Senators Shopping Gerber

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Senators are trying to move goalie Martin Gerber. One of the problems in moving the goalie is that the Senators paid him a rich contract in which he will earn 3.7 million dollars next season.

Some of the teams that according to the article may show some interest include the St. Louis Blues and Phoenix Coyotes. Other teams that are in need of a goalie include the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins.

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  1. kamullia says:

    Unless Ottawa is willing to eat at least one-third of that contract, I say good luck. It’s not like Milbury (or someone like him) is available as a GM anymore. And if I remember correctly, Wang did sign a goalie for a few years already…

    I get the feeling they’d be wasting less time if they just buy him out.

  2. Komisarek says:

    The new collective agreement does not allow you to eat salary when you trade a guy.  Unless they trade him with a pic for some garbage or lower pic….I think he stays in Ottawa.   

    NJ did it last year when they traded a guy along with a 1st round pick for an AHLer (I think it was Mogilny going to SJ…not sure though) just to flush his salary to fit under the cap and resign Elias.

  3. RealisticNick says:

    I agree with the post above, 3.7 million is a little expensive for a guy who may not even be your starter.  If someone is going to pay that they could trade for Manny Fernandez and pay an extra 0.5 and know they are getting a more consistent goalie.  That or just flat out sign a UFA.  Either way it looks like the sens would not be gaining anything but cap room in the deal unless someone is desperate.  Someone could trade for him and sign Aeibischer and have the Swiss cheese combo.

  4. BruMagnus says:

    Where have you been?

    You missed some mega-drama.

  5. BruMagnus says:

    Swiss cheese combo! That's priceless and a good marketing tool.

  6. rojoke says:

    And the other problem is that Gerber has never been a starter for an NHL team.  Back-up in Anaheim, hit and miss in Carolina, miss in Ottawa.  And yet he's making a starter's salary.  Only two choices for Ottawa if they want to get rid of him; trade him in a package with some prospects to fill a hole somewhere else or buy him out.

  7. BruinsGM says:

    As desperate as the Bruins are for a consistent starter next season, $3.7M for an unproven guy is definitely not in the cards.

  8. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think that the Phoenix Coyotes would be the best desanation for Martin Gerber to get traded to there would be no preasure for Martin play under it would work out for both teams and Martin Gerber.

    Also if the Ottawa Senators can get Martin Gerber contract off there books then they can sign Ray Emery to a long term contract and then they can sign Gary Roberts to a contract I hope that the Ottawa Senators sign Gary Roberts I don't think Gary Roberts will re-sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins I think that tradeing away Martin Gerber would free up cap space to sign a player like Gary Roberts I see Gary Roberts over Ryan Smyth coming to the Ottawa Senators I see the Ottawa only targeting Gary Roberts when July 1st comes around and I see Gary Roberts signing with the Ottawa Senators on July 1st 2007.

  9. flamingsenator says:

    nah….in carolina…he had a steller regular season…….but in the playoffs…god knows wat happens…but eversince game 1 vs montreal…..hes never been te same

  10. wayne2 says:

    Gary Roberts or Scott Walker or Scott Hartnell would all be good fits with the sens.

  11. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I totally agree with you wayne2 witch one out of those three do you think that the Ottawa Senators will sign come July 1st?

    I think that Gary Roberts would be my choice and Scott Walker would be my second choice and then Scott Hartnell because I keep on hearing that Scott Hartnell will ask for 3mill to 4miill and Gary Roberts is a vetern and he would only be asking for 2.5 million so Gary Roberts and Scott Walker would be my two choices for the Ottawa Senators two sign to play with Spezza and Heatley. 

  12. wayne2 says:

    Columbus is also looking for a goalie.The most interesting free agent goalie in my opinion is Matthieu Garon.I `m a sens fan and hope they trade him but if i was in need of a goalie i`d look to sign Garon instead.
    The sens should sign Emery to a 2-3 year deal,not more cause sometimes goalies have a great year or two and then go downhill.(Felix Potvin,Giguère (inconsistant although great at times),Gerber(one good year),Theodore).
    The best example is Steve Penney(one series).Looks like Preissing is out so the sens need to replace him,i think they should give that spot to Schubert.If they do trade Gerber and save that money sign Gary Roberts.
    1-Roberts/Spezza/Heatley(Roberts would help Spezza to mature)
    2-Schaefer/Fisher/Alfredson(solid 2 way line)
    3-Vermette/Kelly/Neil(solid defensive line)
    4-Foligno/Hennesy/Eaves(nice young agressive players )

    1-Phillips/Volchenkov(hard hitting strong defensive pair)
    2-Redden/Mezaros(good offensive defensemen with decent defense)
    3-Schubert/Corvo(grit,hard hitting for one speed and offense for the other)

    1-Emery(deserves to start and be considered number one)
    2-Sign Curtis Joseph,great backup and backup plan)

  13. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I really like that line up and I agree that the only two guys that they should sign this off season are Gary Roberts and Curtis Joseph and I think that the Ottawa Senators should re-sign Dean MCcammond  he would be a good extra forward they would keep the whole team from this past season only if they add Gary Roberts and Curtis Joesph and those would not mess up the chemistry and those would be two excenlent moves I totally like that line up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I totally agree that they should save that money to sign Gary Roberts when they trade away Martin Gerber.

  15. senators101 says:

    I'd rather trade Corvo to a team like Edmonton, in need of a offensive defenseman and use the 2.5 mil that we're paying him and pay Preissing.  Preissing makes less defensive mistakes and also played pretty well with Schubert on defense when Corvo went down.  I'm pretty sure he'll take 2.5 mil and stay in ottawa.

    But going to the Gerber trade – get anyone out of it and its worth it.  and We also have to sign Mcammond – I'd rather him than eaves.

  16. Pony says:

    Wow, in one sentence you managed to say Gary Roberts seven times.

  17. wayne2 says:

    Well,i hope they do but i doubt they will since they dont have a big history on UFA signing as they rether built from within.

  18. kamullia says:

    GOOD! I am glad I was not around.

    Just like every year, when the season gets really going, I get too busy and I am not able to follow the site as much, or contribute. I do extremely sporadic reading of the site during the season, but mostly I am following the games, plus doing my thing. This year I had to add some personal melodrama, of which I still have some left of, therefore I basically did not get the chance to be on the site much.

    Besides, the true need for me to be around with my input is not during the regular season, but during the off-season when most of the general speculation arises (along with the jackasses for whatever mysterious reason, if you have been paying attention).

    PS Great year for the Pens. In the end, my off-season prediction and goal-setting for the team/GM was right on the money. A sound success for the Penguins, at least for me and all my expert sources, but Shero still gets a C+ or B- for his work thus far in my book.

  19. Senatorsfan78 says:

    wayne 2 they have signed Dominik Hasek three summers ago and last summer they signed Joe Corvo and Martin Gerber so those are not small signings I think John Muckler knows what the team needs to get to the next step and win the Stanley cup because they were that close this year and I think that John Muckler needs to go and realize that he needs to sign a power foward such as Gary Roberts I hope that John Muckler decides to sign Gary Roberts this off season.

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