Senators shopping for defensive help

The Ottawa Citizen speculates that the Senators search for a talented defenseman is continuing. They also provide a juicy tid bit in regards to another possible Peter Forsberg return.

The names that are mentioned in regards to a possible trade for the Senators include Ohlund, Bowmeester, and Greg De Vries. All three of these defenseman are unrestricted at the end of the current season however HTR believes that it is very highly unlikely that the Canucks will be willing to depart with Mattais Ohlund for a small return such as Vermette who is under achieving this season.

On the Peter Forsberg front, the article rumors that it is possible that he may be once again willing to make another comeback. The two teams that are apparently interested at this posing include the Senators and the Black Hawks.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    I sat with Karlsson day 2 of the draft (and Filatov, I was in the Don Meehan client section). The kid is about 5'9" (Claims to be 5'11") and about 150 lbs. I don't think Lidstrom was that size since he was about 14 years old. So don't give me any of that. They picked him because Alfie wanted a Swede or something. Who knows what they were thinking, he was ranked a bit lower than where they took him, he shoulda been a 2nd round pick in all fairness.

    If they're lucky he'll be as good as Stralman for the Leafs.

  2. KingCanada says:

    I think they just need one big trade to shake things up.  They should IMO trade Spezza to a team for say a good young goalie and a bunch of assets.  They will still have alot of offence but will be without Spezza (douchebag, best friends of head douchebag Emery).

    To Atlanta: Jason Spezza

    To Ottawa: Kari Lethonen, 1st round pick, Daultan Leveille


    To Chicago: Jason Spezza, 2nd round pick

    To Ottawa: Nik Khabibulin, 1st round pick, David Bolland, Cam Barker

    Something in those areas…Ottawa needs a huge shakeup, not a rebuild process!

  3. ncAvalanche21 says:

    Wow. It amazes me how many people think Forsberg will play for any other team then the Colorado Avalanche. When he signed last time he publicly stated that if he were to ever come back for future NHL seasons, his one and only choice would be Colorado.
    And that is if he could even come back.
    Go read the article on the denverpost. Forsberg's agent (who is also Joe Sakic's agent) stated that Forsberg just had another foot surgery. He wants to play for the Avs. His eyes are set at playing in the NHL again but it all depends on his foot. He's an Av. He loves Colorado.
    I'm willing to bet everything I own that Foppa WILL sign in Denver when his foot clears up. And it will.

  4. Radio says:

    Well I wouldn't have traded him, he does have his defensive gaffes, but you can limit his 5v5 ice-time. Corvo was just deadly in OT and excellent on the PP. I would have matched him with Jason Smith during the regular season; someone with a slower pace and rougher hand, who does not make any mistakes with the puck.

  5. Radio says:

    Sami Salo is very angry @ this thread.

  6. mitchamac says:

    spezza and a pic for bowmeester and weiss

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