Sellers and not Buyers

I think it is about time that the Leafs become ‘sellers’ and not ‘buyers’. The Leafs have a lot of your talent such as Wellwood, Steen, Stajan, Colliacavo, Harrison, Pogge…etc. I think that the Leafs should sell off Sundin to a contender and promise to have him back in the off season, get rid of Tucker (although I hate to say that), McCabe for a high prospect and begone with the likes of Antropov, Gill, Kubina (unlikely with his salary, but one can dream), Bell who is already involved in current rumors and so on.
SI will not try and give you my predictions on lines or who they should pick up, but I think it is time to re-build. Let me know on your thoughts as this is my first posting. Just keep in mind that I am a hard blooded Leafs fan and want the best for my (our) team.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    I don't think they should buy or sell. They have a good team, if they can make the playoffs great, we could be the dark horse this year.

    Trading Sundin….I don't know, I just don't think he'd agree to a deal and this season really isn't over.

    Trading Tucker: A lot of people wouldn't like it, but it wouldn't be a bad move if you made another trade to counter it. (Like how we traded Klee last year but brought in Richardson).

    McCabe's not going anywhere, we all have to get used to it. But he's been better lately, I find McCabe had a good night if I didn't really notice him. And for everyone wanting to trade Kubina and Gill, its probably not going to happen also, sorry.

    If the leafs make any deals at all I hope its for a winger or two, without giving up any top prospects, 1st round picks, or good roster players (ie wellwood, steen). So that makes the likes of Guerin, Tkachuck, Bertuzzi etc. out of the question. I wouldn't mind seeing the leafs go after one or two guys like: Roberts, Sanderson, Sturm, Modin, Sykora (if the price isn't too high). And give up guys like Bell, Harrison, Woznieuski, Pohl, Suglubov, 3rd-5th round draft picks.

  2. thatleafsguy says:



    HOLY F**K MAN!

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    Get rid of Sundin, ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Have you not watched this team since the all-star break, they are not a bad group, be patient for the young guys, they are coming, and in the meantime I plan to watch this team go hard in the playoffs, if they lose, they lose.  There is no reason why the Leafs can't keep that core of young guys, and keep the veteran leadership around!

    playoff additions

    Tucker, Wellwood, Peca-you won't get any better than that on deadline day.

  4. bleedingblu says:

    Ok, so lets get rid of the player that's been carrying the Leafs all year….. and is playing some amazing hockey right now.

    I'm just curious, what would the Leafs accomplish by getting rid of Sundin or Tucker? Especially since they're in a playoff spot right now.

    Dude, you have got things backwards. The Leafs have a good team right now with some key players injured. Why fix something that isn't broken??
    Wellwood, Stajan, Coliacovo, Harrison, and Pogge are talented but no where near ready to carry this team like Sundin is doing.

    The Leafs are buyers right now! The rumors have been around Marco Sturm and Bill Guerin… top producers on other teams. Leafs will move prospects and picks to get them…. that makes us buyers! We need the extra offense for a good playoff push.

    I know it's your first posting and all so I hope I wasn't too harsh.
    Keep them coming.

  5. curtman96 says:

    Like the guy said above "Tucker, Wellwood, Peca" those are great additions to a team that is already winning right now. If they trade Sundin they wont be able to bring him back in the summer unless the team they trade him too decides not to pikup his contract. Not a risk worth taking. Tucker I just dont know, love to have him back for an avereage of 3 mil a year for 3 or 4 years.

  6. toronto77 says:

    You can still sell if you are a playoff contender I like the idea of trading sundin only if we can get him back in the offseason….trade sundin for a 1st pick and a prospect and than re-sign him in the offseason….it would really help out the team. Sundin should go to a team in the west that has a good chance to win the cup, maybe nashville but philly already got their 1st pick, so maybe anaheim. I don't like the idea of tradig Tucker, I like the idea of trading mccabe, I know we whoever we trade him to, the team will overpay to get him.

    Mccabe isn't that good defensivley and takes dumb penalties, he tries to be more of an offensive player but isn't that great….he does have a lot of points but any defensmen playing his position with the players he's playing with can get that many assists. Trade him for a 1st pick and a porspect

  7. bleedingblu says:

    So in other words, you're folding this season for a 1st round draft pick and crossing your fingers Sundin will come back. Thats wishful thinking but it doesn't work that way.
    You can't trade McCabe – No Trade Clause

    Again, how could Toronto be a playoff contender without their best player??

  8. Pony says:

    Its not like they're a contender anyways.

  9. the_word says:

    You can't trade Sundin and promise to get him back in the off season for two reasons. One it's illegal and the doing so would result with the penalty (I think its 3 first round picks for tampering, although I could be wrong). Two, Sundin's contract has a club option for next year, so whoever got him could keep him next year if they wish.

    IMO, the Leafs should pick up a cheap rental like Roberts or depending on the price Guerin. The chips they have to play are decent depth defensmen buried in the farm system like Harrison Woznuski, Kronwall and Bell (funny he was in the lineup on Saturday, JFJ may be trying to showcase him for a trade). The Leafs could afford to trade one or two of these guys to make room for future draft picks/prospects to develop while not sacrificing depth (two or three NHL capable defense are good to have in the farm system, anything else may be excessive).

    Whats interesting is if Peca could come back for the playoffs because he wouldn't count against the cap. There is a loophole in the CBA, that teams although their lineups are set for the playoffs, the salary cap doesn't apply. In thoery they could pick up a rental with the money Peca freed up and still have him back in playoffs.

