Selanne To Montreal: Probable

According to TSN, Scott Niedermayer is now leaning towards returning to Anaheim. He has not made his official decision yet, but he has stated that he wants to do the right thing and will consult his family for their opinions. His brother, Rob, told TSN that he would obviously love to have Scott return.

Now if Niedermayer does return, it will put Selanne in an awkward place. The Ducks don’t have the cap room to sign both and given the choice they will obviously go with their captain. Therefore Selanne, a UFA, will be forced to sign elsewhere (Montreal) as that is his primary alternative to Anaheim and most international hockey fans know of the magic that appears on the ice when Koivu and Selanne play together.
1) If the Ducks dump some contracts in order to sign Selanne, which I don’t see happening because they need all of their starters right now. I mean, who would they dump?
2) If Selanne is asking for too much money. The Habs can only afford to give Selanne a 3M deal at the most because they have to resign some key RFAs next season like Andrei Kostitsyn and Maxim Lapierre.
Now if Selanne does decide to come to Montreal, it will likely trigger a trade. Why you ask? Let me show you what our lines would look like:
I’m sure no one will disagree with me when I say that Kovalev is a waste of talent on the third line. What would likely happen is a trade involving Ryder, a UFA next season who will likely decide to leave Montreal given his arbitration disputes, and Kovalev, a under-achieving player whose career will likely be over unless he manages to regain his previous form. Now this is just me, but I think that Kovalev, Ryder, and lets say Dandenault (‘Cause he’s always in trade rumors as the throw-in guy) could easily snatch a top-tier left wing to play with Koivu. However, if Bob wants to really take home the bacon, he could let Ryder go into free agency next year. Package Kovalev and Dandy for some picks and prospects. And then throw everything we have at Dany Heatley.
Personally, I’d go with a trade for someone like Patrik Elias or Rick Nash as Montreal doesn’t have the greatest reputation for attracting free agents. Although one could argue that the acquisition of Selanne would up our rep. Now I know this might seem very unlikely to some of you and I am making this stuff up for arguments sake, but I haven’t seen a Habs article for a while so I think this is a good topic as it is very probable. Cheers.

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  1. mtlman2005 says:

    Im sure most leaf fans will bash your post, and Ill admit there is alot of wishful thinking here, but I would LOVE for this to happen!

  2. harv34 says:

    I think this would be great and im not ruling it out but it was talked about right before the lock out ended and he chose the ducks i would love to see him and saku together fast line in the league, just seems like hes ready to retire but we'll see ethier way good season

  3. leafssuck67 says:

    wait a minute…selanne has already said he'd return to the ducks or hang up the skates. I'm pretty sure he also said he'll sign for a million…not confirmed but its happened before, especially if it really IS anaheim or retirement.

    so that being said, i suppose its possible for him to decide he wants to play with saku or even just say f.uck it im gonna take 3 million or whatever…eitherway, his only decent seasons were in anaheim…san jose and colorado were busts and with media pressure like montreal, i smell another kovalev

  4. THEGREATHAB says:

    A little wishful thinking,  however if it did happen,  I dont see Montreal having to trade anyone away.  Im sure he would only sign a 1 year deal,  which means next year the Habs would have the money to resign some guys.  Also,  I know Kovalev had a horrible year, but put him on a line with Koivu and Selanne,  and I dont think anyone would want to trade him.  There is no way Elias or Nash will be coming to Montreal,  NJD and CBJ  have little scoring after these guys to be trading them,  a more likely scenerio would be draft picks and prospects.  

  5. sanj91 says:

    but if I was columbus chich as you said has no depth, id love to get kovalev AND ryder AND dandenault….thats 2 1st liners on colmbus….kovy and fed with ryder….thats a much better top line that nash and fed…

  6. THEGREATHAB says:

    I do not think Columbus will ever part with Nash,  I would love to see him in Montreal,  but I dont think it will happen,  Definately not for ryder (UFA next year), Kovalev (He is past his prime), or Dandeneault, (really not good enough for montreals top 6)  I think it would take alot more than these guys,  I think it would take a Higgins, or Komisarick,  who I would not trade. However,  if we could get Nash for those three,  Gainey is smart enough to jump all over it.  As for Federov,  he is just not producing,  and Columbus has been shopping him and his huge salary for the last year.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    all of a sudden with a couple weeks to go before the season starts, you have figured out that montreal, who didn't make the playoffs, is going to manage to get the top scorers from both stanley cup finalists for $3mil and some players no one wants.

    i am just trying to figure out if it sounds more stupid the way you wrote it or the way i summarized it.  either way, your best bet is to apologize for this post and ask the moderator to remove it from this site.

  8. Zamphyr says:

    Selanne will never…repeat never sign in Montreal….Hold on!!!! maybe I'm being to pesimistic.

