Senators working hard to land Ohlund?


Bruce Garrioch of Sun Media is reporting that the Ottawa Senators are stepping up their pursuit to land the Canucks Mattias Ohlund.

It is speculated that the contract talks have been going nowhere with Ohlund who is in the final year of his contract and that the Ottawa Senators are one of many teams who are very interested in trying to land the talented defenseman. It is noted in the article that the Senators would like to unload Antoine Vermette however HTR believes that it would take way more then Vermette to land Ohlund. Of note in any situation is that Ohlund presently has a no trade clause that he would have to waive prior to any move.

Also of note is that it is reported that Scouts from both Columbus and the Kings were at a recent Canucks game.

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14 Responses to Senators working hard to land Ohlund?

  1. muckies says:

    Defence is not Ottawa's weakness right now, it's scoring. And Ohlund is a great D-man and would make Ottawa better, but they need a true scoring D-man or a High scoring forward

    They need Sundin, Kovulchuk, a big guy that can score for them. They can't score, and if they could find somebdy to releave some of the pressure and net a few, even a PP specialist, that is exactly what they need right now. 
  2. nordiques100 says:

    They need an offenseman. they lack the depth though to make a trade.

    they cant move vermette now without fisher and neil.

    their prospects too are nothing to write home about.

    they also could use a scoring forward and a goalie.

    but they need too a new GM who knows what they're doing. Murray i think is only going to make a bigger mess.

  3. Kramer says:

    I heard Sundin turned down the Canucks $10M offer cuz he was unhappy with the burgers in Vancouver.  They're not sizzled to perfection the way Sundin wants.  Sundin's made it clear he's gonna play where they have the best beef burgers.

  4. KingCanada says:

    I believe they can achieve all this by trading Spezza instead, that team needs a major shakeup!!  He's not their best forward anyways, Heatley is way better and clearly Alfreddson is the leader.  Spezza is their best chance at getting an offenceman, a goalie and also replenish a little bit the prospect pool!

    To Chicago: Jason Spezza, 2nd round pick

    To Ottawa: Nik Khabibulin, 1st round pick, David Bolland, Cam Barker

  5. KingCanada says:

    They dont need a high scoring forward.  Guys like Spezza, Heatlely and Alfreddson ALL have the talent, they are just in a slump.  Id suspect its the new coach who doesnt know wat hes doin.  Hartsburg finally put those 3 back together, hopefully that works.  Those 3 were known to be one of the best lines in the league not long ago, they didnt just forget how to play…  I suspect the coach is to blame.

    The glaring weakness on paper when looking at the roster is defence and goaltending.  Their only puck moving defencemen are Kuba and Picard…outch weak…

  6. KingCanada says:

    What about Swedish meatball subs?!?  Screw the beef burgers…lol

  7. KingCanada says:

    They can keep trying to no avail…  Why would Ohlund leave a competitve team who is in the hunt for a playoff spot to go to a team that is a bottom dweller and currently a NHL doormat.  The Senators have lost their direction and to be traded to a situation like that is obviously to no desire to anyone with a NTC.  End of story.

  8. mitchamac says:

    spezza and a pic for bowmeester and weiss

  9. wayne2 says:

    I wont speculate or try to make a trade suggestion as I am like all of you of fan and as a fan trade proposal are not always realistic because you would want your team to win thr trade and sometimes over-evaluate or under-evaluate a player.I will however write my opinion on what the sens should look like and where they miss parts.A team IMO needs of course a number 1 goalie,a decent backup goalie,two strong offensive lines,one defensive/shut down line that can contribute offensively,one ''crash'' line,two solid pair of defensemen and one decent pair of defensemen.Here's what i think we raelly have:
    1-Heatley/Spezza/Alfredson(real solid offensive first line,no problem there)
    2-Foligno/(he has the potentialof second line material)
    3-Vermette/Kelly/Winchester(speed,defensively responsible and can contribute offensively)
    4-Rutuu/Bass/Neil(physical,gritty,tough 4th line,like it should be)

    1-Phillips/Volchenkov(solid first pair,not their best year but the team is struggling)
    2-Kuba/(missing one for a solid second pair)
    3-Schubert-Picard/Smith(thats where Smith should be paired with a young defensemen and lead the way with his experience,also physical pair)

    Number one goalie(none,Gerber his a backup at best)
    Backup(Auld is one of the best backups,he his confident,calm and positive)

    Fisher is a great third liner but paid as a second liner,Vermette is a better third liner with his very strong defensive skills and speed,his salary is also third line salary,Neil his really a 4th liner that can play on third line but i'd rather have Young Winchester there.Auld should get an extension on his contract(2-3 years at 1 mil for a solid backup is a very good investment)

    So,i think we are missing a number one goalie,two second line forwards and a second pair defensemen(offensive would be the better fit to help our power play)

  10. pezzz says:

    yeah, I proposed something like this a while ago. Both party would benefit a lot of this trade.

  11. muckies says:

    Drama Queen, they are in a slump but aren't as bad as you make them out to be. They are struggling but are finding their game. 2 OT losses they deserved to win and a huge win against NYR, they be back in the playoff hunt over the next 5 games as they have found their game and I think will go on a bit of a win streak against NYI and Toronto. 

  12. mojo19 says:

    They've been in a slump since January. But I guess 10 month's is "a bit of a slump" to you.

  13. muckies says:

    two completely dufferent teasm, different coach, different goalies – the Sens needed time to Gel and find their game with an entirely new Defence a new Goalie and new forward lines – they'll be alright now although it will take until Chritamas for them to be in the bottom 8 of the East.

    Theu main concern now is to get into 3rd place in their division behind Boston and Montreal. 
  14. svenki says:

    course they are, Alfie's trying to get Ohlund to leave the Swedish National team, er i mean the Canucks

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