  10. toronto77 says:

    They can still make the playoffs but no way are they winning the cup, even with Sundin,they've got nothing too lose or than JFJ and bring in another GM.

  11. Toonces99 says:

    Good Article…..Actually l have a better suggestion, why don't you just move the whote team to Winnipeg…..actually no, fold the franchise….are you losing you mind….trade everyone under the sun, for what….Nothing? The leafs need another vet on this team for this year, if you can get Guerin for a reasonable price or Roberts then l say go for it,…until then, stand pat and let the chips fall where they may….hopefully its in the top eight.

  12. bartsch says:

    Do people keep forgeting the leafs have a few million left on the cap? They have room to make a good trade, especially if you lose a few bucks in the process. Not to mention the cap will go up next season. Selling would be a stupid idea.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:


  14. DJTOKid says:

    Guerin, Blake, Sturm, Bertuzzi, Zherdev, are all good. Gary Roberts totally not!!!

  15. I-BE-LEAF says:


  16. the_word says:

    True, but Roberts is dirt cheap, the others are not

  17. DJTOKid says:

    Guerin and Sturm are just as cheap ig not cheaper, unless your talking about what the Leafs would have to give up.

  18. Pittsky says:

    I dont think TO will do much of anything at the deadline. My bet is Maurice is gona roll the dice and hope he makes it into the playoff with his personel on hand.  IF TO can get in with Tucker, Wellwood and possibly peca comming back theyl'l have good depth for a playoff run. Maruice said it all along that it would  be a dog fight to get in. 

    Sundin isnt going anywhere. JFJ is gona simply pick up the option next year. Tuckers got maybe 3 good years left in him with his style of play and they will sign him for 2 or 3. Hopefully JF doesnt give him a no trade clause as well. But no trade clause JFJ probably will give it to him lol

  19. the_word says:

    Obviously, Guerin will likely cost a 1st round pick and Sturm's price will be in the same neighborhood, if thats the case they're way too expensive for the Leafs

  20. Pony says:

    Hes a 14 year old picked on nerd, dont worry about it.

  21. mojo19 says:

    On hockey central today Kypreos said JFJ was inquiring about maybe adding a depth defensman before the deadline. And Spectors hockey said the leafs are offering a 3rd round pick for Smolinski, who wouldn't be a bad rental player and wouldn't cost much.

  22. Aetherial says:

    I can only hope you are kidding.

    The message to the fans means nothing to MLSE. Their ONLY concern is possible playoff revenue.

    If they don't trade Tucker, that is the reason why.

    … they will repeat the McCabe fiasco from last year. I can see it coming now… 27 million tied up in 6 playersm only 2 of whom would be considered starting line-up on most other teams.

  23. Aetherial says:

    sorry man, that kind of thinking got us into this mess and then JFJ compounded it by showing no signs of understanding the cap.

    The LAST thing we need is to trade more youth and picks for an aging vet.

    There is no one available out there that makes the Leafs a serious contender.

    They are playing well right now without Tucker. His injury is the kind of thing that heals completely. He will be well rested for the playoffs.

    Trade him now. They still have about the same shot they always had a any playoff success… AND they might get a piece of a better future.

    Wellwood you keep because he is the brightest looking of the young forwards.

    Peca you keep because the return would not be that great anyway.

  24. GoLeafs13 says:

    trading sundin and tucker at this point would be stupid to do.  they need to get either bertuzzi, guerin, or roberts (hopefully at least two of them) and maybe another defensemen to back up mccabe because he sucks!  i think boyle or visnovsky would fit into the blue and white fairly well.

  25. Aetherial says:

    You can't just "afford" to throw away a couple prospects on a aging rental unless you are serious cup contenders.

    The Leafs aren't. Period. Even with the best rental on the market they aren't.

    It is that kid of thinking that got us to this level of mediocrity where we get excited when the "squeak" into 8th place for a day.

    Buffalo (if healthy), Ottawa, Nashville, Calgary, Anaheim… they are teams that may be one key player away from the cup.

    The Leafs are not in that league.

  26. the_word says:

    I disagree, of course you can pick up someone at the deadline if your in the playoff hunt, the Leafs might have to just to make the playoffs, lets make no mistake about it, the Leafs goal is to make the playoffs. Obviously not at all costs, but surely they don't have to hold on tightly to prospects are likely to become 6/7th defensemen.

    With respect to Bell (23), Harrison (24), Kronwell (24) and Andy (26) they aren't worth that much to the Leafs right now and their becoming a little too old to be considered good prospect for the future. There is no way all of these guys can crack the line up in the next couple years, as we already have McCabe, Kubina, Coliacovo, White, Kabarele and Gill, so you can trade one or two of these these mediocre prospects. That being the case there value to the organization is that their tradeable commodities. These player will be less valuable as they get older, and will take the spots of other potential prospects the leafs could develop.  So using to get a guy like Roberts is hardly out of the question.

  27. Aetherial says:

    The problem with trading D-men is that they don't come into their own until about age 27.

    The Leafs have a lot of good potential young D-men. Some will pan out, others will be career 5-7 D-men.

    I think it is too early to tell which ones are which. I would not trade any of them if it were possible.

    I would only trade one if they got some future in return… NOT for a rental player.

    I repeat, The Leafs are more than 1 or 2 players away from being contenders.

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