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The Senators have gotten off to a rocky start this season, but even with their troubles, they sit in 6th place in the Eastern Conference. Luckily, the Senators’ play has been much improved lately and they are starting to look like the Senators of old.With a convincing win over Chicago and a solid effort against the Rangers, Ottawa is finally getting back to playing solid defensive and offensive hockey.

The Senators standing is rather surprising considering the fact that they are 2nd in the league in goals per game, and 6th in goals against average. This begs the question, what is the problem? Well, the problem has been the timely goals. The Senators have been giving up a lot of late goals which is the reason why they are losing most of their games by one goal. This has to fall on the shoulders of Patrick Lalime. He has not been making the big saves that the team has needed. Luckily, after battling the flu bug, Lalime had a solid outing against NY. He let in a weak first goal, but then came back and made a few monstrous saves. This is good news for the Senators because as Lalime plays better, the Sens will move higher and higher in the standings.

Unfortunately, the injury bug has hit Ottawa. Brian Pothier is out with a concussion, Anton Volchenkov has a shoulder problem, and Vaclav Varada is out 4 weeks with a knee injury. Luckily, Mike Fisher is due back before the New Year and Brian Pothier began skating this week. Sens’ fans can’t wait until the return of Fisher, as he is one of those gritty forwards who can change the course of a game. He has been missed dearly and the Senators will get a boost when he gets back onto the ice.

People should not be worried about the Ottawa Senators. They have no where to go but up, and despite the early season struggles, they will make the playoffs.

More news: The Senators reclaimed D Wade Brookbank from Vancouver this week. This gives them more depth on the back end as they continue to suffer injuries. The Senators are very high on Brookbank and expect him to crack the lineup within the next couple of years. Rumors continue to circulate that the Senators are interested in Florida’s Kristian Huselius. I don’t expect anything to be done because the asking price would be rather high. If the Senators are to do any tinkering in the near future, it will probably be from within. Also, the return of Fisher will have an impact that a big trade would have.

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  1. SaskSen says:

    There is no need to worry yet. The Sens have played poorly and are still in sixth. If you factir in GP (assuming they win all 3) they are only 5 points back of the Leafs. Easly catchable in the second half. Also consider their schedule right now….

    Florida, Buffalo, Pittsburgh (aka AHL team), Atlanta, and Boston. That should be at 7 of eight points there. By the end of Jan expect ottawa to be near or on top of the NorthEast.

    I am sure Leaf fans disagree, but really this Ottawa team is much better than the Leafs. Watch how they are playing as of late….They’re back.

    Good Luck to other Teams, and Merry Christmas to all

  2. dkball7 says:

    They are much better than the leafs. The leafs are playing about as good as the sens should which is a fluke while the sens are playing as well as the leafs should. Thats a fluke as well. They’ll be back just in time to knock philly out of the playoffs… again.

  3. Sepuku says:

    And after that the Devils will knock the Sens sorry asses out of the playoffs. BTW your right, the Sens are MUCH better than the Leafs eventhough that’s not saying much.

  4. davidhabba says:

    Sepuku, so your a Devils hockey fan – see, I could tell by your in-depth analysis and thoughtful contributions. Actually, I take that back, you can’t be a Devils hockey fan because the two don’t go together. How can you be a hockey fan and still be a fan of the boring, trapping Devils? BTW, if you are so sure that they will knock out the Sens again, then why did Burns and some of his players say they were lucky to get by the Sens and couldn’t believe that they did. Better stay away from that eggnog, buddy.

  5. Sepuku says:

    Sounds like someones pussy hurts. Ya know they have creams for that kind of rash.

  6. Sepuku says:

    Burns said that b/c hockey coaches and hockey players have class. They sometimes give credit were credit IS NOT DUE so that they can preserve the integrity of the game. This isn’t football or basketball where shit talking and disrespect are excepted. In reality they knew that they pulled the sens card, they just don’t say it for everyone to hear. It’s called respect for the game and teams playing. Buy fucking clue davidhabba or whatever the fuck your name is so bend over and take it like the bitch you are. Oh yeah, I forgot the sens can’t get by the devils trap can they. Never have never will. They can’t even copy it b/c you have no defense (and don’t throw out guys like Chara in your defense b/c he doesn’t win games for you against a good trap). Eveyone knows it so just except it. Fag. Better stay away from that sperm cocktail, buddy.

  7. TheCoach says:

    I respect the Devils because they do win hockey games, but they way they do it is horrible. I cannot watch an entire NJ game because they play the most boring hockey anyone can ever play. They just dump, make a line change and do it all over again. This is exactly why no fans go and watch their games. The NJ Devils are bad for hockey. If you are introducing someone to the game, never take them to watch NJ because it is worst than a chess match.

