Senators are fearing a 'sideshow'


All is quiet on the Dany Heatley trade front, but that could soon change with the start of training camp fast approaching Sept. 12.
Senators general manager Bryan Murray is trying to grant the disgruntled winger his wish for a trade, but is finding the pickings are slim. Still, the countdown to camp could change everything.

“They don’t want him in camp and that could change the way negotiations have gone,” a National Hockey League executive said yesterday. “Murray has spent almost three months trying to get his best deal for this guy and it’s going to be a total sideshow if Heatley shows up at camp. Not for the players. Heatley will be the only one who has to deal with it on a daily basis.

“The reality is he’s going to get dealt at some point or another, so Murray may as well get it done now.”

The belief is that Heatley, by going public with his trade demands after refusing to waive his no-movement clause on a trade to the Edmonton Oilers in July, has devalued himself.

“That’s why they haven’t been able to make a trade,” the executive said. “Bryan Murray looks at this and says: ‘He’s a two-time 50-goal scorer and he’s got value.’ The teams that are having discussions are looking at this as a guy who wants out, so why should they pay top dollar?”

“Sooner or later, he’s going to get dealt. It could take six days, six weeks or six months, but Heatley won’t finish his career with the Senators.”

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