Season Coming Soon???

The NHLPA cancels a scheduled meeting. The NHL continues to set up meetings frequently. Forget what Jeremy Jacobs said, the guy is being ignored by other owners. Dallas Stars president Mr. Lites said a while back that “we’re on the same page”.

Does this mean the lockout is coming to an end? Show some optimism!Those mentioned events must have a meaning to them. I know we have been fooled before by these two parties, and they are both selfish for hurting us and the game we love.

But, there is not reason to give up on optimism.

Being optimistic is part of our lives. I know I am going a bit off track here, but there comes a time in all of our lives where we may question optimism…and doubt its purpose. It is an ugly experience to go through with it because you reach a certain feeling, or emotion, where you expect the bad to happen and ignore what good things could happen. Thinking more pessimistic than optimistic makes things worse….to a point where you become careless about certain things, and you don’t even try to be optimistic. You have to be optimistic in life, and it’s something that many of us have learned, or will have to learn.

So going back to being optimistic in this case, good things have happened, and I am quite in shock that there has been little talks about the good news. These are good news. Sure, they may not seem like a great deal, but there is no reason for us fans, and especially the media, to get so uptight about the bad news of this lockout.

I’ve seen people get so worked up and involved when news show of how “negative” a meeting was between the NHL and the NHLPA, or how a player made a ridiculous comment. Why get invovled in that? Why does the media make a big deal about something negative instead of something good?

I commented a few times on a hockey message board about how Mr. Lites had some great quotes, yet no one paid attention to that. Fans, mostly the NHLPA supporters, and the media were more interested in talking about Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs than Lites.

Why? Have you not noticed things seem so quiet lately? Who cares about where Crosby could go? I want to know more about all these meetings that have been happening. Why not talk about those? Why not be optimistic that at least some real progress is going on? I have not heard any negative remarks by either the NHL or NHLPA about these meetings, and that is the major news! That’s what supposed to be on the headlines.

The NHLPA just cancelled a meeting with its members. The only positive remark made by the Canadian Press thus far is this: “The timing is somewhat curious as the league and the union are slated to have three more days of talks next week in New York.”

Somewhat curious? Yes it is curious, but how about more than just “somewhat”.

Fans have mostly been involved when the bad news occurred during this lockout. My article previous to my last one had over 1,000 hits and 60+ comments. So many comments regarding the bad news or debating about the bad news and the state of hockey. Yet now, I’m looking at how many people are online and I am just in disbelief that few hockey fans have been discussing about the current progress of the negotiations.

I understand we are angry and annoyed at the NHL and the NHLPA. I’ve been disgusted with this lockout ever since it started. But, I am a hockey fan….I want my hockey games back and these latest happenings have caught my attention. I still have hope, and so should all of you. I am very optimistic about these meetings where none of them have ended with negative remarks, but only with “to be continued”.

The majority of the owners want a hockey season to start in October. They are not too fond of replacement players, and the NHL players want to play. I highly doubt that both sides are looking forward to another locked out season. The only ones to really lose for this lockout have been us fans. The owners did not lose much financially, and most players went off to play elsewhere. But, these guys will be losing with another lockout. I don’t believe that will happen.

Next week there are more meetings happening, and I expect to see the good news to continue. What are good news? When there are no bad news to report. Of course we all think that the only good news is to see a headline such as: “The Waiting is Over, CBA to be Finalized!” But, we have a job ourselves as fans. If we love the game, and if we show our passion for it, then we have to show it. We contribute to making our favorite sport better than others. So why are we not doing that now?

Are you fans waiting for bad news to occur so you have something to talk about? Get real. Show some passion for the game and start to recognize the good news that the NHL and the NHLPA are making real progress here. Don’t become pessimists and shrug as if nothing really happened. Something did happen and it still is happening.

I am optimistic about these meetings, and the NHL and NHLPA are gaining my confidence in them. They are finally working. They are spending hours in days trying to come up with an agreement, unlike previous times where the next meeting would be scheduled two weeks after.

I don’t have much else to say other than hoping that you fellow hockey fans are optimistic about our favorite game. Things that you prize, such as hockey, have to be cared for. Don’t lose that care for the game you love. Keep hoping, because we’re all going to be crazily busy when a CBA is reached, and us here (Trademan, Lint, and moi) will be ready to read all your articles, because we expect plenty….and plenty is what we want.

