Sean Avery Ready to the Big Apple (Unbiased version)

The New York Rangers acquired one of the most hated players in the NHL, Sean Avery, and prospect John Seymour for hard working fourth liner Jason Ward, Czech prospect Jan Marek, and another prospect in Marc Andre Cliche`.

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  1. nyrhockey094 says:

    Cliche is a half assed prospect, marek, not really a prospect at 28 years old. Great trade for the Rangers.

  2. GlenSather says:

    Ok, don't be fooled by my screen name I have no love for Glen Sather, in fact I'm sick of him.   The problem the Rangers have right now is too many third line no talent wingers like Ortmeyer and Hollweg and now Sather goes and gets another one in Avery?.  He also does so by trading one of the Rangers brightest prospects in Cliche who impressed everyone at the World Junior championships this year.   Jan MArek has also drawn comparisions to Petr Prucha in talent.  What do the Rangers get? Avery with his ten goal potentail and John Seymour(who)?  Is that Seymour butts the porno producer?  Glen Sather should think about leaving hockey and getting into the porno business the way he runs the Rangers.   

  3. nyrhockey094 says:

    Once again paul you prove what a TOOL you are. Stick to your laughs. The Rangers needed plenty of Gritt. Colton orr is useless. Hollweg is to small to be a huge fighter. And you cant have shannahan dropping the gloves for Jagr any more. Avery although not the second liner we were hoping for, will make any team pay who decides to ***** with any of our stars. They arent done, they will make one more move for a real second line centre.

  4. nyrhockey094 says:

    Get rid of Prucha for more gritt???? Might as well trade away Staal Korpikoski and Jessiman while we are at it.

  5. nyrhockey094 says:

    Easy, Marek was 28. Not a prospect. Cliche was OK. Nothing special. Avery will be in the NHL for alot longer then Cliche.

  6. GlenSather says:

    Claude Lemieux had scoring talent throughout his career.

  7. HotDogAllDressed says:

    can`t wait until the rangers play in mtl,I`m gonna start practicing my booing now

  8. knucklehead says:

    he won't fight Eager, Eager is to big….see Kings vs. Ducks with Fedoruk.  Avery wouldn't drop his gloves a few times with Fedoruk and which in turn got then King Jeff Cowan beat up (one then once).  He will go with someone like Richards, in my opinion.

  9. wheresthesoda says:

    seasons over

  10. wingerxxx says:

    I know that a lot of Rangers fans are calling for Sather's head right now.  Lets not overreact here though.  From what I am reading, Marek is in no hurry to come to the NHL.  I don't know anything about Seymour.  What we get is the most hated player in hockey.  For the short term, in exchange for Jason Ward, a hard working plugger.  I like Ward, decent PK guy.  And I don't like seeing him leave. 

    I think there is some method in Sather's madness though.  Take Shanahan's recent comments about Jagr getting totally shafted by officials.  I think that Sather took a cue from that.  From what I see every night, the Rangers just have no spark at all.  Avery brings a ton of attitude with him.  Way too much attitude actually.  He's toned down his act this year, but he's still Sean Avery. 

    I think that a lot of reason for this deal was to take some heat off of Jagr.  And to add some more scoring punch.  Avery, for all of his asinine stunts, is much more of an offensive threat than Ward, and can play the PK.  What I hope will happen, is that opposing players will begin gunning for Avery instead of Jagr.  Shanahan played with Avery in Detroit, he's one guy who knows him. 

    Lets get serious, this is not a trade that is going to ruin Glen Sather's reputation.  He's the guy who brought Kasparaitis to New York.  And Kaspar was for a long time, looked at as the dirtiest player to ever wear a hockey jersey.  Slats isn't afraid to bring these guys aboard.  My feeling, is as long as Avery can score the occasional goal, keep the opponent's ire drawn towards him and not guys like Jagr and Straka, and keep his f***ing mouth shut, I really don't care one way or another about this trade.  It's a chemistry trade, done to shake up the team. 

