Senators possible deadline deals!!

The Senators have already acquired one gritty left winger in Vaclav Varada, but don’t be surprised if Muckler picks up another one before March 11. He stated himself that he has deals brewing. Check out the possibilities.One of the most mentioned names around Ottawa has been Brad May. The gritty veteran from Phoenix is exactly the type of player the Sens need. Apparently there is a deal brewing, but Mike Barnett is holding it up. Look for possibly Magnus Arvedson to be included in a trade because he is a free-agent at season’s end, and if the Senators do not see themselves resigning him, he will be on his way out of the Nation’s capital.

Another possible acquisition is Bates Battaglia. These rumors have died down over the past few days, because Carolina apparently wants some young forwards, possibly a Mike Fisher. Ottawa will never trade him, so unless Carolina lowers their asking price, Bates will not be a Senator.

A possible rent-a-player is Adam Graves. With San Jose out of the playoffs they will start dumping salary, and Ottawa may want to get their hands on Graves for the playoffs.

The other usual names have been mentioned. Players such as Shawn Bates and Dave Scatchard are always mentioned in trade rumors. If the Senators make another deal, expect them to only trade Arvedson if they can acquire a player of similiar value. They will not dump salary.

These are the latest rumors floating around Ottawa. They are in search of another gritty player. They have already improved themselves by acquiring Varada, so look for Ottawa to make some noise in the playoffs.

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  1. AvSfAn01 says:

    If I were a sens fan, i would really like to get a player like Graves. Granted hes getting on, but he has taken a restrained role for the Sharks, which could mean he is energized and ready for the playoffs. Great player, great experience, just what Ottowa needs.

    My idea would be for them to snag Corson form the leafs. Being benched for the last 6 or so games must have severely dropped his value and if the Senaors can steal him, who knows, maybe theres a little bit if the old magic left…

  2. Leaf_Expert says:

    Even if the Sens got every player named on that article… They still wouldn’t be worthy for the cup…

    If one guy tore this team up(Roberts), then I’m not worried one bit at how this team finish’s the season.. Cause we all know what there worth….

  3. Goldenscud says:

    Is it me or am I the only one that doesn’t see the connection between Battaglia and grit?

  4. Rico71 says:

    I’ve never seen much grit in Bates…seems he’s a power forward now…

    Probably left over hype from last year’s playoffs…

    He’s ok, but not that gritty.

  5. TheMinister says:

    Get Scatchard. This guy is way underrated. I saw him for a little over two seasons in Van and he seems to have gotten better.

    He’s a big (6’3″ 225) checking center, good on face-offs and can score. Peca (maybe Ricci) is the only guy who could have stolen the 3rd line center job from him. Anybody should want this guy. Hey, maybe the Nucks should go after him…

  6. WeStSiDe says:

    Why would the Islanders trade Scatchard when they are going into the playoffs.. Just like Dallas trading Modano.. *Shakes Head*

  7. Sensaholic says:

    I believe that the best part of you was left running down the inside of your mothers legs.

  8. NYIchooch75 says:

    Scatchard isn’t going anywhere. He is second in goals on the Isles and is a great two-way player. It’s funny, but everyone always brings up how the Canucks robbed the Islanders with Bertuzzi, but what about this trade? What did we give up…friggin’ Potvin.

  9. GoSenators says:

    Despite the fact that Arvedson is free agent, I don’t see him going anywhere. He has by far been their most consistant (only) left winger and they are weak on the left side. He has been getting shifted between the top two lines on the left side. If they weren’t in the mess they are currently in financially they would have probably re-signed him. He likes the team and the city and actually missed a couple of games due to personal reasons. It is rumoured that he was stressed out/upset at the media for constantly hounding him as trade bait. (see why we need grit!)

    I think they will make another deal but more likely for prospects (ie Tim Gleason) or draft picks

  10. mikster says:

    I agree, 100%

    Get Gravey!!!!!!!!

  11. mikster says:

    Great two way player? This is his 1st + rating season, 27 years of age….took him a while eh?

    Yeah, you guys traded Potvin, basically, for Scatchard. Good trade, one of the so few ones 😛 lol.

  12. mikster says:

    Depends what the return is. I think they will trade Bonk for a playoff type center.

