Sedins on Canadiens' free-agent radar But bidding war might include Leafs

PAT HICKEY, The Gazette

With the Vincent-Lecavalier-to-Montreal rumours laid to rest for at least another week, expect the Canadiens’ focus to turn to Swedish twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

Talks between the Sedins and the Vancouver Canucks have stalled and it appears they will be on the open market when they become unrestricted free agents tomorrow. The Sedins won’t come cheap – they are looking for long-term deals worth at least $6.5 million a season each – but Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey has more than $30 million available to go shopping.The Canadiens are one of several teams interested in the 28-year-olds and the bidding could be another chapter in the long rivalry between the Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Brian Burke, the Leafs’ general manager, isn’t known for his fondness for European players but the Sedins are an exception. He moved heaven and earth – and a few draft choices – so that he could draft the pair for the Vancouver Canucks.

Henrik Sedin is a 6-foot-2 centre while his brother, Daniel, is a 6-foot-2 left wing. They led the Canucks in scoring with 82 points each – Daniel had 31 goals and Henrik scored 22 – and they have each scored at least 70 points in each of the four seasons since the lockout.

Gainey has said that he is determined to have a big centre in place next season and there isn’t much in the way of a fallback position if he can’t land the Sedins.

The player who closest fills the bill on the free-agent list is the New York Rangers’ Nik Antropov, who is big at 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds, but a tad on the fragile side. He played a career-high 81 games in 2008-09 but has averaged fewer than 59 games over nine seasons.

There is also the possibility of a trade in the future. The most interesting names mentioned are Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Either could be available if Doug Wilson decides he needs to shake up the underachieving San Jose Sharks.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    They can have the sedins.

    at that price, its not worth the leafs time or money.

    but i can see them in montreal. the habs, struggling for the last few years to make a splash, want to do something big. if its not vinny, it will be the twins.

    otherwise, briere is an option. maybe brad richards. maybe a castoff from the rangers like redden.

    expectations in montreal were raised to beyond extraordinary levels.

    it is more in their interest to stay young, cheap and flexible going forward.

    the only problem is that the habs tend to have too many of the same player who provide the same sort of ability and role.

    they need a big centre, a front line scorer and definitely more size. what they have are quick, small, fleet footed forwards who are at best, support scorers.

    they have one sure fire star in Markov and one in Price who either will be a star or will be ruined and the next jim carey. they can thank the obnoxiousness and arrogance of the fan base and media for that.

    thats a shame too because price has arguably the best raw ability of any goalie in the NHL. he just cant harness it because he has bought into what everyone said about him a year ago and is going to need a ton of work to bring himself back.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Thank you for your wonderful insight Nords!

  3. Kramer says:

    I still say the Sedins were cloned in a lab petrie dish.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    sounds crazy but i think they are taylor hall away from being on par with the caps, hawks and perhaps even the pens.

    i love pacman's game. he unfortuantely doesnt have the players to play with.

    i am a big price fan, but unfortunately the media ruined him….maybe. we can only hope it was all melanson's fault. which is why he is gone.

    and i am a big subban supporter. he isnt ready yet and hopefully the fans dont force him to be the next orr and if he doesnt deliver in 10 games, he gets written off.  

    i really would like to see the habs……and leafs of course, be competitive. i still would like to see a playoff series between them in my lifetime.

    might be hard if they are both constantly struggling to make it.

    but by golly that would be probably an even better battle than ovy vs crosby.

  5. glotz_99 says:

    Burke isn't stupid enough to give them that kind of money when everyone knows the cap is going down, maybe as much as $10 million next season. The sedin twins arn't worth 6.5 million each and have done nothing to prove they are, you habs fans can have them.

  6. mtlman2005 says:

    first off, they are asking for 5.5 million a year, so try to get your numbers right.
    And how can u say they have done nothing to prove they are worth that much… Henrik is just under a point per game producer, while maintaining a plus rating every season. And daniel has done just about the same. They are over 20 goals scorers, and have even broken the 30 goal plateau. They are somewhat big, 6'1, just under 200 pounds. What else do you want from them? Put them with a good center (and im not saying the habs have that good center…) and they can easily break the 100 point barier.

  7. mtlman2005 says:

    *point per game producers in their last 4 seasons!

  8. reinjosh says:

    yes they are worth 6.5 million]they provide 80 points a season each and add another 50 to the player that plays with them or 80 if the other player is good
    some of the most consistent players in the NHL

  9. reinjosh says:

    The more i think about it, the more i think Burke will do alot to get into the playoffs next year. He has made it known that he wants in and while i would rather he just stay the course and play the youngsters, get a high pick and then go after UFA's next July 1st, id be open to the Sedins if the contract is 5 years or less and is no more than 6 million each.

    So he signs the Sedins to a combined 12 million dollar a year deal thats 5 years long.
    Burke than trades Kaberle after Bouwmeester gets signed and goes after Clowe, Kessel, Stafford, Versteeg, or a top 6 forward sniper in the deal. He then signs Beuachimin to replace Kaberle. Resign Grabovski to a 2 million dollar deal (hopefully less though). Maybe buy out Mayers. Send Finger to the minors to clear cap space. Sign Gustavsson (i hope we do, i have a funny feeling that we wont get him)

    Sedin – Sedin – Versteeg/Clowe/Kessel
    Hagman – Grabovski – Ponikovski
    Kulemin – Stajan – Hanson/Bozak
    Mayers – Mitchell – Stempniak

    Beauchemin – Kubina
    Schenn – Frogren
    Van Ryn – White


    Should fit under the cap and is a pretty decent team the could easily compete. Trade Kubina,  Ponikrovski, Stajan, Van Ryn should they play well and an oppurtunity present itself in the season or trade deadline and get some picks and prospects back, clearing up space for young players who can jump in (Tlusty, Stefanovich, Kadri) and maybe target a top 4 potential defenceman through trade in the season (someone like Barker could be available even this summer)

  10. habswinthecup-again says:

    Well we just got Gomez for Higgins, hopefully he can get back to his game of a couple of years ago.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Forget the sedins, how about the Gomez trade??

    Time will tell if its a good deal for the habs, but I definetly like it for the rangers. They get a bunch of young D and rid a big contract.

    do the rangers now go after Hossa??? We shall see….

  12. RossCreek says:

    Rangers deal Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt, Michael Busto to Montreal for Christopher Higgins, Ryan McDonaugh, Pavel Valentenko, Doug Janik.

    WOW! How ya like that Hab fans?

  13. RossCreek says:

    Heatley to the Big Apple

  14. cam7777 says:

    wow, insanely terrible trade for montreal.  their top prospect and chris higgins for 7.357 million dollars of dead weight salary…

    another trade really raising the bar on what kaberle is worth,  he is capable of gomez point totals from the back end, and makes half as much money….

  15. nordiques100 says:

    they're going to go for a sniper now me thinks. havlat, gaborik, maybe them, but me thinks gionta is in play?

    bringing back tanguay is something as well.

    i tihnk they should to maybe take a run at ryan smyth. add a net presence.

    lots of assets here. higgins and mcdonagh were good assets, and cheap. goes against the lean and mean approach to the cap.

    gomez is a big hit, but they need a number 1 centre. bye bye koivu.

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