    Its equivalent to Sather noticing that the team is playing like crap overall.  And has no attitude.  No swaggar of any kind.  So he is taking a syringe full of crazy, slamming it into the arm of the team, and pressing the plunger down all the way.  Really, at this point, Avery or not, the team can't be playing much worse right now.  Most hated, dispicable clown in hockey or not, he's a shot in the arm.  And I really don't think the Rangers are done dealing just yet. 

  11. Lazarus says:

    For all you Ranger fans out there, even if you might hate Avery now, by the end of the year you will love him. He is a player with good speed, decent hands, good hockey sense and plays with pure passion. He gives 150% each and every game, battles hard for the puck, draws more penalties than he takes(this year, at least) and gets under the skin of opposing players. If playing with heart and emotion is a crime, Sean Avery is guilty as charged.

    So what if he has a big mouth that has gotten him into trouble in the past, everybody has said and done things they're not proud of. He just happens to be on a grander stage than the rest of us. He really has cleaned up his act this year, he has even hired himself a hollywood publicist to help train him on what to say during interviews.

    All in all, he will be missed in LA. Good luck Sean!

  12. smooth4488 says:

    The way I see it, good trade for the Rangers. People need to understnad, he's not a great fighter and won't be a heavyweight crusher, however if someone takes a cheap shot at Jagr, Nylander, Straka, or more importantly Lunqvist, I would sooner have Avery take a cheap shot back instead of Shanny..let's think about this……

    I am a Leafs fan, big fan of Tucker, but if he ever leaves the team, he's a player you love to hate and I would absolutely despise him. Chelios is another example. This is a category Avery falls into as well.

    As far as prospects, Cliche looks good and Marek is 28, but there's no guarantee he may ever come to NA. As far as I am concerned, it was Avery and a prospect for a prospect if Marek elects to stay. Remember the greatest player outside of the NHL a few years back???lol Look what happened to him…..Dopita comes to mind!lmao

  13. smooth4488 says:

    Just to add to my last post, I think what these guys need is

    a) second line center (obvious)
    b) gritty role player 3rd or 4th line player (Shanny can’t do it on his own)
    c) Another depth defenceman

    I am thinking Smolinski would do the trick if the price isn’t too high on your second line center. Tons of role players out there, can Gelinas be had??If not, what about Roberts? As far as a defenceman is concerned, typical stay at home type of guy that won’t cost much.

    One more idea I had. If you were a Rangers fan, since Nathan Horton wants out of Florida, would you package a deal with Prucha and a couple of prospects or picks for him and Gelinas? Food for thought.

  14. Lazarus says:

    Todd Fedoruk Height: 6-2 Weight: 241
    Sean Avery     Height: 5-9 Weight: 185

    Evander Holyfield  Height 6-2 1/2 Weight 221
    Oscar De La Hoya  Height 5-10 Weight 154

    Would it be fair to have De La Hoya fight Holyfield? That is about the same height and weight differential. De La Hoya, although smaller and faster, would get creamed in the ring with Holyfield. The same with Avery and Fedoruk, Sean might have pissed Todd off a little but it wasn't like he was picking a fight, Fedoruk was the one trying to pick the fight and Avery decided to play it smart and not fight.

    What would you have done? If Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Royce Gracie, The Rock or whichever badass you prefer tried to pick a fight with you and you had a chance to get away before having to fight, would you fight? F**K any of you who give Avery sh*t for not fighting Fedoruk. He is a middleweight agitator and fighter, not a heavyweight.

  15. big_booty says:

    In no way does this trade serve to help the Rangers.

    New York's most glaring need is depth at center – they are desperate for a playmaker to feed the puck to Shanahan and Jagr.

    This deal just makes no sense.  It's like Sather wanted an in-his-prime Adam Oates and settled for an in-his-prime Matthew Barnaby. 

    Not that Barnaby ever had a "prime."