Thank you,

Micki Peroni

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  1. 19Yzerman says:

    Its hard to imagine the NHL never resuming again. It has been enlightening to have read the sentiments of others here at HTR during this lockout. Some have expressed interest in seeing the NHLPA being broken up while others would prefer team contraction. Outside of HTR and the circle of “TRUE” fans most of the people who I hear who speak of the lockout say how they don’t even miss hockey and could careless if it returns. This is the area where the true damage has been done. True fans such as you and I are just waiting to see the return of NHL hockey for our visual entertainment. It has been quite a lesson for me to have spent time here at HTR reading the thoughts and opinions of others about the various issues regarding the lockout. I can now carry on about the various issues for which each side has its stance and why for hours explaining it to some one who only knows what the media has them thinking. I have come to the conclusion that the media is trying to promote fan disinterest in an attempt to get a TV deal with the NHL at a down point in how hockey is seen as being marketable. Knowing that once things get back to the way they were that they will make out well. Back in the beginning of this lockout. Sep, Oct or Nov sometime I wrote an article in an attempt to rally fans to simultaneously display our displeasure publicly at our home town arenas. I didn’t get many who were interested in picketing with signs asking for the return of hockey and demanding”WE WANT HOCKEY”. I can at least say I tried. Don’t worry Micki there are plenty of optimistic fans just waiting to embrace NHL Hockey upon its return. As for how the NHL and the NHLPA goes I think they are both going to figure out how much they need each other and how they need to work things out. ESPN had 60 million set aside for the NHL deal once the new CBA was established but, when it took to long ESPN took those funds and bought into a deal with Monday Night Football instead leaving both sides looking at each other saying look that was our money they just spent. It took a while but , I am now over my Hockey Deprivation Syndrome or (HDS) for short. Like anything else time will heal the aliments of the NHL.

    I would like to thank all of you who have read and responded to my posts. It doesn’t matter if we like, dislike, agree or disagree on these matters. Only that we were heard and responded.

  2. CechmanekForVezina says:

    You want optimism? I’m tired of optimism. All it does is let us down. I don’t want to read any more news about meetings that go nowhere or “no substantial progress.” Just tell me when they start playing again. Nothing hurt more than when ESPN and this sight started saying that a deal was reached like 4 days after the season was concelled, and then to have it thrown right back in my face. I’m sorry, but you can’t ask for optimism from me after all the crap that’s been pulled.

  3. kicksave856 says:

    It has just been so long since this all started. So many starts and stops (and not blue line to blue line, either), so many rumors, so much Eklund, so much union bashing, so much NHL bashing, so much everything. Even the true fans seem to be turned off. Not a lack of caring about it, but a lack of hope because we’ve been hopeful so many times only to see the carpet pulled out from under our feet. I think people are staying away in droves due to frustration, not due to a lack of caring.

    I know that I, personally, have stayed away for a month or two because I am tired of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed. I am a Flyer fan, so I am used to getting my hopes up only to see them demolished, but when you have a real love of the game there is something indescribable about the crushing feeling you get when you get your hopes up about this situation only to see it all fall apart. We don’t even get a chance to see our team blow it in the playoffs. We don’t get a chance to blame it on injuries, refs, or any other cir*****stance. Real hockey fans are hurt pretty deeply by this lockout. I think people are staying away at this point because we can’t take it anymore. Maybe everyone has reached a point where we figure the best thing for our own sanity is to stay away and be surprised when we hear that it has finally been resolved, that it’s finally over. We don’t care about the details or the rumors anymore. We don’t care to debate what the cap number will be because we’ve done it for so long. We don’t care to debate who is right and who is wrong anymore. We all have our opinion and it has been proven that our opinions and feelings don’t matter in regards to the end result. We are hurt.

    The fans will return. They have only disappeared in a mode of defense of their feelings. The true fans will be back as soon as the news breaks that this is over. The so/so fans will trickle back in short order. The fair-weather fans will return as soon as their teams start to play well enough to give them something to talk about.

    It’s the greatest sport on the planet. We are the best and most passionate fans in the universe.

    We’re all still “here”. We are just unified in our silence. It’s a result of disgust over the situation that we find ourselves in. It’s just a natural reaction and to be honest I am surprised that it has taken this long to get to this point. No matter what our individual opinions are, no matter what team we root for, no matter what petty arguments we carry on about before, during, and after this mess, we are all hockey fans and we will be back.

    Even if you are a doubter, just wait. As soon as an NHL puck drops for the first time in way too long we will all have the same incredible, euphoric, adrenaline-fueled feeling. All we can do is wait. That’s obvious at this point.

    Just wait. We aren’t this passionate for nothing.

  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I was blasted for being optimistic over the idea that the season was going to be saved (and the uncancled) earlier this year. To this day I belive the decision to play chicken with Bettman was not the will of the majority of players. Hockey players play hockey. They aren’t scholars or thinkers. They are hockey players and even warriors who need the rest like JR have to be tired of playing golf.

    The quiet is a good thing in my opinion. From what I can surmise, the two sides are talking about “philosophical differences” anymore. They seem to both see value in this min-tax-cap system. After the numbers are worked out – there is a LOT more to figure out to make the game healthy. A competition comittee is a must. It solves one of the things Bettman is absolutely to blame for – the lack of excitment in the NHL game for new hockey fans ESPECIALLY in expansion markets. As my editor (who lives in SJ and who’s wife’s famaily JUST gave up INCREDIBLE tickets to the Sharks) said “for me it is like watching soccer on ice.” And that is from a top O team. Fix the scoring, see if crosby becomes a star and start planning for a new TV deal.

