Senators acquire Smolinski

The Senators acquired Smolinski from the LA Kings for undisclosed player, more details to follow but i am out to lunch right now. Trademan, take over if you can.

9 Responses to Senators acquire Smolinski

  1. TaajAr says:

    Tim Gleasson

  2. Pock says:

    good move for ottawa

  3. Saint-Laurent says:

    Great acquisition for Senators. They should be ready for playoffs.

  4. hound says:

    Someone from the east takes the cup this year …. If they can survive the playoffs. Eastern teams are improving at the expense of the west.


  5. RatSale says:

    Gotta tip my hat to Muckler who’s made a few good moves recently. But with the 3 new comers, who’s out of the lineup for the sens when everyone is healthy? I was sure smolinski would end up with the avs, who are they gonna go after now? Smolinski is much better than Battaglia and the sens got him for less than a guy like Vrbata……

  6. TaajAr says:

    Ottawa is dipping into it’s talent pool for rather questionable pickups.

  7. -Swizz- says:

    is smolinski a good playoff performer?

    or will he fit in with the sens..haha

  8. DaMick says:

    I dunno ….about this one for Ottawa..

    Gleason is a top defensive foward prospect….

    Smolinski is a streaky foward,who in reality can be viewed in both positive & negative lights because of his streakiness….

    In due time we’ll know the real winner of this deal…

    but right now id say

    more beer for the LA GM


  9. RDeren says:

    Ottawa couldn’t sign Gleason and he was expected to re-enter the draft this year. Ottawa has a lot of depth at defence.

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