    Wait, the Rangers already had Barnaby in his prime.

    I wonder how that worked out for them…

  16. pj1199 says:

    You couldnt be more wrong. The Rangers badly needed this. Not only does he add a little toughness to the team that it badly lacks, but it also gives them a little attitude as well.
    I have always thought that the Rangers should have tried to sign Donald Brashear in the offseason because not only does he stick up for his teammates but the guy can play a little. Thats what Avery brings to the team. He brings attitude and is capable of scoring 20 goals a year. Avery will also reduce the cheap shots that Jagr gets on a daily basis. Shanny is not the guy you want to have to fight some one.

    And if I remember correctly Barnaby was well liked in NY. I had no problem when he was on the team. He played well and always stuck up for guys on the team.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    Yeah I know… The Rangers are very disaplined as a team already…

    The fact is that this was low on the list of things needing to get done. And waiting for a 2nd line center and a legit defenseman really will hurt.

  18. SabresFan220 says:

    Don't go insulting Matthew Barnaby comparing him to that trash Sean Avery. Everyone hates this guy and he shouldn't be in the NHL. At least Barnaby wasn't hated by his own team mates where ever he's played. Sure, not everyone loved him, but not everyone likes everybody on their team.

  19. cecilturtle says:

    I agree, the refs have stoped calling penalties on players holding jagr…  Avery being on the ice will most definitely wake the refs up and at least make them take their wistle out of their pocket!  So, I guess I agree with you that Sather is hoping that if their wistles are out already, the refs might be more inclined to call the constant holding on Jagr thats been going on a penalty.  I guess it's Slats' way (e modus operete) of forcing the refs call a tighter game for the Rangers.  If the refs don't call a tighter game???  Avery will surly make them!  I hope???


  20. wingerxxx says:

    All good points.  I think the main thing is that Sather is banking on Avery being more of a diversion from Jagr than anything.  If there is one thing you can give Avery credit for, he takes an awful lot of heat off of his team's skill players on the ice?  Why?  Because the opposing teams' tough guys are always gunning for him.  Even when he blatantly turtles.  It makes them want to get him even more.  There's definitely some method to this trade. 

    I'm sorry that we had to give up Ward, but we have enough guys on the roster who can't score to save their lives. 

  21. wingerxxx says:

    Whoa there.  There's still a ways to go before the trade deadline. 

    I'm pretty sure that Sather knows that Avery is not a playmaking center.  He knew the Rangers needed a shot in the arm, and for better or worse, thats something Avery definitely provides.  It's not like the Rangers gave up a lot here.  The team is lifeless right now.

    Let's just wait and see what other deals the Rangers at least attempt to make, before claiming that Sather doesn't know the difference between the agitators and playmakers. 

  22. SensShark says:

    He also got Jack Johnson from Carolina…..he built the San Jose team that is kicking ass right now too!

  23. mundus80 says:

    ok ok ok
    first off the rangers need a number 1 pair d-man, maybe even a number one pair.
    but this i think is a good trade, the rangers lost something last year when they lost ville to SJS. i think they got it back with avery. plus he has 28 points this year. i think for a 3 or 4 line center that is pretty good.
    i think they should sign alison and leetch, then trade for a number one d-man. alison and leetch you improve the team this year for only money no prospects lost but the prospects well learn allot from both. then loose something for a youngish good  d-man like mccabe or acion. 

  24. knucklehead says:

    That's what I was saying that Avery will not be fighting Eager because he Eager is to big.  I totally agree that he shouldn't fight Fedoruk or any other "Heavyweight" in the NHL. As was stated in my previous post. ie Richards/Avery not Fedoruk-Eager/Avery.

  25. Lazarus says:

    Sorry, i wasn't really directing that at you, I'm just sick of people bashing Avery for backing down from a fight that he knows he'd lose horribly and wouldn't be a fair fight. Avery holds his own with the middleweights out there, but don't expect him to fight the big guns.

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