    What is scary is the threat of Tim Hortons and Labatts to drop out as NHL sponsors. What is worse is the speculation that ESPN spent its NHL money on Monday Night Football. When the player’s salaries are 50% lower (not 24%) – it will because of these kinds of factors. They can call Bob Goodenow and discuss if embarrasing Mario and Wayne when a 42 million cap was on the table was in their best interest.

    The league and the union better get their deal done in the next few weeks and then make a BIG DEAL about hockey after that. Sidney Crosby specials on Outside the Lines on ESPN aren’t enough. They better hope people figure out that the NHL is even coming back. Most people who hear I occasionally write about hockey say “are they ever going to come back?” That is really bad for the game espcially on TV.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well… I know I haven’t been on here much, I’ve been playing the game itself as much as I’ve been missing it, trying to make the best of what is a horrible situation. I’ve been optimistic, but I haven’t gotten too worked up over anything. Ever since February’s debacle, it’s kind of hard to believe anything that you see or hear from the media, because you don’t know what will happen with the two egos in Bettman and Goodenow clashing.

    As much as I want to blame Bettman, I want to blame Goodenow even more. That short strike in 92 was all Goodenow’s doing. The 3 stoppages in NHL history due to labor issues have been in Goodenow’s tenure. Goodenow doesn’t know when enough is enough. It’s one thing to protect the lower-tier players who could use the money, but to get the superstars their extra one or two million a year when the economics call for fiscal responsibility is a load of crap. Goodenow needs to be axed, as well as Bettman.

    We need hockey minds, not egos in office.

  6. adambuffalo says:

    I was talking to some guys yesterday about this. Does anyone know how the NHLPA’s slush fund is looking? They must be getting low, right? I think this is going to be a big factor on the lockout.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    So we’ve gone from criticizing the owners and players to criticizing eachother for being too critical. Is this some peverse Stockholm syndrome?

    I’m optimistic that I will continue not to give a crap about how this gets resolved and am equally optimistic that at some point I will get my emotional pound of flesh back from one or both sides of this dispute.

    I’m optimistic that when play resumes Bettman will continue to produce a shoddy game.

    I’m optimistic that the same day Sidney Crosby enters the NHL, some cheapshot artist will also enter the league gunning for him with knees, eblows and stick.

    I’m optimistic that no matter how much the NHLPA has to give up, Bill Guerrin’s dog will still have enough to eat.

    I’m optimistic that Goodenow has secured his place in history right next to the guy who ran the air traffic controllers’ union during the Reagan administration.

    I’m optimistic that no matter how much change occurs in hockey, Bruce Garrioch, Jack Todd and Larry Brooks will still have it wrong.

    I only wish I could be optimistic enough that when play resumes, Steve Moore will have recovered sufficiently to rejoin an NHL team.

  8. Aetherial says:

    Add Al Strachan to your list. There is no question he is the biggest Ahole in the sports writing biz. His articles since the lockout started are just bad. Inaccurate, BS generalizations everywhere. He clearly pulls all his sh*t right out of his ass.

  9. Aetherial says:

    I suppose it would be fun to see the Leafs again. Then again, they are gonna suck real hard when hockey comes back… I see the team being basement dwellers within 2 years.

    As far as optimism.. I think I am neither optimistic or pessimistic. I simply don’t care much what they are talking about.

    The only thing to be optimistic about is that the sponsors are grumbling about pulling out if a deal is not done in the next 30 days or so.

    I am afraid that to me, that is bad news. I’m afraid the owners will cave.

    I would far rather see the NHL fall into a much deeper hole, and another year of no hockey, than to see the owners cave in to the players.

    The best news for me would be:

    “We (the NHL) have offered a 31 million hard cap to be renegotiated 10 years hence. There will be no more meetings, rhetoric or discussions of any kind until the union accepts this offer. Until then, there will be no more NHL hockey.”

    Unfortunately that won’t happen but it would really make my day.

    When they do come back though, at least fire Bob and Gary both. I will be disappointed if only Gary is gone. They BOTH deserve the axe.

  10. 19Yzerman says:

    Why not just switch them.

  11. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Of course they aren’t crying wolf to the media right now.A few major sponsers may pull out June 1:Labatts,Tim Hortons and ESPN(been rumours that they will pull out as well).I don’t think much of anything is being accomplished as long as Bettman and Goodenow are a part of the process.I have heard that the players are restless and Goodenow doesn’t have as much clout as he had previously.

    I wonder if they will play tiddly winks at their next “meeting”.

    Micki-PM me or email me.Haven’t heard from you in ages.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Hahahah! That is a great idea. I love it!

  13. 19Yzerman says:

    Make them swap jobs !!

    Swap lives!!

    Hell lets even force them to swap Wives!!

    You know its been said that “Behind every great man, there is a great woman.” Some intelligent babes running these 2 EH?

    Wait NO!!

    Please tell me neither of them have any kids. I mean god forbid there be any offspring with the capacity of destruction of these two running about the earth. LOL

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