  13. GoSenators says:

    I agree to the possibility of them trading Bonk. Personally I would love to see them trade Bonk to Mtl for Perrault and a gritty winger ie McKay or Gilmour with a little to prove in their possibly last run to the cup. The other big weakness the Sens have is faceoffs, which Perrault would fix. If they could get a gritty center who can win faceoffs too than that would be good. Don’t forget they can replace Bonk’s talent with a kid called Spezza

  14. KnownStrangers says:

    Perreault is on a slump right now, but besides that he’s done great since he’s a Hab, but hey, if that’s what it takes for Montreal to get rid of old timers like McKay and Gilmour… go for it !

    this might be good –short term– investment for the Sens, but dont think these guys (Gilmour & McKay) will be there next season… and it would create room for Spezza in the next season as well

    It would be a way for Habs GM to got rid of older players, make some room for Hossa, Ribiero or Ward… and recieve a forward in return

  15. Aetherial says:

    Now that the Sens ownership is up in the air again, I don’t expect more deals.

    Then again, I think the Sens have as good a shot as anyone to take the cup this year as their team stands now.

  16. NYIchooch75 says:

    C’mon, sure he is. You can’t judge him on the +/- stats from that team two years ago. And last year was hard because he had trouble fitting into the new system and suddenly found his playing time cut drastically. The guy is awesome! You’d take him…well maybe not with your glut of centers, but you’d take him over Nedved and 42- year old Messier.

  17. Lapointefan says:

    Scatchard has 20 goals playing on the 3rd line.At 26, he’s one of the best checking centers in the league.Isles aren’t dealing Scatchard to the Sens unless the isles get something very good back and that’s not soon to be ufa Arvedsoon.

  18. Swedish_Bruins_fan says:

    I don’t think Shawn Bates is going to leave Long Island any time too soon. Laviolette likes him too much and they go way back. Bates was coached by Laviolette in Providence. This is why he is getting the playing time he deserves. Unfortunately the Bruins failed to give him that opportunity.

  19. meetak says:

    I don’t see graves, Battaglia, Bates or Scatchard going to Ottawa any time soon.

    Nor do i see Bonk or Arvedsson being traded any time soon.Especially when they are both starting to click offensively.

    Trading prospects/picks is the most likely route for the SEns, although i could also see Schastlivy( currently out until at least the end of the regular season) being traded for a player who could step in right now.

    I’d look for Muckler trying to get either Drury or Gelinas out of Calgary: if the Flames want to keep Iginla, they need to dump a bit of salary to reasonably be able to do that, and no team is gonna want Turek’s 4 mil salary, so Drury, Gelinas and Boughner are probably on the block.

    I also wouldn’t give up on the possibility of getting May or Doan from Phoenix, especially if the Coyotes are almost definately out of the picture by March 11th.

    with one of these trades, The Sens playoff lines could look like this:

    (Drury/Gelinas/Doan/May) White Alfredsson

    Arvedsson Bonk Hossa

    Varada Fisher Havlat

    Schaeffer VanAllen Neil

    Hull < -- depth
    with the same Dmen they’ve played all year

    Chara Phillips

    Redden Rachunek

    Volchenkov Leschychyn

    Hnidy< -- depth
    This is a lineup with which they could roll lines and defense pairings all game against most teams and not worry too much about matchups.And still plenty of depth with Spezza, Langfeld, Pothier, Dahlman, Brad Smyth and a couple of others ready to be called up from Binghamton.

    Bottom line : the sens only NEED to make 1 more trade for a gritty left wing(varada answered some toughness/get in your face issues).Now they need another guy on the left who can score a bit and hit a bit too.Drury or Gelinas are my two first choices for this role (within reason that is, Peter Forsberg would be my first choice if Muckler could somehow hypnotize the Avs management, but that ain’t gonna happen).

  20. wayne2 says:

    Only one problem,Gelinas is not a tough winger so we dont really need him and how do you get Drury,where`s your trade proposal for that.I know Tim Gleason could be trade bait but i doubt it would be enough for Drury.How about simply putting Fisher on left wing with White-Alfredson and give Spezza a chance with Varada-Havlat.We answer first line grit,and we give nice players for Spezza to play with and therefore have strong scoring abilities on lines 1-2-3 and a solid defensive 4th line.

  21. Leaf_Expert says:

    Oh, I know ur still a rookie in here…

    But you kinda made a mistake on your sentance… Cause it should have read down your mothers legs…Which I had fun,

    @ @


    So next time, Juss….

    “Shut Da Fuck Up!”

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