    You just proved that you are probably the stupidest person ever. Obviously Chara won’t be able to penetrate the trap because he is a defenceman. It is not his job to forecheck. You probably don’t even know what the trap is, you just heard Burns talk about it.

    Face it, Ottawa is an improved hockey team this year because they now have playoff experience. Not only can they score goals (unlike the Devils) but they don’t allow very many. If the Devils run into the Sens or Flyers this year, they will have trouble getting to a seventh game. They may steal one or two thanks to Brodeur.

  8. DG says:

    That kind of talk isn’t allowed here.


  9. Swaottawa says:

    I’m so proud…. I thought I was the only sens fan on the GD site… well…

    I’ve been to the last three games and there is more than just timely goaltending to blame for the wins… first of all there playing a team D’ again… which is BIG…

    Chara is playing like when we first got him… and the first playoffs he played in for us… not like shitty “oh maybe he’s injured and there just not telling us Chara” we saw all of last year…

    Curtis is back to form and Smo and Spezza seem to have a little bit of chemistry… When Martin wants a goal he puts out Havlat-Bonk-Hossa… I saw these guys put together for the first time against Chicago… two goals in what 30 sec… then again against the rangers… they got no goals but at least 2 scoring chances… good ones not that shot from the blue line or from the side of the net bullshit… and then they scored a power play goal last night… it was awesome to see… KEEP THEM TOGETHER MARTIN DON’T BE STUPID!!!

    Hossa is having a hard time in general though… he’s fighting and not complaining… but every time he steps on the ice… the other team has two guys grinding him harder than a drunk in hull on a 18 yr old high school girl… it’s sad so much talent… so much grinding…

    Rackunick should consider himself lucky… if ‘Chenkov was healthy the kid would be Reddens defense partner by now… the guy got benched for good reason a few weeks ago and his play hasn’t gotten any better… missing passes and missing shots… and all around stupid plays for a while now *cough* Friesson undressing him on a stupid miscommunication that cost us the Cup *cough* when ‘Chenkov comes back I expect it will be too late for this change but if there is hockey next year expect Rackunick to fall to a fifth or sixth D man… since Curtis won’t be back unless he takes a mad pay cut from his 2 mil and Hnidy and Pothier will still be fighting over sixth… Rack may be able to give us a little solidity there… or maybe trade bate… who knows…

    I defended Schastliviy on this site a few weeks ago and I would like to take everything I said about the kid back… he has had all the opportunity in the world and the guy can’t do shit… get rid of him… make room for Vermette who can play and is a waste of talent rotting on our fourth line… Schastliviy is playing with Bonk and Havlat… Havlat has been the best player for the sens the last few games and Bonk is his usual… “oh maybe I just may show up this shift” self… Despite this Schastliviy should be at least matching what Varada was doing on that line… WHICH IS SHOOTING VERY VERY LOW FOR WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE CAPABLE OF… and he can’t even do that…

    White Schafer and Alfi are solid… Van Allan and Neil… well… they do what they do and they do it well… Phillips… would like to see some of that offensive brilliance we saw in the playoffs and at the start of the season… but he’s solid and has a Bonk mentality it looks like unfortuinitly but more in the way of… “I’m playing with a All-star D-man so lets just f*ck the dog and let him do the majority of the work”…

    Brookbank… that’s big… our next chara… if we don’t lose him on wavers before we can train him… or train him and then lose him on wavers… wouldn’t that be just great…

    Alright… so if you read that… your up on my opinion of the sens… Hope Fish comes back soon and books that useless Schastliviy off the line up and they bump Vermette up to where he truly belongs along side our big guns…


  10. davidhabba says:

    Sepuku, tell me again about class and respect in the league because I don’t think you know the meaning of those words. All you are is a punk who hides behind these message boards and insults people. Big man. You also demostrate that you know nothing about hockey which would make you, let’s see, oh yeah, a Devils fan.

    Thanks for the backup, Coach.

  11. wayne2 says:

    Agree with most of your statement but for the record,most drunks in Hull came from Ottawa.

  12. wayne2 says:

    The sens are playing solid hockey again.Lalime

    seems to be back to his usual self and thats all it

    takes.Most of the team was playing good but when

    a goalie doesnt perform it changes the whole game.

    This said,i dont think we need Huselius.If the sens

    are to make a deal it should be either a really minor

    one or a really huge one to change chemistry.Personnaly,on the way up:Vermette-

    Spezza-Havlat-Schaefer-Volchenkov and on the

    way down:Schastlevy-Rachunek.The rest seem

    pretty much like always except Lalime but he

    appears to be back.Line up:




    Schastlevy/Van Allen/Neil untill all return

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