and Roberts are at the stage of their life that they do not like being trade bait and therefore always request no-trade clauses in all their contracts. I don’t blame either one for that aspect.

    I wish somehow they were able to swing a trade for Vanek, but that is wishful thinking. You think Buffalo would go for say Armstrong, Goligoski, Christensen, a 2nd round pick and your left nut for Vanek?

    Oh, come on… It’s for a good cause!!!

    Just kidding…

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