Senators and Jackets to Swing a Deal?

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting a rumor of a possible deal between the Blue Jackets and Senators. This rumor would see the Senators obtain a goalie.

In this deal “the Blue Jackets sending goaltender Pascal Leclaire to the Sens for Vermette, a top six forward with great speed and offensive touch. On the surface, Ottawa would seem crazy to part with a player like Vermette, but they need a goaltender in the worst way.”

It is also noted that many in Ottawa believe that it is 50/50 that Vermette gets traded.

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21 Responses to Senators and Jackets to Swing a Deal?

  1. muckies says:

    Leclaire isn't even good. No way they give up Vermette for him, not even a chance unless Columbus throws in a prosepct or their 1st round choice.  There are enough free-agent goalies this summer that taking nLeclaire and his contract right now would be a really stupid move for the Sens. He'll still be in Columbus during free-agency, so they should wait until then and if they haven't imrpoved their goaltending then maybe.
    But I don't think thye want  a guy like this who hasn't really rpoved anything in the NHL. I think they'll get a player with playoff experience.

  2. reinjosh says:

    are you dumb
    Leclaire is a very talented goalie
    and is signed on for 2 more years at a very reasonable price
    why wouldnt you want a goalie that was 2nd in the league is shutouts last year (with 9 behind lundquist)
    had a save % of .919, a GAA of 2.25 and won 24 games for a week defensive team such as the Blue jackets were last year
    would you rather have fernandez (who has a history of being a bad locker room influence, as well as not being the most consistent goalie), nik khabibuin (too old), nittymaki (unproven), backstrom (i guess this would be the best, but i dont think the sens can afford to pay him, his salary is going to be at least 6 million), biron (yes he can play but if philly doesnt trust him to be consistent why should you), thomas (probably gonna resign and if he doesnt hes gonna get 6 million easily)
    Theres still budaj, or raycroft
    or you could trade vermette (who is decent, but lets be honest, hes never going to be amazing and a one for one for leclaire is a good trade for you)
    seriously, do you have to overrate him that much and incredibly underrate leclaire

  3. hockey_lover says:


  4. muckies says:

    Leaclaire lost his starting job this year, he has brutal stats, Did you see him in the World Championships last year – the guy is a seive and he has proven nothing.
    Raycroft set a Leafs record for wins the year he was the strater – stats mean nothing. Every golaie can have a good year – Gerber, Dan Cloutier, Theodore, Lalime, but in the end the Sens have to get this one 100% right, and definetly this is not the guy you want – especially if you have to give up Vermette who is one of the leagues fastest skaters AND  best penalty killers. 
    They need a proven golaie thta has shown he can take his team the playoffs and at leats perform under the playoff pressure. With Leclaire, there is no guarantee, and I think he is A Martin Gerbewr in waiting.

  5. reinjosh says:

    first of all
    wins dont mean anything
    but any goalie who has a .907 SV% and and a 2.82 GAA on a team that could barely make a winning record since he started playing is a goalie i would want on my team
    and if you seriously think vermette is one of the best penalty killers in the league you  a deluded and suffering from home fan overrating syndrome
    he is a decent penalty killer but he is no where near the best or even in the top 10
    and martin gerber was a backup who stole the job from an injured and rookie golatender
    it was stupid of the Senators orginization to ever think he could be a starter
    the whole reason Leclaire lost his job was not because he got outplayed
    he lost it becuase he was injured for like 3 months
    and Mason was incredibly hot and their was no need to reinjure Leclaire
    then he got injured again
    now if you really think he is a mertin gerber in the waiting
    you need to watch some more hockey and gain a little more experience than just canadian teams
    and you arnt going to get a decent goalie for at least a year or two
    and how is a guy who lets in 8 goals in 4 games a sieve
    thats pretty good in the new NHL
    if you expect goalies who make the natioanl team to stop every shot they face you need to have your head examined

  6. ThePriceIsRight says:

    This trade could happen but with ottawa saying they need more offense and are always looking for a 'top six forward' I dont see why they would trade vermette. To say he is worth Leclaire and a 1st is a joke, Vermette isn't worth a 1st rounder even if Leclaire wasn't in the trade.

    If i were ottawa i'd keep leaning on Elliot and if they are seriously in need of a goalie right now then Toronto's Toskala can be bought for cheap i doubt Burke is looking for more then a 2nd rounder for him because the market for goalies is brutal right now.

    Toskala would be a better goalie if he was splitting time with another goalie like Elliot not trying to carry a team by himself.  

  7. muckies says:

    Okay then, you have such a hard-on for the guy take him on your team and enjoy, I don't want him in the Sens net. I'd rather have somebody that is PROVEN – I think you can at least absorb that can't you? maybe?

  8. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Do you know why Leclaire lost his job? It's because he got injured early on and now Mason has come in and become one of the top goalies this season. There are only a few goalies in the league that I would think of giving the starting job over Mason (Luongo, Brodeur, Thomas, maybe Lundqvist or Nabokov but that's about it.) As a goalie STATS are everything, in terms of GAA and SV%. Wins don't say as much about a goalie because those are more of a team effort, and Raycroft only got 37 because he played almost every game.

