Senators Interested in Matthew Barnaby

According to the Team 1200 in Ottawa, the Senators are actively pursuing NYR enforcer Matthew Barnaby.

John Muckler was in New York last week talking to Glen Sather. Could a deal be in the works? The Senators are apparently interested in Matthew Barnaby while the Rangers either want Arvedson Or Rachunek in return. Matthew Barnaby would give Ottawa the grit and toughness the fans wanted, what do you think of this possible deal

R. Deren

18 Responses to Senators Interested in Matthew Barnaby

  1. DG says:

    So the Ottawa Senators are interested in a useless thug whose only asset is his Oscar nominations? Huh. Somebody please tell me how that’s “money well spent.”


  2. aafiv says:

    DG you’re too kind. The Sens want to pick up a guy known only for the spectacular way in which he loses every fight he gets in.

  3. TheDevil says:

    If the Rangers can pull this one, it would be Sather’s best trade ever for the Rangers.

  4. MyCaptain11 says:

    lol i have to agree for the most part. if a deal with these principals happens, it would be odd indeed for the sens and good for the rangers.

    although, i must admit…in addition to losing every fight he gets into, barnaby does provide nice energy to the home crowd from time to time. that’s his other responsibility: energy booster.

    to be honest, i’d rather see mccarthy go than barnaby. at least matt is willing to fight.

  5. big_booty says:

    Barnaby is not worth Arvedsson or Rachunek. Hell, he wasn’t even worth Zdeno Ciger, who is now unemployed.

    Ottawa doesn’t need a worthless oaf like Barnaby, it makes no sense for them to pursue him. If Muckler makes a deal like this, he ought to be keelhauled.

  6. Sands says:

    Would love to have Arvedson on line with Lindros and Bure. to fill the hole…..

    Baranby is doing good right now…. send him.

    I’d send Nedved, Dvorak, Lefavbe and Baranby for…..

    Havlat, Arvedson, and Rachunek

    (Try and pull that Never happening Deal off)

    and sign Rushinsky…..

    My first 2 lines



  7. Leaf_Expert says:

    The Senators are always looking for grit and heart to match-up against teams like Toronto….

    Until they do something serious about this team they will always be PRETENDERS, NOT CONTENDERS!!!!!!

  8. Habfan4 says:

    Wow did you get that pearl of wisdom directly from the Hockey clichés dictionary?

  9. Habfan4 says:

    Keelhauling, now that is old school!

  10. mikster says:

    You were doing well….but the

    “Hell, he wasn’t even worth Zdeno Ciger, who is now unemployed.”

    Was just too idotic and made your comment uninteresting.

    Barnaby put up more points and did more around the ice the Ciger did. So….you were kinda dumb right there.

  11. Bossy22 says:

    They should have kept Andre Roy. Personaly I thought he did a fine job for Ottawa. I still can’t figure out why they did that trade.

  12. mikster says:

    As of now, Barnaby has played really well overall. So he rarely wins a fight, but he checks, draws penalties, and has been working solid on the 3rd line. That makes him valuable enough for a team that has no toughness like the Sens.

    They should probably try and grab Barnaby, since they made that pointless Andre Roy trade, and i think they would trade a player that they will lose, or an unsigned player, for Barnaby. There is just one problem…..Barnaby’s salary is $1.75 million. The Sens can’t afford to eat that up so probably Sather had to do the same with Lowe and Grier. He couldn’t eat up much of Barnaby’s salary….probably the Sens asked to eat up close to or exactly $1 million dollars.

    I think it would be a fair trade for both teams. Each get what they want. The Sens will lose Arvedson, so they are trying to deal him. A player who has a UFA status after this season does not have much trade value at all.

    As for Rachunek, i think the deal could have been Barnaby + someone for Arvedson and Rachunek’s rights (unsigned players have less trade value as well).

  13. RangerSteve says:

    You can have the Human Punching Bag!

  14. MossRocks says:

    Arr matey, I disagree – he should be dancin’ the hempen jig.

  15. YingYan says:

    Arvedson for Barnaclown?


    Thanx for the laugh! 😀

    p.s. Barnaclown can’t win any fights and is now laughed at by most.

  16. PL81s says:

    Smiley(barnaby) Has been the most consistent ranger so far. Not on the stat sheet. But, in the hustle department.I wouldn’t get rid of him right now to anywhere. Get rid of Sandy. I think he’s only played a few shifts a game. He’s terrible

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