Senators Re-sign Dean McAmmond

According to, the Sens have re-signed Dean McAmmond to a multi-year contract, with exact number of years or salary yet to be disclosed.

I can’t see this being a big money contract, but whatever it is, he’s worth it. He was a great team player for the Sens run this year into the finals and even scored 5 goals (8 points) in the playoffs on the 4th line.

4 Responses to Senators Re-sign Dean McAmmond

  1. senators101 says:

    Everyone probably knows about this by now, but I submitted it before sportsnet or tsn had written it.  I'm not an idiot trying to post this smaller news now.

  2. Penssuck says:

    I like how you defended yourself before people attacked you.  Thinking ahead, i like that.

    But you wouldn't be an idiot for posting "smaller" news now anyway, the draft was boring as hell.

  3. senators101 says:

    it was pretty bad eh? Oh man, normally I dont watch it, but I just wanted to see if any trades were going to happen.  That was pathetic.

    And what can I say? I'm a thinker!

  4. UWSensFan says:

    Yeppers…definitely a good signing, now we just have to get Schubert, Kelly, and a 5/6 d-man under contract, pawn Gerber off to someone for whatever they want to give back (practically), and add a backup for Emery.

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