    Leclaire can put up pretty good numbers, better than Ottawa's goaltending over the last few years. As for Vermette I'll give you he's one of the fastest, but definitely not one of the best penalty killers. He might be between number 15 and 20 in the league but no better. I'd say to be considered one of the best you have to be in the top 7ish so guys like Carter, Richards, etc. NOT VERMETTE. Leclaire definitely is better than Gerber also.

  9. reinjosh says:

    id would like having him in net
    but i dont need him
    i have kipper
    and as for who the sens are gonna get
    good luck
    your team is gonna need it seeing as its gonna take at least 4 years for elliot to become decent
    and you have no chance at getting someone decent
    no half sane golatender would want to go to your joke of a team

  10. Kyleton says:

    I'm curious who you see as a proven goalie that you can get this deadline or sign in the offseason?

  11. muckies says:

    Backstrom, JS Guguerre in a trade if Anaheim is rebuilding, Tim Thomas is a free agnet, Biron, Clemmenson at less then Leclaires 4 million a season, I think there are a ton of golaies that are better or at least as good as Leclaire that will be cheaper, more proven and come with playoff experience.
    Leclaire to me is not elite, he isn't even in that group with Tim Thomas, Vokoun and Backstrom of the seocnd tier starters, to me he is in the Raycroft, Gerber, Legace group of legit NHL goalies but who aren't true #1 goalies, but are always on non-playoff teams or battling for a platoon job.  These guys are a dime a dozen and Ottawa has one in Ault, they don't need another one at 4 million

  12. reinjosh says:

    no way the senators can afford to pay Backstrom
    wont happen while you have Spezza, Heatley, and Alfie locked up
    Thomas will resign with the Bruins
    Clemmenson, according to you, hasnt proved himself, he has been a consistent backup through his whole career and just had one good season (not good enough for you even though Lecalaire has had like 3)
    Biron would be decent but he will want 4 million or more and he hasnt really prove himself (one good season as a starter last year, the rest were as a backup)
    Gigiure lost his job (and legit because he got injured but because he was crappy) to Leclaire
    Vokoun has only won 3 games in the playoffs exactly like Backstrom
    and if you think Backstrom and Thomas are second tier starters
    you are nuts and on crack
    Thomas and Backstrom ahve been the two most consistent goaltenders since the lockout
    and BAckstrom has been better than Broduer
    so you still havent given us any goaltenders who could be better that have a chance at signing with you guys

  13. muckies says:

    Well if the Sens can't afford anybody, and nobody will want to sign with them anyways, and all the good goalies are taken, what's the point in us going on?
    Like I said, if Leclaire is so amazing, take him on your team and we'll take Kipper.

    Ott: Kiprusoof
    Calgary: Leclaire
    CBJ: reinjosh, some Calagry stampede BBQ sauce, and a signed photo of Ralph Kelin drunk in a cowboy hat throwing money at homeless people.

  14. reinjosh says:

    wow, someone cant take critiscm very well, and he cant deal with getting so soundly trumped in argument

  15. hockey_lover says:

    Thats not new for good 'ol Muckster

  16. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    You think Boston is going to let Thomas go? He's at the top of the league in GAA, SV% and is 6th in wins, and the only goalie to have at least 27 wins with less than 47 games this season. He is the best goalie in the league this season and a big reason for Boston's success. Giggy isn't doing too hot this season either, and may be close to losing his job to Hiller, so how do you think he's gonna play in Ottawa. Biron has proven to be really inconsistent at times and he is currently earning 3.5 mil per season do you think he's going to take a huge pay cut to play in Ottawa? Because if he doesn't he's no better an option than Leclaire who has been excellent in the few seasons where he played 30+ games. Clemmensen is more unproven than Leclaire, he has never played a season until this one with more than 13 games, this was his first full season and now he will likely only see one or 2 more games if he gets called up and yes he has been good but what does that prove? You say Leclaire isn't a starter but Clemmensen is? How does that work?

  17. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Did anyone say Leclaire was better than Kipper? No.
    All he said was that the guys you are talking about are either not leaving, will want more money than Leclaire, or are just as unproven.
    Don't be a douchebag just cause you can't come up with an argument because you know he's right.

  18. muckies says:

    Like I said to Reinjosh, if everybody thinks nobody wants to play in Ottawa, and we can't afford anybody, and npbody who is available will come here as a free-agent, what's the point of us going on.
    So how about his trade

    Ott: Spezza, Campoli, Volchenkov and Vermette
    Tor: Pogge and Jamal Meyres.

    Or do they not want to come to Ottawa etiher and we can't afford them, let me exactly how things are going to shake down between now and free-agency  O.K.

  19. reinjosh says:

    wow, someone really cant take critiscm and when you lose an argument you come back with some of the most pointless and retarded comments
    next time if your wrong just admit it or shutup

  20. muckies says:

    O.K. I'm not even going to say I'm wrong because I think anybody reading these posts will be able to see the brilliance of your argument and that you are a big Tucker Carlson fan BUT at least  we can agree that if you went to Columbus with a signed photo of Ralph Klein and some BBQ sauce, it would be worth at least Leclaire, if not Lecalir and some future considerations?
    Come on, we can at least agree on that right?

  21. reinjosh says:

    you are a loser
    and you cant stand being wrong
    and considering everybody pretty much agredd with me
    you are a funny one

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