    There is a slim chance if the following were to happen

    1. Global warming sets in
    2. Montreal becomes a state of in the US
    3. The island gets transported to the west coast US
    4. Evacuated all the French media to the arctic

    I guess there's always a chance

    On another note, I was in Europe last week and checked out a czech news site (sorry for the pun) there was an article on Martin Havlat where the paper wrote a deal was in the works with the Habs…haven't heard this rumor yet.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    do you have a link to the Havlat rumor?  havlat's offseason home is in montreal. he has 2 years left on a 3 yr 18 mil contract.   i don't see chicago needing anything from montreal or having a reason to trade him. 

  10. Zamphyr says:

    trying to dig it up….article was written in czech….will post it as soon as I get it

  11. alex_nrv says:

    WTF? I already posted about this dude. What are you trying to pull off more than I ???

    Read the replies of my post and you'll wonder why you've posted that shish!!!!!

  12. sanj91 says:

    no need to get ur panties in a bunch…i never read that article…its more like a summary of what selanne is capable of..this is more of a news posting saying that he probably will come here…u just said that u thnk he should….so my advice to u would be to use that noggin of yours and digest the articles properly and if u still feel that im trying to "pull off more than u" than uve obviously got self-esteem problems and ill be happy to pay for psychotherapy…

  13. alex_nrv says:

    Hey, it would cost you too much for your so called psychotherapy!
    Now, regarding yoru article… TSN reported ONLY that Niedermayer would maybe come back! There's nothing telling that Selanne might want to sign to Montreal!
    Show us a link first that SAYS that Selanne would like to sign here.
    This is also YOUR own opinion, noob. There's nothing more than what I already wrote about.
    You think that Selanne should come here since he's "capable" (he gets well with Koivu and that he already showed interest in coming to Montreal).
    I was also stating that Selanne would be CAPABLE of coming here. Not that this is my dream. I freakin dont care if he doesnt come here.

  14. Quebec4Life says:

    That would not surprise me to see Havlat to Montreal in a short futur considering that he was playing in the Arena of my school with Radek Bonk, yes players and its not the first time sometimes go practice at the arena of Brebeuf College in Montreal, but normally it means nothing 3 or 4 years ago the whole Avalanche Team was there…

  15. Quebec4Life says:

    Right can you see an actual serious proof of what you are saying I got one here though hockey buzz is not really trustable here's it. .
    Anyways we'll soon see he always showed interest in Montreal he was close to signing here until he and his other good buddy Paul Kariya decided to sign with Colorado. Soon you'll see what Koivu and Selanne can do together

  16. Zamphyr says:

    Well the article has mysteriously disappeared…even wiped out of the archives…strange…I saw it with my own eyes and had it translated by a czech friend…here's the link to the site.

  17. Quebec4Life says:

    I saw the freakin funniest thing ever coming at school this afternoon. Elias came out of his car and starting screaming at Havlat : hey havly havly! So funny my buddy took a picture with them. They were there cuz they are sponsored by Warrior, which sponsor our schools arena too I think

  18. the_purolator_guy says:

    Selanne a hab?  It could possibly happen, teemu and saku are always dynamite together at the international level.  I truly think bob would have to offer at least 2.5 to 3 million and for at least 2 seasons for the finnish flash to even consider it.  I really don't agree with your third line much though, streit should actually play defense this year. And kovalev?  He has to play on the top 2 lines to be effective to any extent.  How about putting kostitsyn on the third line, as much as people talk about his speed and hard shot, he also led the bulldogs in plus minus.  Which means he plays a very good 2 way game and no one has any clue about what janne lahti is going to bring to this team.  He could be anywhere from first line winger to reserve player.

    Rumour has it that mr. gainey has also invited a ufa to training camp as a tryout, my guess and this is player is eric lindros.  It only makes sense cause we are deep everywhere else except size at center.

  19. habsoverserver says:

    there is a rumor that lindros has been invited to Habs camp, but he may have received other invites as well. according to tsn, he is likely to announce his retirement in a couple weeks.

  20. kingcup says:

    on all the above, i agree on one thing:

    relax man, it s a sport rumor post, it s not deciding the faith of the universe.
    Is insulting people the new trend ? if so, it sucks.
  21. Habs-Sam says:

    If Selanne Comes it will be:


    So Dandenault and Bouillon are the 2 players to trade…
    Dandenault have nothing special and Bouillon have not recoverd yet and i've heard his leg ingury may ruine his carrer.

    So i hope Dandy and bouillon out…

  22. Boates says:

    There's only one thing I see wrong with those line combinations. Kovalev makes to much money and has too much talent to be on the third line. So I'd say switch Kovy with Kostitsyn.

  23. 143rs says:

    interesting topic, but i dont think hell  play with montreal.

  24. CaptainAvery says:

    From a true Habs fan to a follower, lay off the crackpipe.

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