Season review and what will come

The isles season like the past 3 had some good, some bad and a lot in between, which, is bad. This might lead to some changes in the offseason. Hopefully, the changes will start at the top.

The Isles friday night were handed their 3rd straight playoff exit. They were better then last year, however they never took the next step. Lets rewind to 4 years ago to April 2000. The first year was a transition year and the Isles opened their wallets the next offseason to Yashin, Peca, Osgood and Aucoin. They made the playoffs that year for the first time in 8 years. The logical thing would be to add more players or prospects to your roster. But Mike Milbury is not logical. He is insane. I dont want to explain but I will what bothers me and what stands out why they are not improving. He did not improve the team and I think he should be accountable. 4 years since the new ownership and he did nothing with his team.

The Yashin deal: they had to get a superstar and Yashin has done better then Jason Allison the past 3 years so that is okay. I had no problem with the trade even if Ottawa benifeted more, BUT WHY GIVE HIM THE CONTRACT. With a new cap you cannot get anyone else for 6 more seasons. Hey at least that it is 6 more first round playoff exits.

The Luongo deal: Parrish has been good. Jokinnen has been good. We will start with Luongo. Congrats to him. I have no doubt Luongo could have carried this team with a better defense then in Florida. SO WHY TRADE HIM? I like Dipietro but the only thing he has bigger then Luongo is a GAA and an ego.

Now to Kvasha. Milbury’s pride. He had a semi-breakout year with 51 points. BUT HE DOESNT SKATE. He stands there. How can you live up to being Baby Bure, dubbed by Milbury, if you dont skate.

Now the breakdown


Mariusz Czerkawski had a good season on paper. on paper that is. He scored 15 goals the first 6 weeks and he would make a good figure skate. HE DANCES AROUND IN CIRCLES. I can see why he was bad in montreal. Since yashin came he was awful. Blake had an okay year he was hurt a bit. Scatchard was hurt all year and I think he will be traded. Bates was a 1 year wonder. Peca had a good 2nd half. But is he really worth 5 million? Hes good defensively, but he is a foward with 20 goals the past 2 years combined. They were offered Demitra on draft day. Offered not the oppisite and Milbury rejected it. stupid islander GM.


Aucoin was Milbury’s best trade ever. But it is more of a credit to Aucoin. Bright spot to build around. Jonnson quitely had a rebound year. +20 and despite an error in a playoff had a good year. Now this is where they went wrong. Hamrlik and Niinnimma did nothing until 2nd half. They could have been traded for the likes of Svitov or even a Fedetenko, but no in typical Milbury fasion he held fort. That wont happen now but they might not squeeze a Steve Webb player out of a deal.


Dipietro had a good year. Snow had a good run in December. He will be gone. But would it not have been nice to see Luongo get a Vezina with the Islanders? With Dany Heatley or Gaborik scoring goals galore.

18 out 22 regulars are FA of some sort. Peca, Yashin Asham and Bates are signed through next year. They wont be able to sign everyone since they do have some okay players who deserve increase in money. But all that money is going to peca and yashin.

Prediction: Like the past couple years, you think it is it for Milbury, but it isnt. He will trade some, keep some.

If there is hockey next year I will predict where the Isles will be. They will be 8th… Of course with a 5 game exit in the playoffs.

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