Senators interested in Ryan Callahan

The Senators have an interest in St. Louis F Chris Stewart but they aren’t alone. He could be part of a deal with the Rangers if the Blues try to get F Ryan Callahan.

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  1. mapleleafsfan says:

    Why would Ottawa give up the assets for Callahan just to have him walk? He’s asking for $6.5. As if Melnyk would pay that much for Callahan. Hell, I doubt he’d pay that much for Crosby. He wouldn’t pay that much for his captain of however many years. Alfie arguably brings more to the table than Callahan. Don’t see it happening.

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    This is hilarious…to me
    About a month ago I suggested we throw out an “unheard, out of the blue” trade for the deadline. I suggested the Pens shipping Fleury to Buffalo for Miller and then signing Miller long term. To my own surprise, that scenario is actually being discussed now for the same reasons I mentioned and Pittsburgh is apparently 1 of 4 teams interested in Miller. That would be a huge deadline deal if it happened (not saying it will).
    I just hope it happens so that we can see pics of TGWL eating all those hats he promised to eat if it actually

  3. leafmeister says:

    Ottawa is gonna have to play some pretty good hockey to even get a sniff at the playoffs and they are already missing their 1st, is it really wise to trade more assets for what is probably going to be a futile playoff run?

    • doorman says:

      It is almost the worst thing they could do pretending to be buyers. I mean do the math, 4-5 teams to leap over/fight and another two 5-8 pts ahead. keep that 2nd rounder high and collect what you can in other picks.

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